Johnson-Level-Tool-99-006K-Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System Review

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Both proficient professionals and dedicated home users love the Johnson-Level-Tool-99-006K-Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System because of its ease of use, versatility and sturdy construction. The very first thing you will love about this laser system is how easy it is to get it ready for use and then secondly due to the fact that it can be used not only indoors but outdoors too. This Johnson laser is amazingly versatile, it offers you three different rotational speeds to work with that is to say 600, 400 and 200 RPM whereby the higher speeds are most preferred for use with a detector while outdoors while the slower speeds work best when indoors since they improve the laser’s visibility. This rotary laser doesn’t only stop at that, it also gives you the versatility of using it either vertically or horizontally depending on what your needs are. Along with its outstanding performance, it adds to it a very tough design that withstands even the toughest site conditions.

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What we like;

  • Locking mechanism; with this rotary laser you are assured of true value for money reason being this mechanism ensure maximum durability of all the different parts of this tool. It includes an enclosed beam which keeps the inner part of the laser which are the most delicate ones from getting affected by dust and water. During transportation you will be guaranteed maximum safety of all the tool’s parts. This means that the laser has the ability to last much longer than you actually expect it to, it is an investment worth making.
  • Combination of manual leveling and self-leveling; one wouldn’t be wrong to call the Johnson 99-006K-Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System the most versatile laser on the market lately reason being it offers you several options to pick from. This tool can be used both horizontally and vertically but you must know that when you are using the horizontal plane the tool self-levels and when you are working in the vertical plane with the 90 degree split beam you will have to level it manually. Not many lasers even the high quality ones from top brands offer such amazing versatility.
  • Audible and visual notification alarms; the Johnson 99-006K laser will never let you make even one single mistake with your measurements or allow you to level out of range at any one moment. This is all thanks to its visual and audible alarms that notify you as soon as you go out of range. Different from other lasers that offer you only audible or visual notification, this one will offer you both so that you always come out making accurate results.
  • Variety of working speeds; working with a tool that offers you several options to choose from is absolutely the best thing that can happen to anyone simply because all of your needs will be satisfied. This 99-006K laser offers you as many as three rotational working speeds to select from, you can easily change from 200 to 400 or even to 600RPM. While working outdoors, the higher speeds are the most recommended and when working indoors it is better to work with lower speeds since it offers better visibility.
  • Quick and easy set up process; in just a few minutes you will be able to have this tool all ready for work and this is why most people are now going in for the Johnson 99-006K laser which is quite easy to start. Most tools of this kind are usually very difficult to set up no matter how skilled you may be but it has all been made much simpler for you this time. To set it up you just have to let loose the transportation lock, switch laser on and it will automatically level itself into both Y and X axis. Additionally it comes with a manual that has clear set up instructions so there is no need to waste too much time on just setting up the tool.
  • Sturdy long lasting frame; when you have a tool as well made as the Johnson 99-006K laser you will never be worried about working under tough site conditions due to the simple reason that this tool has the body to endure all kinds of conditions. Its entire housing is very strong enough to handle difficult working and transportation situations.
  • Carrying case with soft sides; this bag comes with a very comfortable carrying case in which the tool and all its necessary accessories can be safely kept and conveniently transported.

What we don’t like;

  • Requires a lot of maintenance; this major drawback of the Johnson 99-006K rotary laser is the fact that it requires too much care and maintenance to keep it in perfect working condition. Everything else about this laser is super easy, starting with its set up, its operation and even disassembling it but trouble comes in when it comes to maintenance. There is quite a lot that you need to do.


In my opinion I would say that this tool’s extremely easy set up and operation along with rare versatility have made it stand out from many others out there. This laser can be used both indoors and outdoors and at the same time it can be used both vertically and horizontally which is not the case with several other lasers. The Johnson 99-006K rotary self-leveling laser comes with very strong batteries which run for longer hours allowing you to finish up your tasks in time. While using this tool, it is totally impossible to level out of range since it is made with both visual and audible alarms to quickly let you know in case of any out of range leveling. And finally the Johnson 99-006K laser has managed to get people’s attention for its amazing durability. Its combination of a strong housing and enclosed beacon ensure maximum protection of the laser’s inner components hence enabling it to last much longer. With all of those easy to use but special features it will not be that difficult for anyone to immediately fall in love with this tool.


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