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The Nautilus T614 is a great entry-level treadmill that is equipped commercial-grade components so as to provide the user with an effective and efficient workout. In fact, this treadmill is equipped with a powerful 2.75-CHP drive-motor which can withstand a user-weight of up to 300-pounds while its wide running-surface with 2.5-inch crown rollers offers the user with comfortable and efficient walking/running surface.  On the other hand, this treadmill features a foldable design which uses a softdrop-system in order to ensure easy folding and unfolding in-between uses. Additionally, this treadmill features over 22 workout-programs which enable the user to customize his/her exercising-routine while the integrated StrikeZone cushioning-system provides unparallel comfort in order to achieve the smoothest running or walking experience. Lastly, this treadmill even features a high-resolution blue backlit LCD-monitor which enable you to track your workout progress.

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Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review


What We Like:

  1. A high-resolution backlit LCD: the Nautilus T614 features a large 3-inch x 5-inch, high-resolution, blue-backlit LCD-monitor which enables you to track your workout-progress in terms of time, distance-traveled, calories-burned, Program Profile, Heart Rate Zone, Incline and speed so that you can be able to easily meet your fitness-goals.
  1. NautilusConnect technology: NautilusConnect is actually a goal-tracking and data-export technology which helps to keep you aware of your workout-progress and focused on your fitness-goals. All in all, Nautilus-Connect is designed to allow users keep track of their workouts so that they can be able to chart their progress.
  1. A USB charging-port: the Nautilus T614 treadmill features an inbuilt USB charging-port which helps to keep your phone and other devices powered-up when having a workout and this USB-port even facilitates in data-exchange to NautilusConnect or by using a USD-disk so that you can be able to track your workout-progress.
  1. 22 workout-programs: this treadmill is designed with over 22 preset workout-programs that will help you achieve a more customized but effective workout experience that meets your fitness-goals. These workout-programs actually include; 1 manual-program, 3 quick-goals programs, 5 training-programs, 3 weight-control programs, 5 heart-heath programs, 3 interval-programs and 2 custom-programs.
  1. A SoftDrop folding-system: the Nautilus T614 features an inbuilt SoftDrop folding-system that facilitates for quick and easy folding/unfolding of the treadmill in order to ensure easy movement and storage of treadmill in-between uses.
  1. Quickspeed-buttons: the treadmill features quick-access speed and incline buttons which enable the user to easily change the treadmill’s operating speeds from 0-to-12 mph and Incline from 0%-to-12% without having to stop your workout.
  1. Transportation-wheels: the Nautilus T614 Treadmill even comes with inbuilt wheels at the base and these actually facilitate for easy transportation of the treadmill when not under use.
  1. A heart-rate monitor: with the Nautilus T614 treadmill, heart-rate monitoring is made very easy by simply using the inbuilt pulse-grips and this treadmill is even telemetry-enabled whereby you can attach a chest-strap onto your body and then to the machine in order to measure up your heart-rate zone.
  1. Inbuilt-speakers: this treadmill features built-in acoustic chambered speakers which provide the user with big-quality sound when having a workout. In fact, you have to connect your audio-device through an audio-port in order to start listening to music through these acoustic-speakers.
  1. A cooling-fan: the Nautilus T614 treadmill is equipped with 3-speed cooling-fan which positioned at the console-section and this is meant to keep you feeling cool and comfortable while having workout hence enabling you to meet your targets or fitness-goals without becoming so tired.
  1. Wide running-belt: The running-surface of the Nautilus T614 features a wide running-belt that measures 20-inches by 55-inches and this implies that it can accommodate people of different sizes and heights. In fact, such a wide running-belt makes the Nautilus T614 a perfect treadmill for both home and gym use.
  1. StrikeZone 4-cell cushioning: the Nautilus T614 treadmill is integrated with a StrikeZone cushioning-system with a 4 hex-cell design in order to provide the user with a more comfortable and smooth running-experience. In fact, cushioning is majorly designed to ensure maximum shock-absorption so that your joint and legs don’t get injured while having a workout over the treadmill.
  1. Large crowned-rollers: this treadmill also features large 2.5-inch crowned rollers placed under the treadbelt and these actually ensure an even running-surface as well as smooth and quiet workout-environment while working your way to fitness.
  1. A 2.75 CHP motor: the Nautilus T614 Treadmill is equipped with a 2.75-CHP, heavy-duty, drive-motor which is capable of running at a speed-range of 0-to-12 MPH thus making the treadmill a perfect fitness-machine for both walkers and avid-runners. Additionally, this drive-motor can operate for longer period of time in order to enable you meet your fitness-goals easily.
  1. Adjustable incline ranges: This treadmill is also incline-adjustable ranging from 0-degrees to 12-degrees and this makes it a great fitness-machine for people who love to achieve a more challenging workout experience.
  1. I t uses 110-volts of power: this treadmill actually requires a standard 110v power-source supply to operate and this means that it can be used in most regions of the world with a standard power-supply of 110volts.
  1. Crossbar tubing: Lastly, the Nautilus T614 is designed with an oversized crossbar-tubing which provides extra-stability so that user can always achieve a safer, stable and comfortable workout experience.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • A weaker treadbelt: this treadmill is equipped with a 1-ply thick treadbelt and this may not feel comfortable to run on most especially for heavier people.
  • It doesn’t come with a chest-strap receiver: although the Nautilus T614 can be used with a wireless chest-strap receiver, this strap is not included when purchasing the treadmill and this implies that you have to buy it yourself which is not good at such a price.
  • Crowded display-screen: the console or display-screen of the Nautilus T614 treadmill is abit crowded with a lot of buttons around and this makes it difficult to read for some people.

Our Verdict:

The Nautilus T614 is actually a sturdy and high-performance treadmill that will enable you achieve the most effective and efficient workout-experience at the convenience of your home. In fact, this treadmill is equipped with a great number of amazing features which include a 2.75-CHP motor, 22 workout-programs, StrikeZone cushioning system, high-resolution blue backlit LCD-monitor, a media-shelf and a lot more in order to help you achieve an amazing workout experience. All in all, I would recommend the Nautilus T614 Treadmill to someone who is serious about improving his/her fitness-routine and also willing to spend some extra money on a great entry-level fitness-machine.

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