Mirra Chair by Herman Miller Review – Basic – Graphite Frame

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Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller is a new innovative office-chair that looks attractive coupled with active adjustments that enable the user to achieve different sitting needs. In fact, with this office-chair you can get full support and flexibility because it features a one-piece backrest which is elastic whereby it can accommodate different individual sizes, sitting-positions and movements you make while sitting.

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Additionally, the PostureFit helps to keep the lower back properly aligned hence eliminating any complications related to longer hours of sitting. On the other hand, the AirWave suspension seat which helps to distribute pressure evenly and also keeps you cool when seated. In conclusion the Mirra Chair by Herman Miller will do exactly what you need from a task-chair and its looks beautiful; it’s easy to use and very affordable compared to most high-end office chairs.


  • The Mirra chair is very comfortable and sturdy because it features an ergonomic backrest and seat which work together to provide an amazing sitting experience. Additionally, the chair even features air-holes at the backrest which ensure breathability when sitting for long hours.
  • This is a high-performance office chair that offers optimum support and flexibility yet it yet it features adjustments compared to most office-chairs on the market. This makes it a better choice for people who are looking for simple, ergonomic and beautiful office-chair.
  • Lastly, this chair can accommodate different individual-sizes, sitting-postures and movements while sitting because it features a flexible and elastic one-piece backrest coupled with an AireWeave suspension-seat which distributes body-pressure evenly and even keeps you cool.


  • The Mirra is designed with a plastic or polymer-material backrest which feels both rigid and flexible in different section making someone’s back feel uncomfortable while sitting. However, with time you can get used to this backrest in order to enjoy your sitting routine.
  • Secondly, this office-chair does not have a lumbar support and this is actually a very important feature when considering sitting ergonomics. However, it’s equipped with several features that can offer back support just the lumbar support like; Posturefit and TriFlex backrest.

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller


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Features overview:

  • Central spine construction: Mirra office-chair features a central spine construction which helps to support the frameless backrest. In fact, this chair does not have a lumbar support but this central-spine construction offers maximum support maximum back-support.
  • AireWeave suspension seat: this chair is equipped with an AireWeave suspension-seat which helps to distribute the body pressure evenly and even allows for airflow when sitting in order to prevent heat buildup and to keep you cool.
  • FlexFront seat edge: The FlexFront seat-edge on this office-chair ensures that there is never a gap between the seat and back. This seat-edge also enables the user to adjust the depth of the seat without moving the seat pan. In fact, with this seat your spine is always supported and even the legs will not be strained while working.
  • Butterfly Back: the Mirra office-chair also has butterfly-back which helps to merge the fabric-layer with polymer-veins resulting into an intelligent and comfortable support-structure. Additionally, this hybrid structure is designed to ensure dynamic-support while keeping the body in healthy-alignment.
  • Harmonic tilt: this chair comes with an in-built, patented, harmonic tilt-mechanism which helps to keep resistance consistent throughout the reclining-range and this implies that you will always have a smooth and balanced ride with total-control while sitting. This tilt-mechanism also allows the body to pivot naturally at the ankles, knees and hips hence ensuring the most comfortable sitting experience.
  • An ergonomic shape and design: The lean design of Mirra office-chair offers a sophisticated-profile and visual-lightness to any office space. On top of that, this chair is even available in a wide-range of textiles, back-colors and base-options hence this enables the user to select a chair that match all his/her needs and preferences.
  • TriFlex back: The shape, size and pattern of holes in the backrest are carefully designed to create zones of dynamic-support when sitting. In fact, this TriFlex backrest provides each individual with an appropriate-level of flexibility thus ensuring ergonomic-support and natural-adjustment while sitting. Likewise, this reengineered TriFlex-back makes the Mirra office-chair a good option for people who prefer a more easily cleaned surface while maximizing the strength and flexibility when sitting.
  • Fixed arms: the Mirra comes with fixed armrests which feel durable and they are meant to support your arms while sitting. In fact, these armrests are ergonomically designed in order to contour with the shape of the arms hence ensuring total comfort while sitting.
  • Pneumatic Lift: this is another great feature found on the Mirra chair and it used to adjust this office-chair to desired sitting-height. In fact, this lift works gently and it’s very easy to use where you just have to pull it to achieve a desired height then push it in to look-in the specified height.
  • PostureFit feature: The chair is designed with a passive PostureFit feature which helps to keeps the lower-back properly aligned so that someone can stay relaxed and alert when working at his/her computer.
  • Durable materials: this chair is made out of durable materials which can maintain its strength and responsiveness over several years. In fact, the backrest is made of a strong polymer-material without a fabric layer while the seat features a durable upholstered, fabric-material whereby all these materials make the chair very easy to clean or maintain.
  • Recyclable: the Mirra is actually green office-chair because it is made of 45 percent recycled-materials. Additionally, the Mirra chair is 93-percent recyclable at the end of its useful life and it actually doesn’t contain PVC in its construction. Likewise, the chair’s upholstery contains no foam and it’s completely recyclable when the chair is no longer under usage.

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller 2

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Product Quality:

The Mirra Chair by Herman Miller is beautiful, high-quality office-chair that will offer you with full support and flexibility while seating because it features a one-piece backrest which is elastic and capable of accommodating different individual sizes, sitting-positions and movement when sitting. This chair even has a PostureFit which helps to keep the lower-back section properly aligned while the AireWeave suspension-seat helps to distribute the body-pressure evenly and keeps you cool when seated.

On top of that, the 567 holes in the backrest help to create flex-zones whereby these offer an appropriate-level of flexibility thus ensuring natural-adjustment and ergonomic-support. The TriFlex backrest which is pliable and elastic can conform to several individual sizes, postures and micro-movements hence providing maximum back-support when sitting. Likewise, the FlexFront seat-edge helps to ensure that there is no gap between the seat and backrest and it even adjusts the depth of the seat without moving the seat-pan. Lastly, the Harmonic tilt-mechanism found on the Mirra chair helps to keep resistance consistent throughout the reclining-range and this ensures that someone gets a smooth and balanced sitting experience.


Who does it benefit?

  • Works for people with weak backs: this chair works well for people with weak and painful backs because it was designed to ensure optimum back support and flexibility. In fact, this back is elastic and can accommodate people with different sizes, sitting-positions and even feels micro-movements made while sitting. It even features a PostureFit which keeps the lower-back well aligned keeping you feeling comfortable throughout the whole day.
  • Great chair for some looking for a beautiful and ergonomic office-chair: this chair is actually ergonomically shaped and designed and its available different textiles, back-colors and base finishes hence increasing the users range of choice.


What Else Do You Need?

  • A desk-unit: you will need to purchase a desk-unit for your office because it’s actually recommended to use the Mirra office-chair while sitting next to work desk. There are many desk-units on the market but it’s better for you to purchase an adjustable desk for best working results.
  • Polyurethane Office-Chair Casters: these are very durable and stylish caster-wheels that will make your office-chair look great. These casters can even be used on different surfaces like on hard-floor, tiles and carpets.

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

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