How to Use a Shaving Brush Without Hurting Yourself

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  • Get the right shaving soap / cream: I have ranked different shaving creams & soaps here on Yosaki; you can go through any of these reviews and choose what everyone recommends as the best. When shopping for shaving cream / soap, you have to look out for ingredients in that product that will show you how friendly it is on your skin and how effective it can be. If you have been using a specific brand and it works very well, please stick to that. But beginners who have interest in buying shaving cream / soap on retail websites like Amazon, I suggest you read through customer reviews and scan for the performance of that product, if majority of reviews are positive, go ahead and buy that product.


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  • Buy a shaving bowl / mug:- We have many of them on the market, look at this list of the best selling shaving bowls on Amazon , it features both ceramic and stainless steel shaving bowls, but what you have to note is that a ceramic shaving bowl / mug takes long to heat up, so if you want to warm & melt that shaving soap using a ceramic bowl / mug, you will have to wait a little longer. Yet on the other hand, stainless steel shaving bowls heat up very fast saving you lots of time, however, they also lose heat very fast, so I guess each of them has a pro & a con.
  • Buy the right shaving brush:- They are many of them on the market, but not each and every shaving brush you see on the market is worth your investment. If you buy a wrong / poor quality shaving brush, you will curse the results and end up giving up on these essential shaving accessories. So, it’s good you find the right shaving brush for your skin. The different types of shaving brushes on the market include:- Synthetic bristles, Boar bristles ,Pure badger bristles , Super Badger ,Silver tip badger

Note:- Each of these shaving brushes has its pros and cons, But the most popular one is a Badger Brush.

  • Get a shaving stand:- A shaving stand be used to hold both a shaving brush and safety razor, basically these are the only two important shaving tools you should hang on a shaving stand. You don’t need to clutter that shaving stand, keep it simple and clean. Hanging a shaving brush on this stand, will protect bristles from getting damaged, mind you these shaving brushes cost money, so if you don’t take care of them as expected, you will lose that investment.
  • You need a face towel: – I’m sure everyman owns that small face towel, if you don’t please buy one today, because it will be of great use when rinsing off shaving cream from your face, you will also need it when drying your face.



  • Wash your face with warm water:- After completing the preparation stage, it is time you get down to business. Wash your face very well with warm water; this will soften both the hair and skin making it very easy to shave. You will also use less shaving cream when your hair / beards are soft. You can deep a clean face towel in warm water and clean your face thoroughly.
  • Put enough shaving soap in the mug:- Shaving soap is always solid, so you can’t use it without warming it up, so the best thing is to cut a slice of it and put it in a shaving bowl / mug.
  • Warm shaving soap in the mug / bowl:- Make sure you put the right amount of shaving soap in the bowl, because you don’t want to repeat this process of warming shaving soap again. However, if you’re using shaving cream, you might not need to warm it before use because it’s already soluble and applicable. Boil water and put the bowl / mug which contains shaving soap in that hot water. Please, hot water should not mix with the soap, all it has to do is to warm up the bowel so that the soap inside the mug / bowel melts up. Once the soap has melted, remove the mug / bowl from hot water and let the residue cool down a little bit. If you apply hot shaving soap on your skin, it will burn / irritate your skin, so make sure it stays at a reasonable temperature.
  • Dump the brush in a mug / bowl of melted:- I guess this is a no-brainer step, you already have the right shaving brush, dump it in a mug full of melted shaving soap and apply the soap on beards. However, when making strokes, follow both grains, this will ensure that each and every section gets appropriate shaving soap. Let the foam build up on your beards / hair for a while before shaving, this will soften your beards & skin making it very easy to shave with a safety razor or any other shaving tool of your choice.
  • Shave:- After waiting for 3 – 4 minutes for the shaving soap to sink properly in your beards and skin, you can go ahead and shave your beards / hair. Avoid using too much pressure when shaving, it irritates and nicks the skin which later results into bumps and ingrown hairs which are extremely painful.
  • Rinse off shaving cream and clean your face:- After shaving, you can wash off that shaving soap using cold water. This time we have to use cold water because it closes skin pores hence preventing nearby germs from finding their way inside your skin. Dry your face water washing it, look out for any beards / hair left unshaved and go aver them again to get a uniform clean shave. Once your face is dry, apply aftershave to calm down the skin and at the same time kill germs. Please, don’t get tempted to use surgical spirit after shaving, it works very well and it’s the best when it comes to killing germs and preventing bumps, but it’s very painful and irritating, I tried surgical spirit after shaving my pubes, haaaa……I never liked the experience.



  • It enables you to spread shaving soap / cream.
  • Bristles exfoliate your skin:-
  • Helps raise your hair for better shaving:-
  • Prevents from using too much shaving cream

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