How To Vacuum A Rug – Easy To Read Instructions

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Vacuuming is the most efficient way to clean your rug and keep your entire free dust as well. But are vacuuming your rug the right way? How best you vacuum the rug greatly depends on the material of the rug, how you vacuum a woven rug is not the same way you vacuum a tufted or shag rug. I cannot lie to you that there is a particular vacuum cleaner that will perfectly clean all these rugs because the truth is that vacuum cleaners come with alternatives that you can use when cleaning each of the different types of rugs. Vacuuming is not that simple but having some tips will help you go over the activity quickly and eventually start you will start to enjoy doing it. Daily vacuuming helps you remove dust particles that would rather make your rug harder to clean so follow these tips to properly vacuum your rug.




(1) Look for the best vacuum cleaner for your rug, like I said before rugs come in different types and there is no vacuum cleaner that is perfect for all materials so before you buy a vacuum look carefully at its specifications so that you get one that will work well on the type of rug you have.

(2) Prepare for the activity: vacuuming will be much easier if you don’t just bump into it so before we look at to go about the actual activity let us see what you should to get ready for it.

  • Plug the cord close to your working area,this will help clean with interruptions like the cord getting unplugged in the middle of your session, the shorter the distance the better.
  • Remove any rubbish that you can, pick any pieces of paper, metallic objects, and paper clips with your hands so that it becomes much easier for the vacuum cleaner to capture the smaller dust particles because there is less pressure impacted to it. Such large particles may prevent you vacuum cleaner from working efficiently.
  • Clean the area surrounding the rug, you should first sweep around the rug area to remove the dust or dirt near the rug before vacuuming. This will prevent fine dust particles from falling onto the carpet.

Start vacuuming: after preparation it will now be much easier for you to vacuum and below are some tips that will help you vacuum you rug well.

  • Begin from the door inwards moving the nozzle back and forth, from the door move the nozzle inside the room but ensuring to make long strips. Do this slowly so that you do no leave dust particles behind that will enforce you to take multiple strips. Taking short strips means you will take too much time and you will miss some parts.
  • Angle the vacuum as you take a second stroke, shift the nozzle just about 5cm to your right, this way you will clean the entire rug without leaving any spaces behind. Repeat the process for your third strip, to fourth until the entire rug has been cleaned.
  • Pay more concentration to the corners of the rug especially if your sofas sit onto the rug, working on these corners is not that simple so it will take more time. Take up a crevice nozzle or dust brush when cleaning the corners because sometimes suction alone is not enough to get dust off these areas.
  • Move from the rug going towards the borders of the rug, if you begin from the borders moving inwards some fringes of the rug may get stuck up into the vacuum and stop it from moving.
  • Be careful where you step, step away from the already vacuumed part so that the cleaned area looks different from the one you have not worked on yet. Stepping where you have vacuumed will leave footsteps that will confuse you where to begin when making you next strip.
  • Listen out for any weird noise from the vacuum, if the vacuum makes any sound that you have never heard it is a sign that may be blocked so do not just ignore it. stop and check what the problem could , if you find nothing serious continue vacuuming.

How to vacuum different types of rugs.

Now that you have seen the general tips on how to vacuum a rug, you can now see some brief tips on how to vacuum particular types of rugs.

Woven wool rugs.

  • Set the vacuum to highest height level to ensure that the brushes of the vacuum do not come too close to the rug to cause too much agitation. It might damage the wool fibers hence destroying you rug.
  • Allow the beater bar to slightly touch the rug so that deep down dirt is removed without the rug’s fiber being damaged.
  • Make sure that the dust cup is empty to increase suction.
  • Do not move the vacuum’s nozzle back and forth, instead “V” like patterns. When you make straight strips on a woolen rug it will easily get damaged.
  • Turn the rug to the back side and vacuum it as well.

Shag rugs.

  • This type of rug has very long fibers that will hide in dirt which calls using the hand brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Use the hand brush in directions to ensure that you remove even the toughest dust particles that may be stuck under those long fibers.
  • You must vacuum the rug really often to avoid it from getting too dirty.
  • Such rugs need frequent vacuuming because they can get really hard to clean of they there is too much debris.

Synthetic rugs

  • These are man-made and designed with a more fine texture so any kind vacuum cleaner can easily work on them though you have to be careful on the fringes as they may get stuck the vacuum’s brushes stopping them to move.
  • Turn the rug to the back side and work on it using a rotating brush, this will help you to get rid of most of the dust. As you continue, dust is pushed to the top of the rug making very easy to vacuum the upper part of the rug.
  • Do not rush through the process if you are looking forward to getting excellent results.

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