Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve Men’s Shaver Review

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Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve Mens Shaver 1There are different techniques that can be used to improve your shaving routine but using an electric-shaver is one of the best methods that will ensure someone gets an effective and efficient shave. this is why I’m featuring the Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve Men’s Shaver because its capable of trimming your thick beard well and will even perform exceedingly well on normal facial hairs or stubble.

The Panasonic ES8092NC Pro-Curve actually comes with a high performance motor coupled with contouring heads which together to deliver a close, comfortable and even shave in or out of the shower. Additionally, this shaver is rechargeable and will offer you with over 50-minutes of cordless shaving after a 1-hour charge. It even features a quick-charge function for added convenience and it also has an in-built LED indicator display that shows the user the shaver’s battery status. Lastly, this shaver is ergonomically designed and this makes it feel comfortable while shaving because of its non-slip grip and the turbo cleaning-mode ensures thorough cleaning after shaving your facial hairs.


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  • This electric-shaver gives a very close and comfortable shave with no razor-burn incase used with shaving gel or form to wet-shave. However, it can still be used for dry shaving especially when you have run out of time.
  • Secondly, the Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve is very fast when trimming facial hairs including thick and course hair because it has very powerful linear motor which also relatively quiet in order to ensure maximum comfort while shaving.
  • The Panasonic ES8092NC is ergonomically designed with a quality construction. this makes it very comfortable to use while shaving and it even very durable compared to most shaver on the market today that are made of cheap plastic. Additionally, this shaver is very portable and even comes with a small induction charging-stand hence making it a perfect tool for some take with while travelling.
  • It is very easy to clean because it features a turbo cleaning mode that ensures a quick and thorough cleaning routine thus keeping the entire shaving unit in an excellent condition.


  • This electric-trimmer may not give you a very close and even shave in hard to reach-to-reach areas if you are rushing. This means that you have to take your time while shaving such spots in order to achieve best results.
  • Secondly, you cannot shave with this electric-shaver while it’s being plugged into a power-source or outlet. This implies that if the battery gets completely discharged while shaving, this leaves you partially shaven because you will have to wait for the shaver to gain some charge in order to complete your shave which is a bit inconveniencing.
  • This electric-shaver also uses more energy than other electric-shavers and this means that its battery will not last for that long. So you have to be prepared to charge it every day.

Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve Mens Shaver Review

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Features overview:

  • Patented high-performance motor: the Panasonic ES8092NC Pro-Curve shaver is designed with the fastest linear-motor that runs at about 13,000-rpm’s and this makes it very powerful and capable of trimming even through the thickest beards.
  • A built-in precision trimmer: the built-in trimmer on the Panasonic ES8092NC can pop-out quickly into position for trimming of sideburns, moustaches and beards. This trimmer can also be used to remove hairs in hard-to-reach areas like along the jaw-line.
  • 100-percent waterproof: the Panasonic ES8092NC Pro-Curve is completely immiscible into water because it features a fully sealed body and this means that it can be used in or out of the shower depending on how you actually want shave.
  • Durable and sharp blades: this electric-trimmer features the sharpest blades in the industry that are honed at a 30-degree angle so as to ensure a close, precise and comfortable shave. These Counter Directional Inner Blades also ensure that no facial-hairs are left behind while shaving and the center-slit blade helps to capture even the shortest hairs. on top of that, this shaver even features a stainless-steel foil surface which is skin-friendly and even makes cleaning the shaving-head very easy.
  • Adjustable Pivot-Action Head: The pivoting head on this electric-shaver does not only rotate from side to side but each shaving-head floats independently up and down in order to offer the user with close and comfortable shave than ever before.
  • Turbo cleaning mode: The turbo cleaning mode feature on this electric-shaver helps to make the cleaning process a bit faster thus adding an extra edge of cleanliness.
  • Universal voltage converter: this shaving-unit comes with an automatic voltage conversion feature that gives it the capability to operate worldwide in countries with AC ranging from 100 to 240 Volts. This makes it perfect travel companion for men who are always having trips.
  • It’s ergonomically designed: this shaving-tool is very Compact and compatible than most shavers on the market and it comes with a small induction charger-stand making it a good traveler’s companion. It even has a good weight and this makes it feel well-balanced when held into the hand as shave for an optimum shaving experience.
  • It contains a powerful battery: the Panasonic ES8092NC recharges fully in one-hour on its AC charging-stand in order to provide the user with enough power for a complete shave. It even features a 5-minute quick charge function that enables you to achieve a one complete shave and this is very essential in case you have run out of time.
  • An LED Battery-Monitor: the ES8092NC Pro Curve shaver has an in-built, 5-stage LED battery indicator-panel that enables the user to see how much power is remaining while shaving facial-hairs. This monitor even shows you when to charge the shaver and when to unplug it incase it’s fully charged.

Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve Mens Shaver 1


Product Quality:

The Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve is one of the best quality Men’s shavers on the market today and this is mainly because of its several amazing features. First of all, the Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve comes with fastest linear motor that runs at 13,000 rpm’s coupled with the sharpest multi-directional blades which have been aligned at a 30-degree angle so as to ensure precise, close and comfortable shave even on thickest beards. It even has a pivot-action head that is capable of rotating from side to side while independently floating each head up and down in order to the closest trim ever. This is a wet/dry shaver and this implies that it can used inside or outside of the bathroom depending on how wish to shave.

Because this shaver is rechargeable, it recharges fully in just 1-hour on its AC charging-stand in order to provide you with enough power for several shaves. It even features a 5-minute quick charge that offers enough power for complete shave. Likewise, the built-in LED indicator panel will let you know how much battery power is remaining before recharging the shaver and it even indicates when the battery is fully charged or when it needs to be recharged. Lastly, this electric-shaver is very easy to maintain and clean because it has a stainless steel foil surface that cleans up easily coupled with a turbo cleaning mode makes the entire cleaning process quick and easy. All in all, the Panasonic ES8092NC Pro-Curve is a compact and compatible shaver that comes with all the features you need to achieve a quality shave with minimized skin-irritation.

Who does it benefit?

  • Good electric-shaver for travelers: this electric-shaver is actually a good traveler’s companion because of its compact and compatible design that makes it very efficient for someone to carry while travelling. In fact, it even has a universal voltage conversion feature that enables it to operate from any place around the world with AC power ranging from 100 to 240 volts.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Replacement Outer-Foil and Inner-Blade Combo for Panasonic ES8092NC: all electric-shaver require a replacement head after using them a certain period of time and so does the Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve. This is very important because it helps to sustain the shaver’s efficiency and effectiveness while trimming any facial-hairs.

Panasonic ES8092NC Pro Curve Mens Shaver 1

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