Leica LINO L2 Laser Level Self Leveling Cross Line Review

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Make each of your projects a lot more enjoyable and less tiring with the Leica LINO L2 Laser Level Self Leveling Cross Line laser which projects straight and easy to see lines. With a wide range of incredible features and advanced Leica technology this unit produces the best bold laser lines to deliver added effectiveness without wasting a lot of your money and time. Its projection of bright horizontal and vertical lines delivers effortless and outstanding accuracy on different projects such as pipe installation, fixing shelves and putting up art pieces. The Leica LINO L2 Laser Level Self Leveling laser also has the ability to correct any slight errors of misalignment or better yet not project lines at all if the error is too huge just to ensure that you have the most accurate measurements. Its power range technology enables the tool to deliver a long working range of up to 50 feet while the durable and convenient design makes it super easy to operate and transport.

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What we like;

  • Self leveling performance; drawing straight lines manually is way too tiring and you will probably waste a lot of time trying to be accurate yet it is almost impossible be 100 percent accurate using bare hand. However the Leica LINO L2 Laser Level Self Leveling Cross Line laser has put an end to all this hassle as it projects very bright and easy to see horizontal and vertical lines. It is very easy and quick to set up this device. Additionally this LINO l2 laser delivers the most accurate results as it automatically corrects minor misaligned angles and refuses to project any laser lines completely when the error over exceeds limits.
  • Extremely long laser lines; the Leica LINO L2 Laser Level Cross Line laser has managed to beat so many others in competition because of the way it project extra long laser lines without compromising brightness and visibility. It features the new emergence angle which is responsible for maintaining incredible brightness and visibility of the laser’s lines at a really long distance as well as trademark power range technology that provides a working range of 50 feet. This is with no doubt the perfect laser for all your alignment and leveling tasks.
  • Lock function; just like other mowers have the manual mode, the Leica LINO L2 laser is designed with the lock function which allows you to manually turn off the laser’s self leveling features. This way you can work on more complex structures with ease since you can lock the laser at any angle that you want to work with. This lock function also acts as a safe guard for the laser during transportation as it keeps fragile parts of the tool well protected.
  • 1/6inch accuracy at 16 inches; this is one of those lasers that allows to work with your head high because you are always sure you have nothing but completely accurate measurements. It uses high professional grade precision bearings to guarantee that laser lines are 1/16inch accurate at a distance of not less than 16 inches.
  • Laser receiver compatible; this laser is not only for indoor use but outdoor use as well all thanks to its compatibility with laser receiver which extends its working range up to two times more. Its initial working range is 50 feet but you could extend this range to as far as 100 feet.
  • Pulse function; even in the brightest lighting conditions, you will still be able to see and locate this laser’s lines which is not the case with other lasers. The LINO L2’s pulse function is meant to aid you in locating laser lines under those extra bright lighting conditions. This function also acts the power saving mode that prevents the laser’s battery life from getting wasted.
  • Simple operation; this is probably the easiest tool you ever had to operate, it doesn’t have any complex set up or initiation procedures but rather features just a single startup button that is very simple to use and two control buttons. The laser is so user friendly.
  • Sturdy ergonomic housing; the Leica LINO L2 Laser Level Self Leveling Cross Line laser is perfectly constructed to fit well in your hands and at the same time fit perfectly in its carrying case when you are done with working. It has a multi-function magnetic adaptor which enables it to mount easily on any kind of surface. And lastly this compact device has IP54 rated protection against water and dust so not even the toughest job site conditions will stop you from doing your job.
  • 90 degree cross line laser; for all the 90 degree reference jobs such as grid layout for a ceiling or installing wall and floor tiles, the Leica LINO L2 is the perfect solution. It lets you use the horizontal and vertical line jointly in order to create the perfect 90 degree angle.

What we don’t like;

  • The tripod has no clamp for ceiling use; the tripod that comes with the Leica LINO L2 Laser Level Self Leveling Cross Line laser doesn’t have a clamp for use on ceiling projects. This makes it quite hard and tiring trying to find the perfect mounting for the tripod when working on ceiling jobs. This is not such a big problem, only that other lasers come with tripods which have that clamp.


The Leica LINO L2 Laser Level Self Leveling Cross Line laser is ideal for a wide array of applications all because it projects extra bright, long and amazingly accurate horizontal and vertical laser lines. This unit can be used for long distance jobs since its working range goes all the way to 50feet and can even be extended to 100 feet with the use of a laser detector. Even in bright lighting conditions where other lasers are barely visible, the LINO L2 still remains very efficient. It self levels and automatically compensates misalignment of minor angles to ensure the most precise and most accurate results. This laser comes backed up by three year warranty.

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