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OctaneZR8 Zero Runner

The OctaneZR8 Zero-Runner is a hybrid of a treadmill and an elliptical-machine so that the user can get the best out of his/her workout experience. In fact, this fitness-machine offers a true running-motion without feeling any impact thus eliminating stress on joints and muscles while having a workout. In fact, this zero-runner machine helps runners to manage recurring joint or muscle issues while avoiding future injuries yet offering an effective workout. On the other hand, this fitness-machine features aluminum-legs, high-resistance variance performance grips, contoured moving-handles and display-monitor which display all your workout-stats. All in all, the OctaneZR8 Zero Runner was designed to replicate a real running-motion by fully extending your lower leg-section while kicking-up your heel as you workout. In fact, you can even use this Zero-runner to carry out other different cardio-exercises in order to meet your fitness goals.

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OctaneZR8 Zero Runner



What We Like:

  1. Heavy-duty frame: The ZR8 fitness-machine features a heavy-duty frame that was designed to support people with weights of up to 300-pounds while having a workout. Additionally, this frame is equipped with seven attachment-points for resistance bands in order to enable the user do different exercises on this zero-trainer.
  1. Self-powered: since the ZR8 Zero Runner is self-powered, it will provide the user with a quiet and cordless operation at all times and this makes it a perfect fitness-machine for home-use especially when living with other people in the house because this machine won’t make any distracting noise as you workout on it.
  1. Great handles: this zero-trainer actually features high-performance grips and contoured moving-handles which ensure optimum comfort and performance that is ideal for progressive-training.
  1. Lightweight aluminum-legs and pedals: The new ZR8 fitness-machine comes equipped with aircraft-grade aluminum legs that allow for a faster cadence while the lightweight-pedals help to increase on overall efficiency when having a workout. Additionally, this fitness-machine features a low step-on design with a low step-on height of 5.2-inches coupled with narrow 1.4-inches pedal spacing hence ensuring an effective workout experience.
  1. Patented hip and knee joints: This zero-runner machine is equipped with patented hip-and-knee joints which facilitate for a customized-motion and natural-stride. This means that this machine will enable the user to replicate exactly what he/she does outside while having a workout.
  1. CROSS-CiRCUIT with SmartLink: you will also be able to easily integrate strength-training, yoga or stretching exercises into your workout-routine with the help of a CROSS-CiRCUIT program within the SmartLink-app. this will actually enable you achieve a more intense and effective workout which may be required in order to meet your fitness goals.
  1. Stride-Tracing Technology: With Stride-Tracing technology within SmartLink, runners will be able to monitor the health of their stride throughout their workout. In fact, this will help you see right-away when your stride changes as fatigue sets-in so that you can be able to change on the way your working-out for a more effective workout routine.
  1. SmartLink Connect IQ technology: this technology enables runners to track their outdoor-runs as well as indoor-sessions on the Zero-Runner and it actually tracks your pace, distance-travelled, calories-burned and a lot more. This means that runners can now bridge the gap between outdoor-workouts and indoor-workouts without losing any useful workout-data. Additionally, SmartLink will let you pick your training-goals which include; endurance, strength or active-recovery and also enables you to develop a customized training-regimen.
  1. Long 58-inch stride: The ZR8 features an incredibly long 58-inch stride length which can accommodate users of different sizes/heights while its higher resistance-range enables you to create a certain movement and pace so as to meet your individual workout-goals.
  1. An LCD-display: The console-area of the ZR8 Zero-Runner features an LCD-display that is integrated with Bluetooth-4.0 connectivity and SmartLink compatible which allows you to create customizable workout-programs in order to meet your fitness-goals as you train.
  1. Several workout-programs: this ZR8 Zero-Runner comes equipped with 35 built-in workout-programs which include; 13 endurance-programs, 12 tone-up programs and 10 active-recovery programs. All these programs will actually enable you achieve a customized workout-experience depending on your fitness-goals and these programs have been designed by professional trainers in order to provide the user with effective results.
  1. Heart-rate sensors: The ZR8 Zero-Runner features a digital contact-grip heart rate sensor which is used for heart-rate monitoring when having a workout. Additionally, the ZR8-model is compatible with BLE and ANT+ heart rate chest-straps which are designed for wireless heart-rate monitoring and this zero-runner is actually provided with a chest-strap.
  1. Zero-impact training: this fitness-machine ensures zero-impact training coupled with a unique floating-design with no-friction so as to ensure that the user achieves a very smooth and comfortable workout without damaging his joints and muscles. Additionally, no maintenance is required when using the zero-runner and it even does not require power to operate.
  1. It’s multi-functional: this fitness-machine can actually be used as a treadmill, an elliptical-trainer and as a stair-stepper so as to offer the user with a custom and effective workout that meets his/her training-goals. Additionally, this 3-in-1 cardio trainer is also equipped with 7 resistance-band attachment points for extra cross-training workouts.
  1. A tablet-holder: the ZR8 Zero-Runner features 2 tablet/computers holders which are integrated within the machines console. This means that you will be able to use your tablet to listen to music and browse the internet while having a workout.
  1. A compact-design: Octane Zero-Runner fitness-machines are actually more compact than traditional home-treadmills. In fact, the ZR8 Zero-Runner measures about 38″ wide x 63″ long and this means that it can be used in a small and low-ceilinged room within your house.
  1. Transportation-wheels: the ZR8 Zero Runner also features transportation-wheels that are attached to its base in order to facilitate for quick and easy movement in-between uses.
  1. Water-Bottle Holder: there is also a water-bottle holder built into the console of the ZR8 Zero-Runner in order to facilitate for easy accessibility and convenient-hydration during workouts.

OctaneZR8 Zero Runner

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What We Don’t Like:

  • It lacks audio-capabilities: the console of the ZR8 Zero Runner actually lacks audio-capabilities like in-built speakers and audio-jack. This means that you won’t be able to connect any media device onto this fitness-machine in order to listen to your favorite music while having a workout.
  • It not foldable: the ZR8 Zero Runner does not feature a foldable design and this means that you be able to fold-up after usage in order to keep it in smaller spaces within your house. However, this fitness-machine is relatively compact and it will fit in some regular areas within your house.

Our Verdict:

The ZR8 Zero Runner is actually a high-performance fitness-machine that will provide the user with a unique, low-impact workout-experience which is just perfect for both runners and walkers. In fact, its suspension-design enables the user to enjoy an intensive and effective workout without causing any impact or injury like with a regular-treadmill. Additionally, the ZR8 Zero Runner is a hybrid fitness-machine can be used as treadmill, stair-climber and as an elliptical-trainer hence it’s upon the user to decide on how to use this training-machine in order to meet his/her fitness-goals. All in all, I would recommend the ZR8 Zero Runner to anyone in need of achieving an effective workout without causing injury to his/her joints and muscles.

OctaneZR8 Zero Runner

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