Laser Level Manual Guide For Beginners

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Even if you purchased the easiest laser level to use you would never be able to begin using it without a manual guide if you are a beginner. If you have completely no knowledge about how to use this device trust me you will definitely need a well detailed manual guide to take you through each and every step of operating this unit. For someone that has used a laser level before it is quite easy to use the device however when it comes to beginners using a laser level can be the hardest task you have ever done. This is a very technical tool that you have to be well conversant with in order to get the best results out of it. But to put an end to your worries I have come up with a manual guide with the basics that anyone must know about using a laser level as well as very clear steps that you need to follow when using both the simple laser levels and the rotary laser level that is more complex.


Much as they are many different types of lasers with different operation procedures there are some basics that apply to all of them and these include set up, installation of batteries and battery recharging so first we shall see how you can go about these basics.

Installation of batteries

The very first thing that you must do is inserting batteries in the laser level and it doesn’t matter whether it is the simple or the most complex type. Look at your device to find its battery compartment in order to have it open, some types have an easy to open battery compartment while others have screws that you have to remove to open it. For those with screws you will have to use a key or small screw driver turn it anti-clockwise and you will have the battery cover removed for you to install batteries. Inside the battery compartment you will find labels of negative and positive, they will guide on how well to place the batteries because if you put them otherwise the device will not start. When all is done, replace the battery cover.

Setting up the laser level

Setting up the laser level properly will determine how well it works so you must always be very careful with how and where you set up your device. Some laser levels can be set up on a wall or pillar while others must be set on a tripod. When you are using a tripod, make sure to adjust it to the most appropriate height and then you can tightly attach the laser level’s base on the tripod. Pull the tripod’s legs wide enough to ensure that it doesn’t fall and damage the tool and after doing all this you will be sure that your laser level will deliver accurate results.

Recharging battery

If your laser level uses a rechargeable battery, it will always come along with its adaptor charger and this should be the only charger that you must always use to recharge the laser level’s battery. Fix the charger into the laser level’s plug hole and then plug the charger into an electrical outlet and turn on the switch to start charging the battery. Endeavor to recharge the battery the night before or a day before your next session.

Manual guide for standard laser levels

  • Start by leveling the laser level
  • After the turning on the laser level look for the bull’s eye plus Y-axis and X-axis screws
  • Move the bull’s eye to the center of indication arrows by simply turning the X-axis screws away from each other.
  • Then adjust the Y-axis putting straight at the bull eye’s center when the out of level indicator goes off you will know the laser level is now accurately leveled.
  • Position the laser level away from the wall that you will be working on. (50ft /100ft)
  • Mark the spot where the laser line is pointing
  • Change the laser level to the 180 degree position and still mark the spot where the laser line will be pointing
  • Measure the distance between the two labeled spots and adjust it in case it goes beyond 3mm
  • Just move device’s screws from the middle of difference of the marked spots and mark off another spot.
  • After leveling and calibration, your device will be more than ready for alignment, measuring and leveling projects.

Manual guide for rotary laser level and other more complex devices

Such laser levels adjust and self level automatically however they are designed with extra features that you will have to adjust manually and these include;

  • Manual adjustment for inclined plane; to change to manual adjustment and level the inclined plane, you will simply have to set the device at a range of +/-5 degrees off the horizontal plane, switch the laser level on and turn on the manual button. Go ahead and calibrate the Y-axis and X-axis button and only stop when the out of level indicator stops lighting. At this point you laser level will be ready for leveling an inclined plane.
  • Activation of automatic mode of the horizontal plane; turn on the device and deactivate the manual indication. Wait for a few seconds for it to self adjust and level. After that you can start using it for your projects. You must always set yourup rotary laser to a range of +/-5 degrees.
  • Manual vertical set up; when working on vertical alignments you will have to set up the laser level vertically, so instead of placing it down on its base, set it down on its side. Set is at a range of +/-5 degrees from the inclined plane, wait for out of level indicators to go off and adjust the level buttons.
  • Plumb down and up manual adjustment; start by setting up the laser on a tripod normally as if you are setting it up for the horizontal plane, then adjust it until the plumb down laser line points precisely at one point. Mark off the point after the plumb down laser line has accurately leveled. Repeat this same procedure for the plumb up adjustment.

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