Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD Honda GCV160cc 3-in-1 All Wheel Drive 4X4 Mower Review

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The Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD is Honda All-Wheel-Drive lawn mower that is equipped with a powerful 4-cycle 160cc engine coupled with a strong 22-inch cutting-deck in-order to provide the user with a more efficient and comfortable mowing experience. On the other hand, this lawn-mower features a 3-in-1 design which provides the user with an option to side-discharge, mulch or bag the grass when mowing while the integrated 8-inch front and rear wheels with ball-bearings coupled with All-Wheel-Drive technology enables this lawn-mower to maneuver in all types of grass and terrains. On the other hand, this lawn-mower features an Auto Walk Self-Propelled, All-Wheel-Drive System with variable-drive technology which allows the user to mow at his/her own pace by simply squeezing the integrated trigger on the handle-bar for speed-control.

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What We Like:

  1. A powerful Honda GCV160 Engine: The Husqvarna HU700AWD lawn-mower is equipped with a powerful Honda GCV160, 160cc 4-cycle engine that is very durable and even ensures optimum performance. In fact, this Honda-engine is gas-powered and easy-to-start in order to ensure simple and smooth operation from start to finish and it’s designed to ensure low-maintenance.


  1. A 3-in-1 cutting system: with the Husqvarna HU700AWD 3-in-1 cutting system, you will be able to choose a cutting-mode that works best for your grass inorder to achieve optimum mowing results. In fact, these cutting-modes include; bagging, mulching and side-discharge whereby these modes actually put you in control of your mowing experience.


  1. Heavy-duty, one-piece steel, 22-inch cutting-deck: the Husqvarna HU700AWD features a heavy-duty, one-piece, steel-cutting-deck that is powder-coated inorder to ensure better corrosion-resistance and longer-life. In fact, with steel-cutting-deck you will be able to maneuver this lawn-mower through the toughest grass and on the roughest terrains thus enabling you to accomplish your mowing tasks easily and quickly.


  1. A 3-position height-adjustable handle: this lawn-mower is also equipped with a 3-position height-adjustment handle that allows the user to choose a comfortable setting while mowing. In fact, with this height-adjustable handle both short and taller individuals will be able to use this lawn-mower easily and effectively inorder to accomplish their mowing tasks.


  1. A compact design: The Husqvarna HU700AWD lawn-mower features a compact-design that facilitates for excellent maneuverability around trees and shrubs while its foldable handles allow for easy storage and transportation when the mower is not under use. So, this implies that the lawn-mower will work perfectly for with limited space in their homes because of its compact design.


  1. An All wheel 4X4 Drive-system: the Husqvarna HU700AWD also features an All-Wheel-Drive system that provides it with optimum power and traction which is required in maneuvering in different types of grass or terrain while mowing. In fact, with this All-Wheel-Drive system you will be able to easily maneuver this lawn-mower uphill and all weather conditions thus enabling you to accomplish your mowing tasks efficiently and effectively at all times.


  1. A superior cutting-blade: this lawn-mower is equipped with a premium cutting-blade that provides a superior-cut coupled with extended blade-life even under the toughest mowing-conditions. In fact, this premium-blade was designed to cut almost all types of grass ranging from cutting-height of 1-to-4 inches thus enabling the user to keep his/her yard neat at all times.


  1. An Auto-Walk Self-Propelled system: the Husqvarna HU700AWD is actually equipped with an Auto-walk, self-propelled system which helps this lawn-mower to move on its own while mowing thus reducing on the users effort required when it comes to pushing this lawn-mower. Additionally, this AutoWalk™ technology allows the user to easily adjust the ground-speed to meet his/her needs and even the conditions of the lawn.


  1. Adjustable cutting heights: with the Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD lawn-mower, you will be able to quickly and easily adjust the cutting-height by choosing between the 9 different cutting-heights ranging from 1.25-inches to 4-inches in order to achieve a desired grass level. In fact, the integrated cutting-height adjustment feature enables the user to easily cut both long and short grass coupled with any tough weeds within the yard while mowing.


  1. A variable-drive-transmission system: the Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD is also integrated with a variable drive transmission system that allows you to mow at your own personal-pace by simply squeezing the trigger on the handlebar inorder to easily control your mowing-speed. In fact, with this variable drive system you will be able to comfortably and effectively accomplish your mowing-tasks without even getting tired like when using a push lawn-mower.


  1. 8-inch front and rear wheels with ball-bearing: the Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD lawn-mower is equipped with 8-inch front and rear wheels which work along with All-Wheel-Drive technology inorder to facilitate for easy maneuverability on all types of grass and terrain while mowing. On top of that, the ball-bearings integrated into these wheels ensure that the lawn-mower rolls or moves easily even after many years of usage. Lastly, the 8-inch aggressive tread-tires will also help to keep the lawn-mower moving over wet-grass, hills and on uneven-terrain so that you can be able to efficiently and effectively complete your mowing tasks.


What We Don’t Like:

  • Fragile plastic wheels attachment (axle): this lawn-mower actually features a fragile wheel-attachment or axle which can easily break if the lawn-mower gets some resistance while mowing especially on tough terrains.


  • It is heavy: the Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD features a heavy-duty steel cutting-deck that actually makes it a bit heavy to carry when it’s not under operation or when its being transported.

Our Verdict:

All in all, the Husqvarna 961450020 HU700AWD is a powerful, high-performance lawn-mower that will provide you with a smooth and effective mowing experience because its equipped with a powerful Honda-gcv160, 160cc 4-cycle engine coupled with a 22-inch steel cutting-blade that can pass through any type of grass while the integrated All wheel 4×4 drive-system enables this lawn-mower to maneuver through all types of grass and terrain when mowing. On top of that, you won’t use a lot of energy while using this lawn-mower because it features an Auto walk self-propelled system coupled 8-inch front and rear wheels with bearings that facilitate for easy movement of the lawn-mower on all terrains.


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