Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Briggs 725exi 163cc 3-in-1 All Wheel Drive 4X4 Hi-Wheel Mower Review

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The Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW is a high-quality, 3-in-1, All-Wheel-Drive (4X4), Hi-Wheel lawn-Mower that was designed to enable the user to easily mow hilly-areas, tough-terrains and thicker grass. In fact AWD-technology provides optimum power to all the 4-wheels of this lawn-mower thus offering its operator with maximum control and maneuverability while the high rear-wheels ensure optimum stability especially when mowing on rugged terrain. On the other hand, this lawn-mower is equipped with a powerful 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine that facilitates for maximum performance while its heavy-duty steel deck that is powder-coated makes this lawn-mower very durable and capable of operating for years. Additionally, this lawn-mower features a 3-in- design whereby it can be used for mulching, side-discharge and bagging while its Auto-Walk Self-Propelled AWD System with a variable-drive-system enables you to mow at a desired pace by simply pressing the integrated trigger on handlebar for speed-control.


What We Like:

  1. Briggs & Stratton EXI Engine: this Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Lawn-Mower is equipped with a powerful Briggs and Stratton 725exi, 163cc, 4-cycle engine that facilitates for high-performance and its even lightweight inorder to facilitate for quick and easy maneuvering of the lawn-mower. In fact, this Briggs & Stratton engine requires low-maintenance thus saving the owner of the lawn-mower a lot of time and money.


  1. A ReadyStart system: the Briggs & Stratton engine also features a ReadyStart-system that eliminates the need to manually prime or choke at startup. On top of that, this ReadyStart-system even reduces on resistance in the starter-cord by 30-percent thus making the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Lawn-Mower very easy and quick to start.


  1. All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Technology: the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Lawn-Mower is integrated with All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) technology in all its 4-wheels and this actually facilitates for optimum traction on uneven, wet and slippery areas and even on slopes. In fact, the AWD-technology provides improved maneuverability on all types of grass and on different terrains.


  1. A 3-in-1 cutting system: the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Lawn-Mower features a 3-In-1 cutting-system that provides you with an option to side-discharge, mulch or bagging your grass while mowing. In fact, this 3-in-1 system makes the lawn-mower very efficient to use because it can do all the required mowing-tasks thus saving you a lot of time and energy.


  1. 12″ High-Rear-Wheels: the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW is actually equipped with 12-inch, Ball-bearing, High-Rear-Wheels that increase on maneuverability on various terrains while mowing. In fact, with the high-wheels the lawn-mower will be capable of passing through the thickest grass and toughest terrains inorder to enable you complete your mowing job easily.


  1. 8-inch front-wheels: this Lawn-mower is also equipped with 8-inch front Ball-Bearing wheels that facilitate for optimum-stability especially when mowing on hilly or steep areas. On top of that, these front-wheels also facilitate for easy maneuvering of the lawn-mower especially when mowing on flat-areas.


  1. A Crown Cut Blade: the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Lawn-Mower features a uniquely designed, crown-cut blade that facilitates for improved performance whether using the mower for mulching, bagging, side-discharging. In fact, these crown-cut blades are designed to cut different types of grass and can even cut through the thickest grass thus making your mowing job much easier.


  1. A Heavy-duty Steel Deck: the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Mower also features a heavy-duty, 22-Inch, cutting steel-deck that is powder-coated inorder to facilitate for optimum durability. In fact, with such a steel-deck your lawn-mower is capable of lasting for years even with regular usage since it will be rust-resistant and solid.


  1. A foldable, ergonomic handle: The curvature of this Mower’s handle keeps your hands and wrists comfortable during operation while its foldable-design facilitates for easy transportation and storage.


  1. A Dual Trigger Drive-Control: This control actually makes a dual-trigger activation that allows for convenient variable-speed-control with either hand. With this dual-trigger drive-control, you will be able to control the pace at which the lawn-mower moves while mowing thus facilitating for a more comfortable mowing routine.


  1. 3 position handle-height-adjustments: with the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Lawn-Mower, you can quickly and easily adjust the handle-height in 3 different positions inorder to achieve a vertical-height that makes you feel comfortable while holding onto the handle when mowing. In fact, with this height-adjustable handle both short and tall people will able to use this lawn-mower comfortably while mowing.


  1. A Water hose connection: the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Mower is also equipped with a water hose-connection that attaches to your garden-hose inorder to facilitate for quick and easy cleaning of the cutting-deck. In fact/ with this lawn-mower you just have to attach the garden-hose, turn-on the water, start the engine and then your deck will be thoroughly.


  1. An Auto-walk self-propelled system: this Lawn-mower actually features an Auto-walk, self-propelled, All-Wheel-Drive system that enables you to easily control the pace of your mowing. In fact, with this self-propelled system you won’t have to apply any effort for the lawn-mower to move but instead you just have to direct it where to move and it will to the rest thus saving you a lot of energy that you would have spent pushing it.


  1. A variable-speed-drive system: the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW Lawn-Mower also features a variable-drive-system that allows you to mow at your own personal pace by simply squeezing the integrated trigger on the handlebar to control your mowing-speed.


  1. An Ergonomic Bushel-Bag: lastly, this lawn-mower features an ergonomic bushel-bag that can easily be accessed through handle and it even features DT-Drive. On top of that, the uninterrupted space between the handles of this lawn-mower makes removing the bushel-bag much easier and fast.


What We Don’t Like:

  • It feels heavy and bulky: the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW lawn-mower actually feels a bit heavier and bulky compared most self-propelled lawn-mowers on the market and this mainly because it features a heavy-duty steel deck and cutting-blade. So, its heavy-duty design makes it a bit hard to move from one place to another when not under operation.

Our Verdict:

The Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW is a high-performance, nice-looking lawn-mower that was designed to enable the user achieve a more comfortable and effective mowing routine. In fact, this lawn-mower features All-Wheel-Drive technology and a rear hi-wheel that facilitate for improved maneuverability on different types of grass and terrains while its 3-in-1 cutting-system provides you with an option to mulch, side-discharge or bag the grass while mowing. All in all, the Husqvarna 961450019 HU725AWDHW is a great self-propelled lawn-mower that will enable you to easily and quickly accomplish your mowing tasks.


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