Lawn Mowing Tips: How To Properly Mow The Lawn

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Owning a lawn mower is actually not that hard because there is a price for everyone however to properly use the mower is not just anything you can have. If you want to have a really good looking lawn season after season then you should the mowing tips that I am about to discuss in this post. Over the years people have had the debate about whether mowing in spirals or rows in the proper way to mow and we are yet to find out. Proper mowing is not just good for the appearance of your lawn but I also healthy for the grass, because there are different types of grass you need to know the appropriate heights for each type. With that let us now look at the proper way to mow the lawn.




  • Start by reading through the lawn mower’s manual to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes while using it. Every instruction or direction that is given in that manual should be followed exactly as it has been given.
  • Dress appropriately: you are going to mow the lawn and not going out for an outing so you need to take off any jewelry and wear clothes that cover up your whole body like overalls and if you don’t have one then just wear a long sleeved shirt and trousers.
  • Remove all obstacles in the lawn: if there are any toys, tools, branches of trees and anything else that you can pick up then first remove it from the lawn, those objects can be of damage to the mower’s blade.
  • Have the lawn mower ready: for those of you that have electric mowers you are really lucky because all you will have to is plug the mower into power and start. On the other hand people who have gas or oil lawn mowers will have to check and ensure that the mower has enough oil or gas and also make sure that the filters are very clean.


After preparing the lawn, you are now more than good to start mowing;

  • Start by trimming the edges of your lawn: find a good tool that you can use to cut around the edges, the main essence of this is to ensure that you have a clear view your whole lawn and have a clear plan of where exactly to begin and where you will be heading as you mow. While you cut around the edges you will also be able to spot and obstacles that may be hidden in the lawn.
  • Mow both in rows and columns or spirals: many people argue about whether mowing in rows is better than mowing in columns but truth of the matter is that whichever way you choose to mow is good enough. Or better yet you can start by mowing in rows and after make a turn and mow in columns. This will help to ensure that any unwanted grass is not missed out as you mow.
  • Be accurate with your rows and columns: when you are finished with one row, make the next row exactly next to the finished one to keep an even pattern. With this you will be able to keep the whole lawn looking fantastic with the same pattern all through.
  • Inspect the lawn to see missed spots: look carefully around the lawn to see if there are any areas that you might have missed. If you find any areas missed out then you will need to go back and clear them as well.
  • Clean the mower and out it away for storage: by now you will done with that simple mowing procedure so you can put the mower into its storage place but first of clean off any grass and dirt that may be stuck to it. It is not good for you to keep the mower when it is dirty.


Following the right mowing procedure alone is not enough to make your lawn look extremely perfect so as you follow the procedure, you also need to put these tips at the back of your mind.

  • It is best to use medium speed to mow: higher speed seems like it is making the task faster for you but you will not be able to properly mow the lawn at that speed. Gardeners therefore recommend that you mow your lawn using medium speed after all most lawn mowers allow you to choose which speed to use.
  • Make sure that the blade is moving well before your start mowing: the blade is like the most important part of the mower so if it blocked or blunt don’t expect any good results.
  • Be extra careful when using walk behind mowers:reason being it is very easy to accidentally walk over your toes when using this types of mower.
  • The best conditions to mow are dry condition: when grass is dry it is very easy for the mower to slash it away rather than when it is wet. Always wait for afternoons when the grass is totally dry then you can go ahead and mow your lawn.
  • Mow in different directions: it is important that you mow in varying direction in each mowing session, this will prevent grass from lying in that one direction that you always make it face. It helps to stop soil from compiling and allows grass to grow and stand well.
  • Give the grass time to grow before mowing: too much of anything is bad, excessive mowing will not be good for your lawn, it is always good if you the grass time to grow taller before your next mowing session.
  • Mow according to weather conditions: in some weather conditions like spring grass grows so fast that you will have to mow twice a week while in other conditions like summer, grass grows at a really slow rate and it will not be necessary for you to mow so often, once a week is will good enough in such times.
  • Always mow with a sharp blade: when the mower blade is dull or blunt it will not cut the grass but rip it hence put your efforts to waste.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be an expert to properly mow the lawn, all you need is a good lawn mower, follow the right procedure and tips as we have just seen in the above post.

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