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We have already seen that Panasonic has already modified this model by replacing it with a 5-blade shaver ES-LV95, but that does not take away the usefulness of this particular model.

Actually over 2550 customers have tested this Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 and 4.3 out of 5 have liked how it performs.


According to my own understanding, once a product hits 4 out of 5 rating, that product is worth trying, because no matter how nice I write this review, if other users have not liked it, it will make no meaning and this all review will look like a lie. The price of this ES8103S Arc3 is friendly to your pockets, but the last time I checked Amazon it had a 51% discount, you can check and confirm recent price.

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If you have taken a while without getting a close shave, I suggest you use this Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 , it is a great escape from manual razors which cause nicks and cuts, at least you will get a clean close shave without cutting your skin. The blades are beneath the foils, and the shaver uses an advanced technology to trap both long and short beards and expose them to sharp blades for cutting, this is a safe and friendly way of shaving sensitive skins because the blades will not have direct contact with the skin. So, if you also have issues with Ingrown hairs, this Panasonic ES8103S Arc3  is the best shaver you should use to remove them, but be gentle when shaving ingrown hairs, that affected area tends to be super sensitive and painful.

Performance:- This Arc3 has been on the market for a while, however, it has managed to get a customer rating of 4.3 / 5 and that is almost 83% up-vote. Many times I advice my readers to buy an electric shaver which has been tested by other users; In that case, I highly recommend this shaver to every man. Its price has been slashed down and now it costs below $100.



What it does?

  • Gives a close smooth shave (99% close to a manual razor)
  • Offers you with both dry & wet shave options
  • Leaves your facial skin hair free without causing any irritation
  • You can use it to shave your head, however, if you have too much hair on the head, I suggest you trim it short with a clipper and then complete the shave with this ES8103S Arc3 Panasonic shaver
  • Good on sensitive skins. It has ultra-thin stainless steel foils which are friendly to any sensitive skin.
  • Shaves ingrown hairs without causing you too much pain. Its outer foil is smooth and ultra-thin yet its inner blades are sharp and they shave at a 30-degree angle.


Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver


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  • Shaving performance is Good:- This Panasonic-ES8103S performs better than most electric shavers that I know of. If you have used some electric shavers before, you will like the performance of this particular model, it’s very fast and the slit foil feature will capture any underlying beards for cutting hence leave you with a super clean close shave.
  • Inexpensive: In actual sense, you don’t have to spend zillions of dollars to get a high quality electric shaver. It has the best features and it supports both wet & dry shaving. You can use it while in the shower, cleaning it up after use is very easy.
  • Durable and very easy to use: – Panasonic is very good when it comes to electronics, they develop some of the best products and I’m not surprised of es8103s’s quality. If you want to wet shave, all you need to do is to leather up and start shaving. However, you might find it’s accessories a little bit expensive, but if you handle it very well, you will take a while without replacing anything.
  • Inner blades shave at 30-degree angle:- So far, this is the best shaving angle and all Panasonic shavers are tailored to shave from this angle. It guarantees a quick clean close shave.
  • Uses a turbo cleaning mode (17,000 RPM): – Since ES8103S does not have an automatic cleaning system, you can set it in a turbo cleaning mode. Once it’s in this mode, the shaver’s head will vibrate at an abnormal speed of 17,000 RPM to shake out all clogged hairs & shaving cream. After that you can run it under tap water and clean it well. However, you should wait for the shaver to get dry before storing it.
  • Dual Voltage: – It does not matter which part of world you’re travelling too, this shaver will automatically adjust to that countries voltage system and you will be in position to have a clean close shave from any part of the world. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver charges with both AC 100 – 240 V.
  • Features an automatic voltage conversion system: – This is a great feature because many times I have busted electric devices by forgetting to switch from 100V to 240V. I’m sure many of you have been in the same boat. This Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 electric shaver will automatically detect current voltage and switch to that voltage saving you from making a big loss.
  • You can get a close shave in a 3 minutes charge:- In this shavers specifications, they state that it charges fully within 1 hour. If you want your shaver’s battery to last for long, you should always charge it fully. However, if you have no time to wait, you can charge it for only 3 minutes and get a quick close shave. After that, you can leave it on charge until it’s fully charged.
  • It has Contour directional Inner Blades: – Your face is defined by different contour levels. If you use an electric shaver which lacks this feature, you will not get a clean close shave because some contours will be missed. On the other hand, this Panasonic ES8103S has contour directional inner blades which adjust automatically on each contour to guarantee you with an even shave.
  • Centre slit blades: – Men with stiff hard to cut beards, this is the best electric shaver for you. I know it has some serious competitors, but they cost and arm and a leg. These center slit sharp blades will cut any stiff hard to shave strand without pulling or irritating your skin.
  • Angled inner blades: – At a glance you will not see these blades; they’re hidden beneath the foil because Panasonic ES8103S is a foil shaver. However, they have been angled to a 30-degree angle and this is the best shaving angle.



