How To Use Hair Rollers Correctly

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Most ladies today love curly hair but it’s not that simple to achieve a curly hairstyle. In fact, some women today prefer using hair-rollers to curling-irons when it comes to styling-up curly hair and this mainly because curling-irons may give your arms cramps during the styling process and the curls created by these irons also tend to fall-apart more quickly than those created by hair-rollers. On the other hand, there are different techniques that can be used to create curls while using hair-rollers and some of them will be listed in this article. So, below are some of the ways or steps on how to use hair-rollers and they will actually be of great importance if followed properly.

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  1. Choose the rollers you want use: rollers are actually available in different sizes whereby small-rollers will help create tight-curls while the larger-rollers will help to create wavy and softer curls. On the other hand, you must have at least shoulder-length hair in order to use larger-rollers and reasonably short or long hair to use small hot-rollers. Additionally, hot-rollers can almost be used on all hair-types apart from very thin or fine hair which is prone to breaking.


  1. Pre-heat the rollers: it’s very crucial to pre-heat your rollers because this will help rollers get optimal temperatures just before you start rolling them into your hair. On the other hand, in case you own a hot-roller set that features variable-temperatures then you may have to experiment on this set in order find the temperature-setting for your hair. Likewise, it’s recommended to use smaller-rollers at high-temperatures for spiral and tighter curls and large-rollers at low-temperatures for looser, wavy and soft curls.


  1. Use a heat-activated or protection hair-product: you will have to apply a heat-activated or heat-protection styling product all-over your hair. Such a hairstyling-product will help to protect all the hair from heat-damage and also help keep the curls set for longer. However, make sure that this hair-product is evenly sprayed or distributed throughout your dry hair for best styling results.


  1. Section-up your hair: start by creating a Mohawk of about 2-to-3 inches wide while running from your forehead to the back-section of the neck. Secure this Mohawk with a hair-clip and then use a tail-comb to section-off hair on the sides of the head evenly and also secure these side-sections with hair-clips.


  1. Start rolling-up hair at the forehead: comb the section-of-hair at the top and then hold-up that section but away from the head. Place your roller at the end of hair and then begin rolling down towards your scalp while moving away from the face. Secure the rolled-up hair with clips and after continue working on the hair at the crown-section until you reach the back-end or neckline.


  1. Roll-up the hair on the sides: in order to get a bigger-lift, you will have to roll the hair at the top-portion of the side-sections in a diagonal way. After comb through the remaining hair and pull it up and away from the head and then place your hot-rollers diagonally at the hair-ends. Begin to tightly roll hair towards the scalp and finish by securing it with clips. Repeat the same procedure until your hair is rolled-up.


  1. Let the rollers cool: you now have to leave or allow the rollers within your hair to completely cool before you start removing them. In fact, rollers tend to take a long period of time to cool in very thick-hair or curly-hair so try to be patient because the results will actually be worth it.


  1. Carefully remove the rollers: when removing the rollers, start from the bottom sections while working towards the top-sections of your head. In fact, you will have to hold the roller in one-hand and then remove clips using the other hand. After, allow your hair to drop-out into gorgeous curls and then consider styling it as desired.



  1. Select the type of foam-rollers to use: foam-rollers actually come in various sizes and this means that you will have to select the appropriate size of foam-rollers depending of curls you want to create. In fact, smaller-rollers will create tighter-curls and large-rollers will create soft and huge curls within your hair.


  1. Apply some mousse all over your hair: you actually have to apply and distribute some mousse throughout your hair especially if you have very straight and fine hair. Additionally, consider using the recommended amount of mousse throughout you hair for best styling results.
  2. Partition hair into 4-sections: use a tail-comb to divide your hair into 4-sections and then secure each section with hair-clips. In fact, separating hair into sections will ensure quick and easy hair-styling and some of the sections you will have to create include the top, right, left and back sections.


  1. Start rolling hair at front-section (next to the forehead): you will now have to roll hair at the top-section away from the face while moving towards the back-section of the head. After completing to roll hair at the top-section, tuck any loose hair-ends and then move onto other sections.


  1. Roll-up hair on the sides: divide the hair on sides into half horizontally while using a tail-comb and then begin rolling hair under in each section. Remember to roll hair away from the face and continue rolling it until you back-section or neck-hairline then secure it with hair-clips.


  1. Work on the back-section: this will involve dividing the back-section into 3-to-4 sections depending on your hair-thickness. Afterwards, roll each section onto the foam-roller while curling hair towards back and then secure it using hair-clips.


  1. Blow-dry all your hair: you have to blow-dry all your hair in order to set the curls. In fact, try blow-drying hair until it feels dry and warm so that the curls can be set perfectly and after leave the foam-roller within your hair for about 15-minutes. Afterwards, gently remove all the rollers from your hair and then use the fingers to lightly separate the curls.


  1. Finish by applying a hairspray: if you have fine-hair or naturally straight-hair then consider using a hairspray set the curls further and to help keep the curls in shape. Additionally, you may even decide to further define the individual-curls by using hair-wax but use an appropriate amount for best results.

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