Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor REVIEW

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Have you been searching for an innovative razor that you could use to achieve good shaving results? Then just try out this new Merkur Long Handled Safety-Razor . It has been voted as the best-selling double-edge safety razors on the market today.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

This razor is well designed to offer you with the convenience of using it. You can use it with a shaving cream or soap and this makes it a perfect razor for men who enjoy wet shaving. This safety-razor will leave no traces of uneven shaved hair on the face because it offers a very clean, close and smooth shave.

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  • PRO: It offers a very close shave with minimal skin irritations and this makes it suitable for use on sensitive skin types. 


  • CON:  Can’t be used on a dry shave. I give this merkur a credit when it comes to close shave, but you should be very careful when dry shaving. This applies to all razors, when you use them without shaving cream, the possibility of getting razor bumps / nicks and cuts is very high. Once you get this product, invest some money in a shaving gel / cream, if you can’t get them, then opt for baby powder.

 Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor



Features overview:

  • It’s Made with stainless steel: this amazing safety razor is well built using hard stainless steel and this implies that it is very durable or strong enough to last for a longer period of time. This razor will also stay intact in case you drop it down while shaving, so it will not get broken or nicked compared to some plastic cheap razors on the market today.
  • Has a Chrome finish : the strong steel material of this razor is also coated with chrome and this really helps in protecting the razor from any damage like rusting and even makes the razor stronger. This means that the user will be able to wash and rinse this razor under water after shaving and keep it anywhere without getting worried whether it will get rusty or dull. The chrome also gives off a shiny look to this safety-razor which makes it adorable to use.
  • Long handle: most men have large hands and this means that this razor will greatly work for any man out there . Its handle really feels comfortable and even offers a safe or firm grip while wet-shaving . It long handle makes the razor ideal for men with men with large hands. 
  • Classic head: the Merkur Long-Handle Safety Razor comes with a nice looking and large classic head that covers a wider surface while shaving. This implies that you will be able to achieve a very fast and smooth shave with fewer irritations. This head is also built at a certain angle whereby you will be able get a closer and smooth shave if you use this razor at a right shaving angle and in fact you will get less skin irritations.
  • It has a close-comb design: this amazing safety-razor is built with a closed comb and this facilitates for a close and clean shave without being very aggressive. This means that the blades will not have full access to the skin but will just maneuver above the skin surface proving you with a smooth and irritation free shave than ever before.
  • Easy blade replacement: Some safety razors tend to give men a hard time when it comes to changing blades. But the Merkur Long-Handle Safety Razor really makes replacement of blades very easy since you just have to twist the handle and then open its head, then after place your blades into this head and finish by securing the blade and twisting the handle again.
  • Fits any double-edge blades: unlike some safety-razors on the market today, this Merkur is very convenient to use and to maintain since any double-edged blade brand can be fitted into its head. This makes it very cheap because you can easily get these blades from any store compared to a razor which uses single edged razors which are very scarce on the market.
  • It easy to clean: After shaving, your hair will clog inside the razor head, however, when it comes to cleaning , this razor makes the whole process very easy because you just have to rinse it under running tap water . You can disable the head so that it gets dry and then assemble it for later use.

Product Quality:

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

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  1. This safety razor feels weighty and solid when held into the hands but it’s not too heavy. It also has a nice hefty feel.
  2. There are some textures on its handle and this ensures a very secure grip while shaving under wet conditions. On the other hand, the shiny chrome finish make it look very nice and new even after using for a longer period of time.
  3. It’s classic shaving head is just wide enough, it can cover a wide surface area when shaving, hence while offer you with a first and comfortable shave .

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Men with sensitive skins will find this razor very friendly. It hides the blade inside the head which reduced on irritations.
  • Also Men who are shaving for their first time, will need this merkur razor, it’s simple design makes it easy to use.
  • This safety razor will do the job perfectly for men looking for a much close and precise shave
  • You can also use this merkur to trim your side burn or beard.
  • You can also use it to shave your pubic area. This is a very sensitive area, so make sure you stretch your skin while shaving, it will reduce on your chances of getting ingrown hairs or razor burns.
  • If you have been disappointed by electric shavers, try out this merkur, it will give you a close smooth shave, yet it costs less than $40. 


Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor


  • The safety razor works great on moderate and  heavier beards while providing you with a closer and irritation-free shave. This razor will also work very effectively when it comes to cutting stray and coarse hairs especially around the face and neck area.
  • It performs well when wet shaving, simply leather up with a good shaving cream and start shaving of those beards / hair, it will maneuver smoothly and leave no hair behind. 

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

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