  • Trouble shaving under the jaw:- Even though you will get a close shave around the neck, you might have trouble shaving under the jaw, this area needs a very small headed shaver, so you might need to make more than one pass to get a perfect shave.
  • Does not work while plugged in power: – I guess this is a draw back because you have to wait for 1 hour for the shaver to charge fully and use it. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can charge it for 15 minutes, that will give you a 30 minutes nonstop shaving experience.
  • Does not have a low battery Indicator: – As I was going through specifications of Panasonic es8103s, I noticed that it has no low batter indicator. This is a very important feature because it helps you know when to charge your shaver. So with this Panasonic es8103s you will be left in suspense, not knowing the actual status of the battery.
  • Does not have a full width trimmer: – All you will get is a pop-up trimmer which you can use to do minor work like; trimming your goatee, mustache and sideburns. Otherwise if you want to do more than that, you might need to get a custom hair trimmer.
  • Uses a cord to charge: – This used to be a thing of the past. But grooming technology has evolved, you don’t have to charge a shaver using a cord only, at least you need more than one option. Good news is that Panasonic upgraded this model and they introduced Panasonic ES8109S which comes with charging station. This station will charge your shaver very fast at the same time renew & clean blades.


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  • Sharp Nanotech Blades: This Panasonic ES8103S model features very sharp nano-tech blades which are hidden beneath the foils to avoid any direct contact with your skin hence saving you from nicks and cuts that might have occurred during the shaving process and this makes it the best electric shaver for men with sensitive skins. It’s 30-degree stainless nano-tech blades will cut any type of beard, be it long / short / stiff and so much more.
  • Pivoting Head:- Its flexible pivoting head makes it easy to shave most areas. In most cases, men have issues shaving their necks using electric shavers, this time, that story will change, you will leave to tell positive stories about this Panasonic-ES8103S, because the pivoting feature enables it to go everywhere and it also allows the head to move back and forth hence giving you a quick close shave.
  • Speed:- When it comes to shaving, speed is a basic factor, if the shaver is too slow, you will spend more time making endless passes, however, the Panasonic-ES8103S shaver features a robust motor, which makes 13,000 cycles per minute, so if you’re shaving a very think beard, you will get surprised when everything is cleared in no minutes. This feature also prevents pulling, irritation and tugging of the skin, which in return prevents bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Wet & Dry: It’s time you enjoy the expediency of a quick shave by using either a dry / wet shaving feature. You have full control when it comes to using this ES8103S-Electric-Shaver. If you want to have a wet shave, you need to apply a good shaving cream or gel; this will smoothen the beards and make it easy to shave. You don’t have to worry about gel clogging your shaver, its 100% washable, so just run it over tap water and everything will be washed out.
  • Pop-up Trimmer:- Majority of men with beards are more likely to have a mustache or side burn, so this pop-up trimmer will help you groom that side-burn and mustache, it will save you from investing in a beard trimmer, so that is almost $75 saved.
  • Turbo Cleaning Mode:- To some extent, this turbo cleaning system will help you when cleaning this shaver. It accelerates at 17,000 RPM and this is enough force to shake any stubborn residue that might stick in the shavers blade. When I compare this feature with a cleaning system for Braun 7-790cc, the difference is big, but still, it will help you when cleaning this shaver.
  • Slit Foil:- This slit feature helps the shaver to trap / catch long beards that seem difficult to cut. Once captured, the beards will be exposed to sharp inner blades for cutting in the same way it cuts short hair and this will leave you with a real close smooth shave.
  • Washable: – You can easily wash this shaver using running tap water. After shaving, remove the foil and turn on the turbo mode, this will shake the razor and get rid of any hair / shaving gel and at the same time it will renew those blades, preparing the razor for a next close shave when you need one.
  • Multi-Fit Arc Blades:-This is one of the features which makes this razor the best for men, because its 3 Arc blades will maneuver over your face and leave no hair behind, what the first blade missed will be cleared by the 2nd / 3rd blade.

