Lively Task Chair by Haworth – 4D Arms-Lumbar-Forward Review

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Lively Task Chair - 4D Arms-Lumbar-Forward Review 2

The Lively Task Chair is an amazing office-chair designed by Steve Nemeth and the Haworth Design Studio. This lively office-chair was actually made for use in an active workplace because it ensures that that all the essential, ergonomic functions and adjustments are put in to usage.

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Additionally, the lively office-chair aims at ensuring total comfort yet it’s very comfortable and affordable compared to most office-chairs on the market today. In fact, this chair is a breath of fresh air to world of task seating because it’s equipped with several amazing features that ensure total comfort and pleasure. All in all, the lively chair is good tool for business startups because it’s very cheap and it was even designed to operate in an active workplace.


  • The Lively Task Chair is extremely comfortable because it helps to support the back and arms while sitting. this means that someone will be able to complete all his/her tasks while seated in this office-chair without experiencing any back, arm or neck problems.
  • This office will enable the user to achieve a desired position of comfort because it’s fully adjustable whereby it’s equipped with an optional height adjustable lumber that can easily be used to set this chair to desired height.
  • The Lively Task Chair also looks great and stylish than most office-chairs and it is available in different tension back colors hence it’s upon you to choose a color that works best. Likewise, this chair is even very strong and durable whereby it will be capable of surviving for decades while being used in an active workplace.
  • Lastly, this office-chair is affordable in terms of price compared to most office-chairs on the market today. in fact, it looks great and even durable than most office chairs and that’s why it’s good for people starting up businesses.


  • The first weakness about this office-chair is the armrests which are made of a plastic material hence this makes them feel uncomfortable most especially for people with big sizes. However, they have a cushioning on top which feels comfortable but the problem comes with the hard, plastic sides. Apart from that issue, everything about this office-chair is great and I think anyone can probably try it out though it’s not the most comfortable chair on the market.


Lively Task Chair - 4D Arms-Lumbar-Forward Review 1



Features overview:

  • Height-Adjustable Lumbar: the Lively Task Chair is designed with an easy to use height-adjustable lumber. In fact, combining the height-adjustable lumbar with the tension-back helps the user to achieve more customized back-support including users of different sizes. On the other hand, you should know that every spine is unique and person’s lumbar is at a different height and this implies that 4-inches of adjustment allow the user to adapt to the support in order to fi­t you best.
  • Standard Tension Back: This chair’s back fabric is stretched across the frame and strategically tensioned in 4-zones in order to provide proper lumbar-support. In addition, the tensional flex to the back ensures movement throughout your working day while the back-material ensures breathability and comfort. On top of that, the Lively Task Chair’s back also comes in a fully upholstered version.
  • 4D Arms: this office-chair is equipped with 4D-arms that move in all directions in order to ­fit you perfectly. In fact, these 4-dimensional arms can pivot, they are height-adjustable, ensure front-to-back adjustment and they are also width-adjustable. This level of adjustability will offer a great fi­t to each individual user arms while sitting. On the other hand, Lively Task Chair’s are also available in armless, ­fixed and height adjustable models.
  • Seat-Depth Adjustment: the lively office-chair features a 2-inch, sliding seat and waterfall seat-edge design in order to reduce the pressure behind your knees. But to achieve this extra-comfort, make sure you have enough room like at least 2-fi­ngers between the seat-pan and behind your knees in order to get the proper amount of circulation.
  • Upright Back Lock: this chair comes with a standard upright back-lock which is perfect for users who feel more productive sitting-up straight. This back-lock helps to ensure an upright position with better back-support for task-intensive work when seated. However, you can also simply unlock the back-lock in order to enjoy a comfortable recline.
  • Pneumatic Seat-Height Adjustment: the Lively Task Chair’s seat adjusts easily from 16-21 inches off‑ the ground hence accommodating a wide-range of the population. In fact, the user’s knees should be bent at 90-degrees with the feet planted comfortably onto the floor to ensure total comfort while sitting and this can only be achieved with this standard Pneumatic seat-height adjustment.
  • Forward Tilt: with this feature, you can have the chair work with you, instead of against you because perching on the edge of your seat may actually increase the ergonomic risks due to reduced support from the chair back and seat-pan. In fact, the forward-tilt of the seat pan and back can support the perching seating-style while promoting a healthy spinal-posture because the back stays in contact with your chair.
  • Weight-Assisted Tilt Tension: Lively Task Chair can actually take the tension out of your day and puts it to use as the resistance you feel when leaning-back on the chair. In fact, tension can be adjusted to accommodate users of different types and sizes and for di‑fferent work-styles.
  • Available in different colors: the Lively Task Chairs are also manufactured in an array of tension back-colors or upholstery in order to provide the user with several color options. In fact, this chair looks extremely great and attractive in different colors compared to most office chairs.

Lively Task Chair - 4D Arms-Lumbar-Forward Review

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the Lively Task Chair is of optimum quality although it is affordable and this because of awesome features it has which include a height-adjustable lumber which offers 4-inches of adjustment in order to ensure maximum back-support, a tension back-fabric that is stretched across the frame which is also strategically tensioned in 4-aones to ensure proper lumber-support yet its material ensures breathability and comfort when sitting. On top of that, the 4D armrests on this office-chair can move in all directions to ensure comfort and adjustability while the seat-depth adjustment with a 2-inch sliding seat and waterfall seat edge design helps to reduce the pressure behind the knees while sitting.

On the other hand, this chair features a pneumatic seat-height adjustment that can adjust easily from 16-21 inches off the ground while the forward-tilt of the seat-pan and back helps to support your seating style especially when perching on the edge on the seat. Additionally, lively task chair features a weight-assistant tilt tension that helps to take tension away and puts it to use as resistance like when leaning back in the chair and this tension can even be adjusted to accommodate people of different sizes and work-styles. Lastly, this chair is also available in an array of tension back-colors or upholstery so that the user can always select a chair that looks best for him or her.


Who does it benefit?

  • It works well for computer users: the Lively Task Chair will work perfectly for daily computer users because it’s very comfortable whereby it supports the back and arms while keeping the person at the right height while working. In fact, it’s fully adjustable to ensure maximum comfort and its back seat is a breathable in order to ensure a cool working experience.
  • Great for people searching for a durable and affordable office-chair: this office-chair was actually built to be used in an active workplace because it’s very durable and it’s capable of lasting for decades. Though this chair is durable, it is also very affordable compared to most office chairs on the market today and that is why it can be a good choice for people setting-up new businesses.

Lively Task Chair - 4D Arms-Lumbar-Forward Review 2

What Else Do You Need?

  • An engineered headrest: in case you need to achieve extra comfort while working in this office-chair, you may decide to buy a headrest that can be attached at the top of the back-seat so that your head does not hang in space while working. However, these headrests are available in different brands and it is upon you to select a head that works best on your office-chair.
  • Hard floor and hardwood casters: the wheels that come with the Lively Task Chair are not that durable and won’t last for that long if used under harsh conditions. This means that you should try acquiring hard-floor or hardwood caster-wheels if you really want to use this chair for a longer period of time.

Lively Task Chair - 4D Arms-Lumbar-Forward Review

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