How To Whiten Teeth Naturally – Do It Your Way

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Most people like keeping their teeth looking white but there are some teeth whiteners that are good to use because they damage your tooth-enamel. However, discolored teeth actually give people an impression that someone does not brush or care about themselves and that is why most people are doing everything possible to keep their teeth looking white. In fact, white teeth will give you a beautiful sparkling smile and this is the reason as to why I have featured some of the ways or methods that you can use to naturally whiten your teeth and if you follow them properly, you be able to achieve the best results:


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  1. Rinse the mouth with water after each meal: rinsing your after eating helps to remove any leftover foods from the teeth hence preventing staining and decay. Rinsing the mouth is a good practice especially when you are away from home and you can’t access your toothbrush in order to brush.


  1. Consume more cheese: eating a little more cheese after a meal will help to prevent tooth-decay and will help to promote enamel re-mineralization. In fact, yogurt and milk keep teeth sparkling and free of cavities because they contain minerals like calcium and phosphorus which encourage re-mineralization of the tooth-enamel.


  1. Eat fruits with tooth whitening capabilities: some fruits actually have the ability to whiten your teeth naturally and these include; strawberries, apples, lemons and others. With strawberries, just rub then over your teeth or make a paste out of them and then immediately brush your teeth with toothpaste for best results. For lemons, make a paste by mixing just a few drops of lemon into salt then apply the paste to the teeth and after use a toothbrush to clean your teeth.


  1. Consume crunchy foods: eating foods actually helps to remove most sugars and chemicals that cause staining and cavities to your teeth. For example, eating an apple daily will help to keep your teeth healthy because apples contain malic-acid and this chemical is used in most teeth whitening products in order to dissolve stains. Secondly, some vegetable like broccoli, celery, cucumber and carrots also act as natural teeth whiteners because they are crunchy and aid in reducing tooth-stains.


  1. Brush after eating or drinking sweet things: the best and easiest way to whiten your teeth is to brush immediately after eating or drinking something. This is because some sweet foods and drinks like coffee can greatly stain your teeth and you need to brush after consuming them to prevent staining and tooth-decay. However, most natural foods don’t stain teeth in the short run but they can actually cause bacteria development which leads to staining and decay in case you take a longer period of time without brushing.


  1. Floss teeth: flossing is just as important as brushing because at times food gets stuck in-between your teeth and it can lead to teeth decay and staining incase it’s not removed by simply flossing. Additionally, flossing also promotes gum-health and it is recommended to floss for at least once daily for best results.


  1. Try using baking-soda: baking-soda is an amazing tooth-whitener that will also help to clean your mouth thoroughly. In fact, baking-soda has been used for whitening and bleaching for centuries even before toothpaste was invented. To use baking soda, take a small portion of baking-soda and combine it with some water and salt and then begin your teeth normally for about minute. Rinse out your mouth to remove any baking-soda but it’s recommended to use baking-soda for only 2-times a week because it is abrasive and erode your teeth enamel if used daily.


  1. Utilize some hydrogen peroxide: this chemical-substance is best known as a powerful bleaching. In fact, this substance features a composition of H2O2 which is very close to that of water and this is why hydrogen-peroxide is usually used as an antiseptic, oxidizer and as a disinfectant. This substance is also found in most toothpastes, mouthwashes and disinfectants because of it great capabilities. This substance is used just like a mouthwash and its preparation involves making a solution with equal parts of hydrogen-peroxide and water for best results.


  1. Try chewing only sugar-free gum: chewing gum with xylitol is a good thing because xylitol is natural-sweetener that will help to prevent plaque compared to regular gums with artificial-sugars. In fact, bacteria cannot digest xylitol and this substance can even help to neutralize the pH-levels of the mouth while increasing saliva production.


  1. Coconut oil-pulling: coconut-oil can actually clean your teeth and it even works as natural teeth-whitener. In fact, you will need to take a spoonful of coconut-oil and then swish it in-between your teeth for about 5-20 minutes. Afterwards, you will spit this oil then brush your teeth as usual. On the other hand, coconut-oil even has antimicrobial properties and this makes it a great recipe for the gums as well.


  1. Use an apple, cider and vinegar solution (ACV): This solution will actually help to remove any stubborn stains on your teeth especially those caused nicotine and cider. This solution really works but you have to be consistent for at least 1-month of daily usage to achieve best results. Additionally, you need to brush with regular toothpaste again after using the ACV solution because it contains acids which can erode the teeth-enamel.


  1. Replace your toothbrush after some time: replacing an old toothbrush with a new one every 3-months or sooner will help to ensure that the teeth are thoroughly cleaned hence making them to look white over a given period of time. Avoid using toothbrushes for too long because the bristles tend to bend and wear-out hence you will not achieve proper teeth-cleaning.


  1. Clean your tongue: the tongue actually accumulates bacteria which can later to teeth discoloration. This means that brushing your tongue will help to remove any bacteria or plaque that may lead to staining. However, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the tongue so that don’t cause any damage to it.

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