Infant Optics Dxr-5 2.4 Ghz Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

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Infant Optics 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Review

Even when you are away from your baby’s room, your mind will always be at peace as you do not have to worry about your baby anymore yet you can watch everything that goes in there room when you have the original infant optics DXR-5  digital video baby monitor. The DXR-5 is slim and has a lightweight body that makes it easy for you to carry it around the house when you have a lot of activities to attend to. Featuring 2.5GHz digital wireless FHSS communication line, this baby video monitor is the most secure one you will ever come across as it delivers exceptional sound and excellent video clarity.

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It is also designed with a 2.4 inch extremely bright TFT screen that lets you watch your baby with the clearest image while its strong rechargeable Li-on battery gives your several hours of usage. It does not really matter which part of the house you may be, you are always connected reason being the video baby monitor cokes with a 150 foot indoor range and remarkable 800 foot outdoor reception range. This wireless baby monitor has a set of the most reliable features you want to keep in touch with whatever happens in your baby’s room.


  • It features FHSS which encrypts data without even a single person intercepting with your baby’s video and audio feed because this system ensure maximum security and privacy.
  • It is very portable which allows you to move around with it without finding any difficulty due to its extremely light weight. No matter where you plan to move in the house, you can always take your baby monitor with you.
  • It only requires three simple steps to set up, in just minutes you will be more than ready to start using it.
  • It covers a really long range of 800 feet yet it can still transfer wireless data without any interference or interruption from white noise and static.
  • It allows you to view your baby in the night when it gets dark as it is designed with automatic infrared vision that automatically turns on and the monitor increases the light level.


Despite some parents not minding paying the high price for this infrared, many people feel that the DXR-5 baby monitor is overly expensive so it not affordable especially for those who do not earn a lot.


Infant Optics 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Review



Features overview:

  • Large 2.5 TFT screen:the DXR-5’s screen is not just large to let you see the best images of your baby but is also engineered with an inbuilt microphone to ensure that there is absolutely no way you miss out on any precious moment in your baby’s room.
  • Night vision:even in the late night when it is so dark you are able to watch your baby from as far away as 10ft. as soon as the lights are off, this baby monitor has an IR vision which automatically switches on to increase the light level. This helpful feature turns on and off just when you need it.
  • 4GHz digital wireless FHSS communication:even when going out of the house does not hinder from monitoring your bay when you have the Infant optics DXR-5 baby monitor. This is simply because it designed with static free wireless transmission that captures data from 800 feet when you are in open areas or outdoors and 150 feet when you are indoors or in enclosed areas.
  • VOX voice activation:you can now have a very good and restful without worrying about the monitor running out of battery due to the low volume auto mute feature and VOX the voice activation battery saver which switches off to preserve your battery after some minutes of being quiet.
  • Stand included: in case you do not feel like clipping the DXR-5 on to your waist, there is a handy camera stand on to which you can mount the baby monitor making it much easier to watch your baby while it is the crib and at the same time see different other areas in the its room. The screws to use for attaching the monitor on to stand are also included.
  • Rechargeable monitor:in addition to the power saving features, the baby monitor is also designed with a rechargeable battery which increases it battery life. It is therefore able to provide over three to four hours of usage.
  • Quick and easy set up:setting up this infant optics baby monitor does not require any kind of expertise because it is just a simple three minute procedure. The moment you plug adaptor into monitor unit and the camera and switch on both them you will be more the ready start viewing your little infant. It is that simple and fast.
  • Interference free:it is built with an audio auto shut off mode that quickly gets rid of white noise and static. As soon as the system detects any interference, it will immediately reactivate so there is no way other wireless devices in your house hold for example phones, routers and video game controllers will get in the way of your baby monitor.
  • Extreme light weight:it is all made of light weight plastic composite that which is super light, with this carrying the monitor around the house as you finish up with all other activities is much easier. With less material used, there is better preservation of the environment.
  • Secure long range:with the automatic frequency hoping system, the baby monitor skips various channels within a range of 2.4GHz hence transmitting data with absolutely no one eaves dropping on your little baby’s audio feed or video.
  • Energy efficient:the power adapters that this baby monitor comes with save up to 30% energy compared to other adapters, therefore as they conserve the environment, they save you from those high energy bills.
  • Also battery operated:there is no way you will lose track of your baby due to low battery issues simply because this infant optics baby monitor is also designed to use batteries as well.

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Product quality:

Due to the exceptional quality and a whole lot of special features, the infant optics DXR-5 is one of the best rated baby video monitors, parents do not even care about paying the price for it. The unit features a 2.4 inch screen plus an inbuilt highly sensitive microphone to ensure that you do not a thing on those precious baby moments. No other wireless can come in the way of your baby monitor because it is infuses with white noise and static eliminator as it covers distance of 800 feet range in outdoor areas and 150 feet in enclosed areas. This baby monitor saves up on battery with the voice activated low volume auto mute function yet it can link up to four different cameras all together. The monitor has ten volume setting and six brightness settings so you can increase the volume or brightness according to your needs together with the LED indicator. You either clip the monitor on your waist or place it on its stand as it operates for over three to four years.

With the night vision detailed with IR vision you will be able to watch your baby late in the night when it is about 10feet away. This device is stays connected each and every time because it uses both the powerful lithium battery and replaceable batteries. Wherever you move to, you can take the monitor with you due to its lightweight that makes it easy to carry around. In just a flash you will have set up the entire device with its easy and quick set up that requires no expertise. With this infant optics DXR-5 baby monitor you will always be in touch with your baby with absolutely no one intervening.

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Who does it benefit?

It is best for very big homes: the infant optics DRX-5 features 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission that covers distance as far as 800 feet in open areas and 150 feet in enclosed areas. Even in such long range, the monitor still securely transfers data with no one eavesdropping on the video or audio feed.

What else do you need?

Infant Optics DXR5 Wall Socket Power Adapter: the wall socket power cord allows you to charge the monitor from anywhere in the house, it works both for the camera and monitor. It provides multiple power points all over the house.

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