Lifespan Tr5000-Dt5 Treadmill Desk Review

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LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 Treadmill Desk Workstation Review - 2

The LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 is a commercial-grade treadmill desk that is equipped with everything you need in order to achieve an effective exercise while doing your office-work. in fact, this treadmill is integrated with a high-mileage, maintenance-free treadbelt, a 1-inch reversible walking-deck and a very powerful 3.0-HP drive-motor that can operate consistently for hours in order to provide you with an efficient and effective workout that meets your fitness-goals. On the other hand, this treadmill also features a great console which is integrated between the armrests of the standing-desk and this console is meant to provide the user with readouts on steps-taken, time, distance, calories-burned and speed when having a workout. Additionally, the treadmill-desk can be manually adjusted in order to fit people with heights of 4’10-inches to 6’8-inches tall. Lastly, this treadmill is designed with a 56″ by 20″ workout-area and this is just wide-enough to provide the user with ample walking and running space when working-out.

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LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 Treadmill Desk Workstation Review - 4



What We Like:

  1. A 3-HP Commercial Grade Motor: the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 treadmill-desk features a Whisper-Quiet 3HP commercial-grade motor which is made of premium-components which help to suppress mechanical-noise and subdue-vibrations thus enabling the user to keep his/her focus on the task at hand. In fact, the quiet-operation lets you stay respectful of other employees while having a workout for miles daily without even impacting your productivity.
  1. Impact-Absorbing Shocks: this treadmill-desk is also integrated with over 6 impact-absorbing shocks which help to dampen any walking-noise and this shocks even ensure that the user achieves the most comfortable workout experience that is gentle onto his/her joints and back-sections.
  1. A great, contemporary design: the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 features a refined, contemporary-design coupled with a long-lasting construction and this actually makes the Treadmill-Desk a perfect addition to your office.
  1. A good maximum user-weight: the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 treadmill-desk has a superior-construction that was designed to support people with weights of up to 400-lbs. and this implies that even the heaviest people will be able to get an effective workout while using this treadmill hence making it a perfect choice for both home-use and at the gym.
  1. A Fully Adjustable standing-desk: This treadmill-desk is equipped with a manual-height adjustable standing-desk which can adjust from 41-inches to 55-inches allowing user to find a proper ergonomic-position whether he/she is short or tall. Additionally, this standard 38-inch wide desktop will provide the user with ample working-space but there is also a 48-inch wide option available for extra-space and it will work perfectly for people wishing to use dual-monitors. Lastly, the interlocking-design of the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 secures the Desktop to Treadmill Without any Vibrations while having a workout.
  1. Padded armrests: the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 treadmill-desk is equipped with sleek and black-padded armrests which help to keeps the user centered and focused on the task at hand while having a workout. Additionally, the console of the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 is also conveniently integrated into the center of the armrests in order to provide the user with full-control without taking-up any valuable-space.
  1. Strong and durable Side Rails: the treadmill-desk also features wear-resistant, black anodized-aluminum side rails which are very durable and strong whereby these side-rails are meant to guard the treadbelt when the treadmill is under operation hence ensuring a consistent and effective workout.
  1. A Habasit Belt: the treadmill-base is actually equipped with a high-mileage and maintenance-free belt that was designed to provide the user with thousands of hours of effective-operation while having a workout. In fact, this treadmill-belt features markings which help the user and coworkers identify when it is moving since the motor-drive is very quiet.
  1. Extended-Life Deck: the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 also features a 1-inch thick, reversible, extended-life walking deck coupled with wear-resistant, black anodized-aluminum side rails which are all designed to provide the runner with a safer and more comfortable working-experience.
  1. Intelli-Step technology: the treadmill-desk features onboard Intelli-Step technology which helps to detect each foot-step taken thus keeping you aware of your daily step-count in order to meet your fitness-goals.
  1. Intelli-Guard Safety Technology: The treadmill is integrated with an Intelli-Guard safety feature and this actually ensures that the treadmill only operates when you’re actively walking or running over it hence supporting a safe work-environment.
  1. Bluetooth technology: with the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5, you can wirelessly sync your activity-data onto an iPhone or any Android-Smartphone using Bluetooth and LifeSpan’s free Active-Trac app in order to track your workout-progress over time. in fact, this feature is free for everyone and you simply just have to download the Active-Trac app from any app-store and you will be ready to track your progress.
  1. Great speed-range: with the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5, you can easily set and save your preferred walking/running speed with just the touch of a button from speeds of 0.4-to-4.0 MPH. however, the maximum speed-setting defaults to 2.0-MPH but it can be set to 4.0-MPH if desired in order to achieve a more challenging workout-experience.
  1. Transportation-wheels: The LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 treadmill-desk is designed with 2 front-mounted transportation wheels which facilitates for quick and easy mobility when the treadmill isn’t under usage. In fact, with these transportation-wheels the user will be able to easily move this treadmill to a more convenient and safer place after having a workout which is an added advantage.
  1. A multifunctional console: this treadmill-desk also features a multi-functional display-console which provides the user with readouts on distance-traveled, calories-burned, walking-time and step-count.
  1. A Quick Power-Button: you will be able to conveniently power this treadmill on and off from its console using the inbuilt power-button so as to achieve an efficient and effective workout routine.

LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 Treadmill Desk Workstation Review

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What We Don’t Like:

  • It lacks an incline feature: the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 treadmill-desk actually lacks an incline setting and this means that you won’t be able to increase on incline in order to achieve a more intense workout.
  • It’s not maintenance-free: this treadmill actually maintenance regularly whereby you need to wax-up its track in-order to keep it operating smoothly. However, this is not a great thing especially for people used to maintenance-free treadmills.

Our Verdict:

All in all, I highly recommend the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 treadmill-desk because it can easily be used in your home-office or commercial-office in-order to keep you looking fit and healthy. In fact, this treadmill operates quietly-enough, absorbs impact and even tracks your workout-data so that you can be able to meet your fitness-goals. Additionally, the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 features a full-size treadbelt coupled with a safety-stop feature which makes it a perfect fitness-machine to use in homes with kids and pets.

LifeSpan TR 5000-DT5 Treadmill Desk Workstation Review - 2

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