Laser Measure, Foneso F100 328ft Distance Measurering Tool Review

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The Foneso F100 Distance Measuring device is a very quick and user friendly laser measure infused with precision laser technology to ensure that for each and every time you use it, you only get accurate measurements. The simple tool is designed for different kinds of measurements such as volume, length and area in various units including decimal feet, feet, inches and metric units. Featuring a very small but compact design, it is very easy and convenient to carry the device to any destination of your choice, you can even throw it in your pocket. Its back-lit LDC 4 line display makes it effortless for you to read off measurements from wherever you are even in dim light situations. Because it has the ability to show measurement updates whenever it is moved far from the target or towards the target, it has become a very appropriate tool for wall and floor coverings, appraisal and estimation in real estates, refurbishing and interior designing among so many others.

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What we like;

  • Measures up to 328feet (100meters); for anyone who plans to work on very large rooms or buildings the Foneso F100 Distance Measuring Tool is one of the most appropriate distance measures out there. This device is designed to measure all the way to 328 feet or 100 meters, this is probably the longest distance any measuring tool can go to. Unlike a tape measure that is actually hard to use and inaccurate, this Foneso measurer makes super easy as it allows you to work on larger spaces within a shorter period of time but with outstanding accuracy.
  • Precision laser technology; for every single time you use this Foneso F100 Distance Measuring tool expect nothing but the best results reason being this device is made with exceptional precision technology that enables it to deliver faster and much more accurate measurements with added ease of use. This technology makes the tool very friendly to users of all levels since there is nothing that difficult to figure out therefore you will have the perfect tool to rely on for all your measuring projects.
  • Backlit 4 line display; the Foneso F100 Distance Measuring device features not a 2 line or 3 line but a 4 line display, this simply means that it will be super easy for you to read measurements off the device no matter how good and bad your lighting conditions might be. Even when it’s dark you can read information from this measurer’s large backlit display without necessarily straining your eyes.
  • Various measurement modes; to ensure that you the user have the variety you need for successful accomplishment of different projects, the Foneso distance measurer offers you several measurement modes to choose from. These modes include single distance measurement, area measurement which calculates and displays area, volume measurement and continuous measurement which provides updated measurements whenever you move nearer to your target or further away from it. Because of its ability to deliver all these measurement modes, this device makes it a favorite for so many people.
  • Provides measurements in different units; while using the Foneso F100 Distance Measuring tool it is entirely up to you to choose which units you want your results to be displayed in. It delivers units in decimal feet, inches, feet and metric units, this means that you will always have your measurements displayed in units that you understand the most hence making it super easy for you to read the results since they are displayed in units that you choose. Not many devices on the market can offer you such versatility.
  • Small and lightweight design; the Foneso F100 Distance Measuring device is an overly convenient device and this is all due to the fact that it constructed with such a lightweight of only 0.49pounds . It is super easy to carry to wherever you want to go and because it is small in size you can just throw in your pocket when in a rush. This tool doesn’t only make your measuring tasks easy but your whole life with its convenience.
  • Automatic laser switch off; after a full minute of not being used, the Foneso F100 Distance Measuring Tool will automatically power off itself to prevent batteries from getting wasted over nothing.
  • Automatic remediation; with the automatic remediation feature, you are always assured of getting only and only correct measurements reason being the device re-levels whenever you level out of range.
  • Beep low battery indicator; to prevent the frustration of the tool stopping to operate just like in the middle of your sessions, the Foneso F100 Distance Measuring Tool comes with a low battery indicator to alert you before the tool stops. This way you will change battery as quickly as you need to.

What we don’t like;

  • Not perfectly visible on long distances outdoors; even with a long working range of 328feet the Foneso F100 Distance Measuring tool is still not that bright when used outdoors. When used indoors this measurer is absolutely excellent as it remains visible even at long distances however this is the complete opposite when it comes to outdoors use.
  • Quite complicated for the complex measurements; the Foneso F100 Distance Measuring Tool is such a user friendly device most especially when you are using the easy measurements but some users have been finding it difficult using the tool for complex measurements unlike how it is with other measuring devices.


The Foneso F100 Distance Measuring Tool is an amazing device for a number of reasons including simplicity of use, very long working range and extremely portable design. The measurer delivers the longest working range you have ever comes across, it goes all the way to 328feet or 100 meters. It offers you several measurement modes and gives you your results in different units which makes it easier for you to understand. It has a very small size and light weight for convenient carrying and transportation and displays a huge 4 line backlit display from which you can read your results even when lighting conditions are dim.

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