How To Use Air Purifiers

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It is not a matter of suffering allergies or not, using air purifiers is very important for absolutely everyone regardless of whether you have any allergy or not. These simple machines are effective in getting rid of air pollutants inside our houses like allergens, pollen, dust, dust mites, mold spores among many others. If you really need to be sure of the air you are inhaling then you will think twice about using an air purifier as they have been found as a very good solution to reducing the risk of respiratory infections. To achieve the best from your air purifier you must be in position to correctly use it, there are things you must or must not do that determine if you are using your air purifier well and below they are exactly what we are talking about.

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  • Have the perfect size filter for the size of your room: small filters work perfectly in small and cozy rooms while big filters will be the best for purifying air in bigger rooms. When a small filter is used in a really big and wide room there is a great possibility of impurities being left in the air. In any case these filters are usually labeled with the size of room in which they are perfect to be used so you need to follow that.
  • Close doors and windows in the room where the air purifier is located: when windows and doors remain, air keeps coming in and out which means the air purifier will not be that effective. Therefore endeavor to keep them room completely closed it is when you will get the best results. just in case you want to aerate and freshen the room up a bit, you can open windows and doors while the air purifier is not on and then turn it on later in the night when you have totally closed the room.
  • Maintain and clean the air purifier as directed: you should never expect to get excellent results from an air purifier with dirty or worn out filters. Most pre-filters need to be changed every after three months, HEPA filters are usually replaceable after one or two years in most air purifiers and for some you can even remove the filter clean and put it back so try as much as you can to keep your air filter in perfect condition. Whenever you see the filter life indicator lighting then you must take action immediately and clean or replace the filters.
  • Always clean the room thoroughly before turning the air purifier on: it is very true that air purifiers suck and filter away at least 99% of the particles that are harmful to you but this does not mean they save you from cleaning your home. Purifying the air goes hand in hand with regular cleaning in fact you must always exclusively vacuum the room before starting the air purifier. By cleaning regularly you reduce on the dust and risk of mold build in your home. This also helps to minimize on the time that you have to operate you air purifier.
  • Place the air purifier strategically: the most strategic place where you can place your air purifier is next to the channel where dirty air usually comes into the house. In such places a lot of dust moves around so you should place the air purifier in that spot.
  • Make sure the air purifier’s filter is not blocked:in order for the air purifier to take in the impurities in the air the filter should be free from blockages. The air purifier should therefore be put somewhere in free space with no objects in distraction of the filter.
  • Use the air purifier for the recommended period of time: there is no specific time period designed for you to use the air purifier because different brands and types of air purifiers are designed to perform for different periods of time. How long you use the air purifier depends on the life time that its filter has so use it for the specified time period as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Turn off the purifier when it is not in use: if you are not using the air purifier for example when you are out of the house or just when you are not in the area where the air purifier is placed. This lengthens the life of your air purifier and at the same time saves a lot of your energy.
  • Run one purifier at a time to conserve energy: in case you have more than one purifier in your home then you are advised to only operate one at a time reason being running air purifiers utilize a lot of energy and you have more than one in your home then the more electricity consumed. Leaving the air purifier to operate for an extremely long period is a way of causing damage to it.
  • Put the air purifier in the room where you spend most of your time: whole house air purifiers are extremely expensive so not everyone can afford them so the easiest thing you can do is have an air purifier in one room but it should the room in which you spend most of your time. If you spend a lot of time in the bed room then it is where you should put your air purifier or if it is in the living room then put it there.
  • Run the air purifier for short periods but frequently: you cannot run the air purifier the whole day because it would consume too much electricity but for more efficient results you have to run in between different hours because dirty air keeps flowing in your house therefore you there is always dirty air that needs to be filtered out.

In conclusion, since people tend to spend a lot of time indoors it is very essential to keep an air purifier in the house to reduce the rates of people who get infected with respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. Use your air purifier in the right way and you will get rid of all those pollutants that cause harm to your health.

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