How To Use An Epilator Properly – Follow This Guide

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I have totally failed to understand why people are scared of using epilators yet there is nothing that difficult about using them. What is an epilator anyway? An epilator is simply an electronic device used directly from the roots leaving the skin smooth for a long period of over six weeks. Once you master the trick of how to use the epilator trust me, you fall in love with tiny device because of the gorgeous way it keeps you with no hair for a really long period of time. The first time is always trouble however I have brought you some of the best tips that you can follow when epilating. Once you follow these steps the way I will lay them down for you will realize that there was absolutely nothing to be scared about.

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  • A good quality epilator is a must; this may seem quite obvious not until you use an epilator that tugs and pulls your hair only to leave your skin with irritations. What I am trying to say is that you should not take things for granted, do not just use any epilator because it fits your budget because you skin must always come first. You must use a high quality epilator like the Braun SE7681 Silk-epil 7 dry and wet epilator, do not be afraid to spend some dimes because this is a purchase that will benefit for a really long period of time.
  • Take a quick test; before you a head and use the epilator on your body, you should first test it on a very small part of the skin to check if the epilator works well on your skin especially people that have very sensitive skin types. This way you will also know what you are about to go through.
  • Exfoliate; all the books and websites that I have read recommend exfoliating before using an epilator because it is extremely important in helping to prevent ingrown hairs as well as helping to get rid of dead skin cells. This should be done at least three or four days before epilating as part of preparing your skin for the process.
  • Choose the kind of shave you want; they are two types of epilation, the wet and dry so it is completely up to you to choose which one best work for you. Some love dry epilation while others find it hell reason being they are totally in love with wet epilation. On that note I cannot make that decision for you.
  • Make sure your epilator is ready; in this you must ensure that the epilator is very clean and well charged because you do not want to go through the frustration of it stopping right in the middle of your shave. A clean epilator will remove hair in each and every pass that you make. Do this during the day if you are going to epilate in the night, in fact it is best if the process is done at done so that your skin looks just fine in the morning.
  • Have a warm birth; I emphasize having a warm birth it helps to wash off any oils, lotions and dirt that may clog your skin pores. Warm water opens up your skin pores and makes hair strands stand up making the epilation much easier. After the shower, ensure to make your skin completely dry with a dry towel. if you dry with a towel and still feel like your skin is not yet dry, then you can try using baby powder to make your skin drier.
  • Get your hands busy now; now that your skin is more than ready, you can start epilating. Make sure that you are seated somewhere really comfortable, use one hand to pull the skin to make it stretch and ensure that the area you are going to work on is completely flat.
  • As one hand stretches the skin, use the other to epilate, hold the epilator at 90 degrees and start moving the epilator in circular motion in a direction opposite to that of your hair growth. This is called epilating against the grain and it is most advisable to remove each and every strand straight from the roots. Your epilator must be set to a really low speed especially for first timers or else you will end up cutting your skin.
  • Let the epilator do what it is supposed to do instead of forcing it. Do not use pressure when pressing thee epilator down otherwise you will end up suffering irritation such as ingrown hairs, acne and many others.
  • Take it very slow; it is best to epilate in the night when you have nothing on your schedule that will make you rush, you must be very careful at the process to avoid hurting yourself. Ensure that each pass you make with the epilator leaves no hair so that you do not have to go over the same area over and over again it increases chances of being irritated. Be very patient with yourself, take very small sections of hair at a time and you will surely have the best of your epilating time.
  • Make use of moisturizer; if your skin has become red, there is no need for alarm because that is completely normal all you have to do is apply a really good moisturizer. It will help to take away all the redness and calm the skin. If you happen to have cut yourself do not apply moisturizer on such areas.
  • Thoroughly clean the epilator; with the help of a small brush with stiff bristles, brush out all the hairs that may have remained inside the tweezers of the epilator. Wet a small piece of cotton or a cotton ball deep it in cleansing alcohol and gently wipe the tweezers to remove oils and all the bacteria that may have remained. This keeps the epilator hygienic and ready for the next time you have to use it.
  • Clean your hands; wash your hands with clean water and soap and you will be good to go.


In conclusion, each epilator you buy comes with a set of instructions, it is very important to always read the instructions and follow them as they are given. Do not put yourself on tension; using an epilator is not too much trouble like most people think it is.

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