How to Use a Treadmill For Beginners

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If you want to start training on a treadmill yet don’t know how to use it, then you should know that learning to use a treadmill actually requires almost the same principles that real-runners use to prepare for their races. In fact, training on a treadmill will help you to lose extra-weight and even increases on your stamina so as to avoid injury, dizziness and also solve dehydration and blood-pressure problems. So, in this article I have featured some of the best steps that you can follow when using a treadmill especially if you’re a beginner.


  1. Prepare yourself for the workout: this process actually involves putting on athletic-shoes and a preparing your treadmill before you step onto it for a workout. Additionally, its recommended to carry out a 20-to-30 minute beginner workout before stepping onto a treadmill because this will help you to burn-up the carbohydrates within your body, burn-up body fat and even help you build workout-endurance.
  2. Step onto the treadmill carefully: you will have to gently step onto the treadmill-rails and then set your treadmill to a lower speed that is just perfect for the beginner. Afterwards, step onto the treadbelt and then warm-up for at least 5-minutes because this will help you to gain balance and even avoid any risk of getting injuries. However, it’s recommended to hook a safety clip onto your body before you start working-out on a treadmill.
  3. Increase on speed gradually: after stepping onto the treadmill, consider increasing your workout-speed in an increment of 1mph for the next minute. In fact, consider walking on your toes for at least 30-seconds and then on your heels for 30-seconds of that minute.
  4. Increase on your incline-level: afterwards, slightly increase on incline while maintaining a workout-speed of 1.5mph-to-1.8mph then continue walking for at least 1-minute. Additionally, take longer strides for at least 1-minute and then return the incline-level to zero after 2-minutes of workout.
  5. Keep workout-pace between 3mph-to-4mph for the next 20-minutes: you now have to keep your workout-pace between 3mph and 4mph for at least 20-minutes. In fact, you should consider remaining at the same speed and incline-level during the first week of using a treadmill for best results without over-straining your body.
  6. Carefully step-off the treadmill: after having a workout, carefully reduce the speed of the treadmill and then press the stop-button. Gently step-off the treadmill and then sit and cool-down your body for about 5-minutes and then you may consider going back for another round on your treadmill.
  7. Consider experimenting with incline and speed after the first 2-weeks: you should consider experimenting with incline-levels and workout-speeds after the first 1-to-2 weeks of using a treadmill because interval-trainings are the best way to increase on your endurance, speed and fat-burning.


  1. Try interval-workouts over the treadmill: these interval-workouts will include jogging and fast walking while on a treadmill and these actually help to raise your heart-rate gradually so that you can be able to achieve an effective workout-routine.
  2. Walk or jog quickly for at least 1-minute: warm-up for 5-minutes and then try jogging or walking quickly over the treadmill for another 1-minute. In fact, you should consider increasing on the speed of the treadmill by at least 2mph during this interval but in case you’re in good shape you may even decide to increase your workout-speed at more than 2mph for best results.
  3. Return to a workout-pace of 3-to-4mph: afterwards, consider returning to a workout-pace of 3-to-4mph for about 4-minutes because this will help you gain endurance in-between your interval-training.
  4. carryout 4 more intervals: its recommended to carry-out 4 more intervals involving at least 1-minute of high-intensity jogging/walking and at least 4-minutes of medium-intensity training. Additionally, try increasing your high-intensity interval by at least 15-seconds to 30-seconds each week in order to make your workout more effective.
  5. Try using pre-programmed interval-workouts: once you’re capable of doing a 1-minute interval-training with confidence, then you will also be able to carry out hill-workouts that increase your intensity using incline and such trainings are found under pre-programmed interval-workouts.
  6. Carefully reduce the speed and stop the treadmill: after enjoying your interval training, gradually reduce on the workout speed and incline, press the stop-button and then gently step-off the treadmill. After your workout consider sitting somewhere and then cool-down for at least 5-minutes.

Tips To Consider When Working-Out On A Treadmill As A Beginner:

  • Consult the doctor before using a treadmill in order to let you know whether you’re fit enough to use a treadmill for trainings. In fact, the doctor will let you know if you have any joint or back issues and whether you’re supposed to have low-impact or high-impact trainings on a treadmill.


  • Always acquire comfortable running-shoes and wear them before stepping onto a treadmill in order to achieve a more comfortable workout over the treadmill.


  • Try to drink at least 16-to-24 oz. of fluid/water in about 90-minutes before you start working-out on a treadmill. This is because you will sweat heavily while having a workout on a treadmill and suffer from dehydration in case you don’t take enough water before having a workout. Additionally, consider bringing a 16oz. water-bottle with you and place onto the treadmill in order to keep your body hydrated as you workout.


  • Consider wearing thick-sock instead of ankle-socks in order to avoid blisters as you walk/run over the treadmill gradually.


  • Always swing your arms as you workout and avoid holding onto the treadmill-handles at the front in order to gain balance because this will prevent you from burning-up more calories while having a workout. So, keep your arms free and swinging in order to keep the entire body active so as to achieve an effective workout.


  • Try to pay attention to the functions/settings of the treadmill most especially the speed and incline functions that you will be using mostly. In fact, it’s recommended to avoid using the pre-programmed workouts until you’re comfortable-enough with using manual-settings. In fact, manual-operation enables you to customize and control your workouts in order to meet your fitness-levels.

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