Panasonic ES8228S Review – Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaver

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Panasonic ES8228S Mens Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System 2The Panasonic es8228s is a great, new electric-shaver that will offer any man with an incredibly close and comfortable shave. In case you have been searching for an electric-shaver with high-quality performance then you have actually found it because this shaver will actually provide you with satisfying results when it comes to shaving.

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this is because the Panasonic es8228s is equipped with advanced technologies like nanotech blades that are aligned at 30-degree angle in order to cut hairs with precision for the smoothest shave possible, a 13000 RPM linear-motor which can trim any type of hair including the toughest beards and you can even use this shaver with lather and water or dry depending on what you prefer, but either way you will achieve a smooth and comfortable shave quickly. All in all, acquiring the Panasonic es8228s shaver will turn your grooming experience into a great one and this because of the advanced technologies that ensure any man gets an exceptional shaving benefits.


  • The Panasonic es8228s electric-shaver offers the fastest and finest shaving results to any man out there including those with thick beards. This is due to its powerful linear motor that runs at about 13000 per minute giving this shaver the capability to cut even through the thickest hair easily and comfortably making it a perfect shaving-tool.
  • This shaver lightweight and easy to hold while shaving hence makes feel very comfortable and convenient to use. It even an ergonomic shape and a nice look compared to certain electric-shavers on the market today.
  • It offers a smooth and clean shave because it comes with an adjustable shaving-head and sharp blades that are aligned at a 30-degree angle in order to ensure that someone gets a great shave while shaving.
  • Lastly, the Panasonic es8228s shaver has an LCD monitoring system which lets the user know if the battery low or full and when the shaver needs to be cleaned-up.


  • The Panasonic es8228s shaver comes with a bulky charging and cleaning system which makes it inconvenient to carry while travelling. In fact this cleaning function is of no use to some customers because they can easily clean the shaver under clean water after shaving.
  • Secondly, this shaver does not operate while corded and this is mainly because it uses a charging base for charging and cleaning purposes. This means that you can only use it cordless after its fully charged or after a quick-charge.

Panasonic ES8228S Review - Mens Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System



Features overview:

  • Pivot Action Shaving-System: The Panasonic ES8228S Vortex Shaver features an adjustable pivoting-head that moves up and down, back and forth as it follows all the contours of your face hence facilitating for maximum comfort in order achieve a clean and close shave. Additionally, it even features a pivot-action selector which helps to adjust the amount of pivoting based on your preference.
  • Sharpest 30° Angle Inner Blades: this Panasonic shaver is equipped the sharpest Nanotech blades that are aligned at a 30° angle for precise and accurate shaving. In fact, these blades are even hypoallergenic and this implies that they will be gentle on the skin while shaving in order to ensure that you get the most comfortable shave.
  • Fastest Linear-Motor for a Frictionless Shave: The Panasonic ES8228S Vortex features a high-speed Linear motor that runs at 13,000-RPM per minute for a frictionless shave. In fact, this electric-shaver can effortlessly cut through even the thickest beards without causing any pulling or skin-irritation as you shave.
  • Hydra-Clean Hygienic Cleaning-System: The Panasonic es8228s comes with a powerful hygienic cleaning system which helps to automatically charge, clean and dry in order to refresh the shaver. This cleaning base offers outstanding cleaning-power by thoroughly removing any stuck hair and dirt form the shaving-heads in order to keep the blades fresh so as achieve smooth and comfortable shave.
  • Wet or Dry support: with the Panasonic es8228s electric-shaver, you can actually shave wet with lather or dry for optimum convenience. This is possible because the Panasonic vortex features a well-sealed body which makes it water resistant and that’s why you can even simply rinse this shaver under clean water after grooming your face. This feature actually makes the Panasonic es8228s perfect for men who enjoy wet or dry shaving.
  • A pop-up trimmer: it is designed with a pop-up trimmer that conveniently pops-out in order to help the user keep his sideburns, beards and neckline neat. Additionally, this pop-up trimmer features very sharp blades and this means that it can cut through the thickest hair types and it is also small enough to reach those hard-to-reach areas like under the nose and chin.
  • An LCD panel: Panasonic es8228s comes with a built-in LCD monitor that helps to show the user the battery status and even indicates when the shaver needs to be cleaned.
  • A strong lithium-ion: The battery found on this electric-shaver is made from lithium-ion and this implies that it’s very powerful whereby it can get fully charged in 1-hour and last for about two weeks and it also supports quick charging for fast touch-ups when in a hurry. However, this battery only runs cordless for more convenient shaving and this means that you won’t be able to use this shaver when plugged into a power supply.

Panasonic ES8228S Mens Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System 1

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Product Quality:

The Panasonic ES8228S is high performance and quality electric-shaver that contains a powerful linear motor which runs at 13000 RPM per minute in order to offer the user with fastest and smoothest shaving experience. This shaver features an adjustable shaving-head which can pivot as you shave. In fact, this shaver is ability to trim hairs in hard-to-reach areas on the face and along the face. Additionally, this shaver is equipped with sharp nanotech blades that are capable of trimming through the thickest beards and any facial-hairs. These blades are also hypoallergenic whereby they will ensure that someone achieves comfortable, smooth and clean shaving experience.

On the other hand, the Panasonic ES8228S shaver also features a digital LCD panel that helps to show the user when to charge or clean the shaver. It comes with a lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in 1-hour and lasts for about 2-weeks. This implies that anyone can shave cordlessly for added convenience but the only thing you won’t like about this shaver is that you be able to use while plugged into a power source. Additionally, you can even trim and style your beards or sideburns with this shaver because it has an in-built pop-trimmer that is specially designed for such work. There is also a charging-stand included on the Panasonic ES8228S shaver and its main purpose is to charge and clean the shaver after usage. This charging-stand also features an automatic voltage feature that enables you to use this shaver internationally. In conclusion, the Panasonic ES8228S is designed for all men especially those with sensitive skin-types. In fact, it’s one of the best electric-shavers that you will find on the market today because it’s well-advanced and capable of offering numerous shaving benefits.

Panasonic ES8228S Mens Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System 2

Who does it benefit?

  • It works for any man who likes shaving with an electric-shaver: the Panasonic ES8228S shaver is particularly designed to be used by males who like using advanced electric-shavers whereby it comes with a an improved linear-motor that facilitates for a smooth and clean shave. It even comes with a powerful battery which ensures that someone enjoys a cordless shave after a 1-hour charge.
  • This shaver is a great shaving-tool for men with sensitive skin: the Panasonic ES8228S will work well on men with delicate skin because it’s equipped with hypoallergenic, nanotech blades that gently trim hair below the skin-level for a smooth and comfortable shave. This shaver even pivots over the skin contours for smooth and comfortable shaving experience.



What Else Do You Need?

  • Panasonic ES8228S-WES9014PC Men’s Electric-Shaver Replacement Inner Blade and Outer Foil Set: you should try to replace the blade the shaving-head of this electric shaver in order to continue achieving a clean, smooth and comfortable shave.

Panasonic ES8228S Mens Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System 2

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