MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer Review

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MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst 3This new great shaver comes with various features that have made it so good and liked by many users. It has the 7 settings that are used to shave the long hair just by enabling one to choose the length of the hair. It has a shock absorber multi-functional flex. It is a two in one shaver that combines both the Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer into a single shaver that will trim and shave one to his required level.

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It has the capability of moving through even the thick hair on one’s body and have it shaved thoroughly without any difficulty and this is enabled by the power burst button found on the shaver. It also comes with a good design that has a great grip for one to handle and no uncertain slips can happen since it turns out to be firm in one’s hands. It can shave almost all body parts like the arms, shoulders, legs, stomach, chest and even the private parts and i will never give one any nicks, cuts or even hair pulling of any sort.

This shaver is designed with the hypoallergenic stainless steel blades that are mainly developed to work on the delicate or sensitive skin. With this, it is able to carefully shave one’s skin without causing any rushes or irritations to the person. The shaver’s last number 1 setting is able to shave one to 1/16th of an inch which is very good for those that want to shave and trim some of their body parts without finishing it all.



  • The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer is a two in one shaver that was built to shave and trim one with simplicity.This is because one does not have to go through the same place while shaving thus making one’s work easy. It comes with an eye catching design and has got two ends that work on the hair’s length differently. This shaver can shave all the way from the neck to downstairs of one’s body as it follows the skin alignment.It can shave the many partsand even where there is some thick hair. Itis a close shaving tool and one may not be able to see any hairs left on his body.
  • This is a wet and dry shaver that can also be used in the showers or in water and not effect can compromise its performance. It is a rechargeable shaver with red and green indicator lights to easily notify the one using it on its status as far as power is concerned. There is a shock absorption feature that enables it to follow the body’s contours to give a neat and smooth shave.It can shave-off the entire long and the short hair smoothlyhenceincreasing one’s confidence in the public places.


  • This great shaver may not be able to shave in certain parts of the body since its design does not favor an extended reach to those parts. This means that one will have to incur an extra cost and purchase those shavers meant for such places.

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst 3

Features overview:

  • The shock absorber Multi-Functional Flex Neck and Body Groomer Head: The mangroomer ultimate shaver’s role comes up during the process of shaving or trimming whereby it is meant to follow up the contour of the area of the body that is being shaved and it initiates a total blade to skin contact. This contact created helps to create a close shave on the skin as the blades move over the skin of the person being shaved. This happens anywhere on the body and could be done on the chest, the arms, the legs or any part below the neck.
  • A Power-Burst Button: This is the shaver’s power button that enables it to move through any hair that maybe coarse or so thick. When one taps the power button, an extra Power is added to the blade which then helps it to trim and get through the thick hair at any time one feels like shaving.
  • 7-Length Settings: There are the 7 length settings for the adjustable trimmer which are applied at any required level during shaving and they are used for styling and trimming purposes. These can come up after serious shaving has taken place so as to do the final touches of trimming.These are used differently so as to work on different hair lengths that may need a certain number to be shaved. They can be used on areas like the arms, legs,the chest or even the pubic area.
  • It is anadjustable Trimmer: There are the 7 length settings for this trimmer which are easily adjusted to a required length so as to be able to trim hair to a required length. This adjustable trimmer helps in the trimming of hair of the body that could require final touches. This trimmer works well in cases where one wants the hair to be briefly trimmed and maintained without easily shaving it off and this is mostly to do with areas like the stomach, chest, stomach and the shoulders.
  • It features a charge-Indicator: The shaver comes with a charger since it is rechargeable so as to keep one in line with the ability to shave at his time of convenience. This has got the charge indicator that has got lights to alert the user on the shaver’s power status. This is achieved using the different lights that indicate according to the current status and this uses the red and green lights.

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst 4

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Product Quality:

  • The Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer has got great features that make it a quality shaver and differentiates it from the other shavers. There is the 7 Length Comb Setting which is very ideal for shaving and trimming of hair to certain levels of heights. This is done by setting a length and letting the shaver to perform as required. The length can be set to shave long, thick and coarse hair or to shave the short hair so as to only maintain its length without finishing it off completely.The shaver has a quality of self-sharpening and maintenance blades. These blades do not require any maintenance or sharpening to be carried out since they are self-maintained.
  • There is also an advantage of the shaver’s ergonomic grip. This shaver has got a soft and rubberized grip at the handle that brings upon firmness in one’s hands.This prevents issues like having the shaver slip out of one’s hands thus giving one control over the device. There is a quick and easy charge quality feature for this great tool. The shaver comes with a charger hitch can keep it on power and does not take long while charging and comes with a charging stand that makes charging easy.
  • The Ultimate Pro Body Groomer is a shower safe shaver that makes it easy for anyone to shave at his time of convenience. One is able to shave even from the showerssince the shaver is power proof and is not affected by water. The shaver can also be easily cleaned with water after one is done with using or shaving, it is easily rinsed with water to have it cleaned up.


Who Does It Benefit?

  • This shaver is favorable to people who have hairy bodies and require body-grooming:These can be mostly men since tend to a have a lot of hair mostly below their necks like the arms, on the legs, chest, on the stomach and on the groin. This shaver helps to benefit its users and will increase their level of performance especially in places of many people. The shaver can benefit many people that have their bodies exposed due to the work they do.This is so because most of these people really have to expose their bodies in public.


What I need

  • MANGROOMER replacement foil for ULTIMATE PRO BODY GROOMER: it is always recommended to replace the foil and blades of your trimmer after six months. This will help to sustain the smoothness you get when shaving especially on a daily basis.
  • Nivea for men sensitive shaving gel: this is a rich and creamy gel that will provide you with a close and extra comfortable shave. This gel even helps to protect the skin against micro-cuts and irritations.

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst 2

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