who needs


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  • Replacement Foil: WES9087PC
  • Replacement Blade: WES9068PC
  • Replacement Set: WES9013PC



Panasonic ES8103S

[box] It has a curvy design which makes it easy to hold and the rubber coating on the sides of the shaver gives it a strong grip preventing it from slipping off your hands while wet shaving from the shower. However, I have looked at the back, its fully sealed, it might be difficult to remove & replace the battery. That means once the battery dies you might need to buy a new shaver. But some users say that they have used this model for over 2 -5 years and I think that is pretty enough time for a shaver which costs below $100. The head is pretty normal to me, it is not as big as that of Panasonic ES-LV81-K, so you can easily shave below the neck with this shaver. Blades are made out of stainless steel which makes them durable and effective.[/box]



I have compared ES8103S’s features with other Arc3 Panasonic shavers. This comparison will include the following models; ES8109S / ES-LT41-K and  ES-LT71-S .

  • Panasonic-ES8103S vs ES8109S:- These two models have almost the same features, but the only difference between these two shavers is an Automatic Cleaning and Charging System which comes with ES8109S as an accessory. This is an essential accessory used to clean, renew and sharpen shaver blades. Bad news is that you can’t buy an auto cleaning system as an accessory, all you need to do is to upgrade from ES8103S to ES8109S. So if you have been wondering why ES8109S costs more than $80, it is because of that auto cleaning system
  • Panasonic-ES8103S vs ES-LT41-K:- There’s only one single difference between these two Panasonic shavers and that is a travel lock.  ES-LT41-K has a travel lock but it does not have an automatic cleaning system like ES8109S. A travel lock should be used when travelling; it locks and stops your shaver from turning on its self while moving. This is a cool feature but I see no reason why Panasonic did not put an automatic cleaning system on this model. When I look at their product chart, ES-LT41-K is their 3rd edition. Sometimes I don’t like these small changes, true they make sense, but we get charged too much money for such small features. ES8103S was their first model so it has no travel lock.
  • Panasonic-ES8103S vs ES-LT71-S:- I have to admit, Panasonic has done some great job with this model. ES-LT71-S has both (1) Travel lock & (2) an Automatic Cleaning and Charging System. ES8103S does not have any of these two features but I have been surprised, ES-LT71-S is almost as affordable as ES8103S. You can get ES-LT71-S at $100 yet ES8109S costs more than $100. Please don’t ask me why an old model costs more than a new model which features more features. Hope it’s not a deal thing.



Before we go on with this review, I want you to know that both shavers are categorized as foil shavers, so they might share a few features, but defiantly one of them is better than  the other and that is what I want us to find out. Who wins this battle?


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At a glance, Braun Series 3 – 380s displays a high quality design better than that of Panasonic ES8103S. Also when it comes to customer rating, both models have the same customer rating of 4.3 which is a pretty good thing. To make this comparison easy for you to read, I will divide it into two sections; (1) Similarities (2) Differences:

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According to our comparison chart above, both shavers compete against each other very well and I have no doubt most of you will go for Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 because it’s a few dollars cheaper than Braun Series 380s-4. However, In my case I will vote for Braun 380s-4 because of its looks and design. It also has a travel lock which prevents the shaver from turning on its self while moving. The 3 personalized shaving modes can allow you to create a custom shave basing on the nature of your beards.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver - 2


  • Men with sensitive skins: – Many times men with sensitive skins find it hard to choose the right grooming tool. This happens because many brands promise a safe clean shave, but at the end on the day, the user gets into trouble. Sensitive skins are prone to ingrown hairs and bumps, so if you use a wrong shaving tool, you will get one of these effects. But the only way of preventing them is to use a well studded electric shaver, one which was crafted for that nature of skin, and this Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 has all the features to protect your skin from nicks / pulling / cutting and so much more.
  • Men with thick beards: – Not every electric shaver can shave a thick beard. Now, instead of throwing your money here and there, why don’t you invest it in a shaver which understands your needs? The slit foil will leave no hair standing, it will trap and pull each beard and get it exposed to sharp blades beneath the foil, and these blades are always sharp, ready to give you the best results.
  • Beginners:- I guess you have been growing that beard for a while, but after a few months, you feel like you need to shade it off. Keeping a beard is an awesome thing, actually some men trim them so that they don’t grow wild, but they never shave it completely. On the other hand, everyone has there own desires, and the main reason you’re reading this post is because you want have a clean shave. Now, without wasting your time, use featured discount links in this post and grab this cool Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 electric shaver at a (50% discount)




