Instructions on How To Use A Hair Diffuser

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For both straight and curly hair, a hair diffuser is the best solution to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy yet it does not tamper with the texture of your hair. Using a diffuser quickly dries your hair without causing any damage to it and allows you to create all your favorite styles. If you have curly hair, you will even love drying it with a diffuser much more than anyone else as it can dry your curls very fast, defines them more hence leaving them perfectly locked in and looking their best. Unlike the usual hair dryer nozzle, a diffuser releases air through tinier holes and spread it evenly to wider areas which is why it gets dry with no harm at all just the way air drying does. Now for those of you that have absolutely no idea about how to use a hair diffuser, just below are easy ways in which you can use a hair diffuser.

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  • First of all wash yourhair and condition it: a sulfate free shampoo is the best option you can use to wash your hair as it leaves your hair very well moisturized instead of making it dry. Each time you shampoo your hair it is very essentials to also wash it with conditioner to add that shine and smoothness that will make your hair extremely attractive after blow drying. Remember that conditioner that involves natural ingredients is the best.
  • Pat with a towel to get rid of excess water: get a soft fabric towel and use it to blot out all that excess water, you should never wring your hair in a towel to prevent it from breaking and getting frizz. So be as gentle as possible on your hair especially when it is still wet.
  • Smear anti-frizz serum: there are high chances of your getting frizzy if you just blow dry it with a diffuser without any products but to prevent that it is best that you apply anti-frizz serum all through the hair from down on the roots to the ends. This will help to make the whole process smooth and the end results will be smooth too. In case you don’t have anti-frizz serum, you can also just add any styling product of your choice but endeavor to smear it to each and every strand of your hair starting from the roots to the ends.
  • Attach the diffuser:first of all ensure that the diffuser fits well on to your blow dryer to avoid interruptions of it falling off during the process of blow drying hair. Fit the diffuser tightly on to your blow dryer and set it to medium heat if in hurry or cool setting if you are not in a hurry to reduce chances of heat damaging your hair. Put the diffuser on your head just next to the roots making circular movements, take your time because the roots of your hair don’t easily dry.
  • Move to the ends:gently put sections of hair into the diffuser’s bowl and keep massaging the curls until the ends have also dried just like you did with the roots. Try to seal the curls in by pushing the diffuser down in order to keep them in shape and give them bounce. Curls are very sexy and attractive when they are bouncy.
  • Finish by applying mousse: after hair has dried completely, it is likely to look dry so a little mousse will help to give your hair a nice well finished look as it adds shine, bounce and added smoothness.


People that have straight hair actually hate drying their straight hair with diffuser because it ends up getting too difficult to create those stylish waves sometimes but that is because they go about it with the wrong steps. To blow dry your straight hair with a diffuser and give it a touch of waves for a different look, use the steps provided below;

  • Wet your hair: it is always best if you begin with wet hair so you can either wash with a gentle moisturizing shampoo or wash your hair with only conditioner it is also good enough. You can then remove the excess water by blotting with a towel until your hair is just dump, remember you can’t be rough on the hair to prevent it from getting damaged.
  • Diffuse waves into your hair: turn your upside down and diffuse it from the bottom and make sure to start from with the roots because they take longer to dry. Just like it is done with curly hair, you will need to move the diffuser around in circular movements going all the way down to the ends of the hair strand. Let hair fall back down and again use the diffuser to give your hair some more volume and raise it on the roots.
  • Make sure hair is totally dry: keep on with the diffuser moving it around to different sections of the hair until your whole head has dried completely.
  • Infuse volumising product into the hair: anyone who has done curly or wavy hair will clearly tell you that, curly and wavy hair looks best with some volume which is why you need to apply volumising product to the hair. Use your finger tips to scrunch hair on the roots, it will help to give your hair some more volume.
  • Finish your look: finish up you style with a light hold hair spray.

Tips for using a hair diffuser;

  • Make sure to always add serum, mousse or any other styling product to your hair before you start using the diffuser on your hair. Blow drying hair without any product exposes to risks of getting damaged.
  • Avoid using the highest heat setting or the hottest setting on your hair, heat can easily weaken your hair so it is best to go in for the medium setting or the cold setting.
  • Keep brushes and combs off your hair to keep it from becoming frizzy and also restrict your curls from going out of shape. To detangle your hair, it is best advised if you use your fingers.
  • Also avoid adding too much styling product to your hair, just a little amount will be enough to keep your hair looking its best.

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