How To Use A Toaster Properly – Follow These Tips

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A toaster is a kitchen appliance that turns electrical-energy into heat which cooks or turns your bread to brown. Most toaster are even equipped with a timer or thermostat which automatically shuts down the toaster after cooking the bread and this implies that you need have to worry about looking after bread when being placed into this amazing appliance.  On the other hand, a toaster seems to be a very simple machine to use but the fact is that some people find difficulties using a toaster safely and properly. However, I have featured some of the instructions and tips on how use a toaster properly in this article and I’m sure that it will be of great help to those who want to learn more about using toaster.



  • Plug the toaster into a power-outlet: since a toaster is an electric-appliance, it uses electric-power to heat-up your bread in order to give it that nice color and taste. This means that you will need to plug your toaster into a power-outlet or socket in order for it to function.
  • Insert bread into the toaster: after, insert a piece of bread into the toaster slot close to you of the 2-holes located at the top. In case you want to toast 2-pieces of bread, then use both slots of the toaster. However, some advanced toasters are built with more than 2-slots in order to increase on toasting efficiency.
  • Select the toasting-level or darkness or food: you will need to make a selection while using an adjustment to determine how dark the bread should turn while using a toaster. The adjustment-knob is located at the front of the toaster and it’s very easy to use whereby you just twist it to achieve the desired darkness-level.
  • Lower the lever: after, you have to lower the toaster-lever in order to begin the toasting process or cycle. A toaster will actually turn electric-power into heat in order to cook your bread until it turns to desired color during this process.
  • Leave the toaster do its work: let the toaster work on your bread depending on how dark you selected the bread to become. In fact, a full toasting cycle will take about a minute or two. Additionally, if you want to toast quickly, then you need to acquire a toaster that radiates as much heat as possible each second onto the bread.
  • Take the bread-out: take the bread out of the toaster and then apply some honey, jam or anything else you prefer to add onto the bread. Bread will be ready for consumption thus offering you with a delicious breakfast.
  • Clean the toaster: try to thoroughly clean the toaster after using it because there are might be some bread particles left behind and these can actually build-up and damage the toaster with time. Additionally, the rows of wires (filaments) inside the toaster where bread sits can get clogged with food in case you don’t clean the toaster after each use. So try as much as you can to clean your toaster in order to keep it in a perfect condition.



  • You will need to use cooking-gloves or a small-towel to carry your bread when removing it from the toaster because bread will be a little hot after toasting. You will then place your bread onto your plate and breakfast will be ready.
  • Don’t set any fire/smoke alarms while using a toaster because toasters usually generate smoke which may trigger a smoke/fire alarm. So, disabling such alarms will save you from noise and mess which may be created when triggered.
  • Try to add some jam, honey, butter or anything else to your toasted bread in order to add flavor or a nice taste to the bread you are going to eat.
  • Purchase a toaster with a higher-watt rating because it cooks bread more quickly than toasters with a lower-watt rating. In fact, needs to consume a maximum amount of electric-power per second and this is why you will have to acquire a toaster that radiates as much heat as possible per second onto bread for quick results.
  • Let you toaster do the cooking after placing in bread. This is mainly because toasters are equipped with a timer or thermostat which enables the toaster to switch-off when bread is done. So try not to short circuit the toaster when it is still doing its job because it was programmed to complete what it does.
  • Try to regularly clean your toaster with a wet cloth after usage in order to remove any stuck particles on the toaster-filaments. Cleaning also helps to keep the toaster hygienic and in good condition for a longer period of time. But remember not to pour water into the toaster because can cause severe damage to it.



  • Never touch the inside toaster wires/filaments with fingers during operation because these filaments are very hot and carry large electric-currents that can electrocute or even kill you. In fact, the heat from the filaments can severely burn your fingers so avoid touching the toaster as much as you can when under operation.
  • Don’t ever try to insert metal objects into a toaster that is plugged into a power-outlet because this appliance carries a high electric-voltage that could get you zapped or shocked. In fact, if you really need to remove any bread-particles stuck into the toaster, then remember to first unplug it from a power-out in order to minimize the risk of getting shocked or burnt.
  • Try to be careful while plugging-in a toaster into a power-outlet because toasters carry a high voltage that may easily shock you in case you are careless or if the power-outlet damaged.
  • Never apply water into an operating toaster because this can easily damage it. Likewise, don’t pour water into the toaster when cleaning it because this can severely damage the internal parts of the toaster leading to failure.

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