  • Charges very fast and the battery lasts for a full year: – The shaver its self is of high quality and its battery lasts for long, so you can have 50 minutes nonstop shaving in a day, but if you shave once in a day and you use 10 minutes to get a clean shave, then this Panasonic ES8103S will take you for a full week which is an amazing thing especially when you have to travel.
  • Easy to Clean: – You can easily run water over it via the tap and have it cleaned up. On the other hand, you can aid the cleaning process by switching on the turbo cleaning mode; this will improve on the all experience.
  • Built in Pop-trimmer: – There’s no need of removing shaver’s head to attach a trimmer, everything has been sorted.The pop-up trimmer is built-in, all you have to do is to activate it and start trimming your beards.

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  • Cutter Replacement once in a year: By default all shavers need blade & foil replacement every after 12 – 18 months, a foil can cost you $24 and blades can cost you $17 every after 12 months, this is an affordable amount of money yet your shaving machine will stay in shape for the all year.




Just like I always say, I grade a product’s performance basing on statistics, this gives me a clear insight on how the product works and it also helps me serve you better.

  • Rating: – So far the product has a score of 4.3 out of 5 , this is a strong rating because the product has been tested by more than 2000 men, but it has managed to get this rating. I give it a thumb up and I highly recommend it to every man who wants to get a close shave. When a product scores 4 out 5, you should have no second thoughts about it.
  • Reviews: – This Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver has been on the market for a while, but it has managed to get some cool reviews, the last time I checked on Amazon, it had 2,939 reviews but 1,600 gave it a 5 star rating.


What I need

  • Panasonic Electric Razor Replacement Inner Blades: You will take at least 12 months without replacing inner blades, but it is better you have them on the side just in case you need them.These blades are made in Japan which guarantees their quality.




  • Is it possible to use it as a head shaver?

Yes. You can shave your scalp with this Panasonic shaver, but If you have long hair, I suggest you trim it short before using the shaver because it’s not too powerful like Arc5 Panasonic shavers.

  • Does it work with any shaving cream?

Yes. All you need to do is to find the best shaving cream which does not irritate your skin. Apply shaving cream with a badger brush and let it sit on your beards for a few minutes before shaving. Panasonic ES81035 is a wet & dry shaver. Some men leather up with bathing soap instead of shaving cream and they get a real close shave.

  • Does it shave thick chest hair?

Yes it does, but I doubt if you will get a close shave. Thick chest hair might need a stronger shaver like Arc5 Panasonic shavers which features 5 blades and a very fast motor speed. 

  • Can it work as a body trimmer?

No. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is strictly a beard shaver, though it can as well be used to shave your head of chest hair, but it can’t be used as a body hair trimmer. In that case, you should use Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroomer or check out this list of the best body hair trimmers…….

  • Does this shaver work on corded?

No. You have to charge it and use it while it’s in cordless mode. If you can’t wait for a 1 hour of full battery charge, opt for a 3 minute quick charge that will give you 1-4 hours shave.

  • Can it work for 2 years and more?

Yes, you can use ES8103S for 2 years and more, however, you have to replace blades every after 12 months.

  • How long does it hold Charge?

This will depend on the level of battery charge. If it is fully charged, it will hold charge for 5 – 10 days depending on how often you shave.

  • Can I use this shaver to shave my Genitals?

No. Please don’t use electric shavers to shave your genitals. This is a very sensitive area, always use manual shaving tools like a safety razor. Check out this list of the best safety razors and get one for your genital shaving.

  • Does it have a travel lock?

According to specs provided by Panasonic, it doesn’t have a travel lock but some users have reported that theirs have.

  • Can it work in the shower when water is running?

Yes, it is 100% water proof. You can get a better shave if you add some gel on your beards.



Hope this review makes sense to you, spend less and get the best results. Share this post with a friend.

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