Office Master Om5 Black Frame Ergonomic Office Chair Review

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Office Master OM5 Black Frame Ergonomic Modern Stylish Office Chair with Adjustable Arms Review

The Office Master OM5 is a stylish and ergonomically designed office-chair which is created to fit a wide range of users without hustling to adjusting the levers and knobs. This ergonomic office-chair intuitively responds to each individual’s sitting-needs thus making it an ideal chair for multiple users.

Additionally, this chair looks simple with modern curves and clean lines at the backrest which all work hand in hand to ensure ergonomic comfort and function. On the other hand, this chair is multi-functional whereby it can use it as an office-chair and at the same time used as gaming-chair which makes it quiet awesome for some people who do different activities in their office-chairs. all in all, the Office Master OM5 Black chair is perfect for anyone out there because it offers maximum comfort, performance and style yet you can get it at an affordable price.

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  • The Office Master OM5 Black office-chair provides extra comfort while sitting and this is mainly because its equipped with adjustable armrests that keep your arms in right position and an ergonomically designed lumbar support which that can fully support the back when working hence you be able to enjoy long hours of working with office-chair.
  • The other advantage of using this chair is that it’s multi-functional whereby it can be used for gaming-purposes or as an office-chair. This implies that you will actually be killing 2-birds with one stone by purchasing this chair because it works as a task and gaming chair.
  • This office-chair can also respond to a wide range of body weights and sizes without the need of adjusting the tension manually. This makes it a perfect chair for different kinds of people and in fact someone will not regret purchasing this office-chair.


  • The first drawback found on this office-chair is the lumbar support which keeps on slipping down every time you move. This feels quiet uncomfortable for some people but if you get used to it then that’s ok.
  • The other weakness about this chair is that it’s not adjustable enough like most high-end office-chair. In fact, this chair does not necessarily keep its setting which is not good.

Office Master OM5 Black Frame Ergonomic Modern Stylish Office Chair with Adjustable Arms



Features overview:

  • Adjustable Back Height: the Office Master OM5 chair features a modern, unupholstered, Black PolyFlex backrest which Offers full support to the back while sitting. In fact, this backrest has clean lines that through it and these actually ensure breathability while sitting and they even make this chair to look extremely modern and stylish.
  • Lumbar support: the chair also features a lumbar-support at the backrest which is also fully adjustable in order to ensure that the user achieves the right sitting posture hence enjoying optimum comfort while working even for longer hours.
  • Height Adjustable T-Arms: it also comes equipped with height adjustable T-arms that feature a smooth fore-aft and pivoting motion arm pads. In fact, these T-arms feature a sliding and pivoting mechanism which enables them move in any angle while working. This will help to eliminate any injuries on your arms and shoulders even when working for longer hours. However, the user is also given an option of removing these armrests incase he/she feels better without armrest on the chair.
  • Comfortable Seat Cushion: the OfficeMaster chair features a very soft and comfortable seat which is made up of grade-1 fabric elements. This seat is in a black color but OfficeMaster offers a huge selection of fabrics to choose from in case you wish to go with a different seat-color.
  • Unique seat mechanism: the OfficeMaster OM5 features a unique self-regulating seat mechanism which provides lumbar-support with minimal adjustments when seated. Additionally, when reclining on this office-chair, the seat pan moves along with your body in order to ensure utmost comfort.
  • An ergonomic design: this chair actually features a black frame with simple, modern-curves paired with clean lines at the backrest which make the chair to look great without compromising ergonomic comfort and functionality. In fact, this chair offers ultimate back and seat support for maximum-comfort while keeping your body in a correct posture at all times.
  • Multi-surface casters: the multi-surface, soft casters placed on this office-chair make it ideal for usage on wood or tile and smooth or harder surfaces while working. This implies that you not have to get worried of breaking the casters while moving this chair from desk to another regardless of the floor surface.
  • Multi-functional: The most amazing feature about this office-chair is the multi function ability whereby it can be used for both office and gaming purposes. in fact, if you a kind of person who likes gaming a lot, then this is the perfect chair for you because it will accomplish needs by working as a task/gaming chair for years.
  • It’s a durable chair: lastly, this is a durable and heavy-weight chair which is capable of responding to a wide range of body weights and sizes without the need for manual-tension. In fact, this office-chair is capable of supporting individuals weighing up to 300 lbs making a better choice compared to most office-chairs.

Office Master OM5 Black Frame Ergonomic Modern Stylish Office Chair with Adjustable Arms Review

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Product Quality:

The Office Master OM5 is a actually a quality, self-weighing office-chair that is capable of adjusting to a wide-range of body weights and sizes with the need of using a manual-tension. First of all, this office-chair looks extremely attractive whereby it feature an amazing seat coupled with clean lines at the backrest which look nice and even ensure breathability while sitting. Additionally, this chair features an upholstered adjustable seat which is made of grade-1 fabric material whereby it it feels soft and comfortable compared to most fabric materials. Likewise, the chair’s backrest is not upholstered but it looks modern and even very comfortable because it features a lumbar-support which enables the chair to conform to back while sitting for extreme comfort.

On the other hand, this chair features height-adjustable T-arms with a smooth fore-aft. In fact, the armrests even feature pivoting motion arm-pads which offer total arm and shoulder comfort while sitting as you work. Likewise, the caster placed on this chair are multi-surface and this means that they can be used on different floor surfaces like on wood and tiles which is good for the users. In conclusion, you should also know that this chair is multi-purpose and can actually be used for both office and gaming tasks hence making it a perfect chair for most people.

Office Master OM5 Black Frame Ergonomic Modern Stylish Office Chair with Adjustable Arms

Who does it benefit?

  • Good for people looking for a gaming-chair: the Office Master OM5 will actually work as a great gaming-chair for those you who have searching for one. This mainly because the chair features a height adjustment and lumber which all work to ensure ultimate back and seat support hence keeping your body in the right posture at all times. In fact these are the most important ergonomic-features to look for when buying a gaming chair.
  • Works for people in need of a multi-purpose chair: this chair is actually multi-functional and this means that someone can use it for gaming and office tasks or both depending on what he/she prefers. In fact, if you buy this chair, you will probably solve all your office and gaming needs.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Extended gaming-mouse mat or pad: In-case you prefer playing games using a mouse, then it is recommended to buy a mouse-pad because it will help to enhance on the way you use the mouse and also helps to protect the surface of your work-desk while playing games.
  • An adjustable laptop workstation: If you are using a laptop to complete your office-tasks, the try to acquire a height-adjustable laptop workstation because it will enable you to place the laptop at a desired height while sitting in your office-chair thus ensuring optimum comfort while working.

Office Master OM5 Black Frame Ergonomic Modern Stylish Office Chair with Adjustable Arms

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