Parker 45R Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor Review

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Parker 45R Heavyweight Double Edge Safety RazorThe Parker 45R is a traditional double-edge  and genuine Parker Safety-Razor that has wonderful weight whereby it was designed offer perfect shave for both beginning and seasoned wet-shavers. Parker 45R Safety Razor has an all brass frame with a nickel or chrome finish that is designed to offer the user with many years of service.

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This safety razor has a considerable weight that actually helps in the process of achieving a clean and close shave since you one does not need to apply extra pressure while shaving thus reducing on skin irritations. On the other hand, the razor’s extra-long, decorative enamel handle has some grip curves that really make razor easy to hold even when shaving in wet conditions. Likewise, the Parker 45R uses all double edge safety razor blades and these are very economical to buy yet they offer a better shave that is kinder to the skin and they even last for long. As i conclude, i can only say that the Parker 45R Safety Razor offers good value for money, it looks stylish and it can provide you with a close shave for many years to come hence these are some of the reasons as to why you should try it out.


  • The Parker 45R Safety Razor can provide any man with a nice and smooth shave without causing skin-irritation. This is because its blades are well-balanced and sit perfectly into the head. This razor even feels weighty and this means that one will have to use less pressure while shaving and closed comb head offers fairly aggressive shave that can leave the skin looking smooth and clean.
  • This safety razor feels hefty in the hands and also offers good balance while wet-shaving because it is designed with longer handle that is gently curved in order to allow the fingers to more control over razor when shaving.


  • The first issue you will experience while using this razor is its non-textured handle that will tend to slide from the fingers when shaving in wet-conditions. This can be a big problem for most shavers but it is recommended to hold this razor where it has the curves in order to minimize on the slippery effect.
  • The other problem with this safety-razor is that it actually feels a bit heavy and in case you are new to double-edge shaving you will greatly feel this weight. This implies that will tend to lose control over this razor while shaving by pressing it too hard over the skin thus end-up nicking himself which is not a good thing.

Parker 45R Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor 2

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Features overview:

  • It features a brass frame: the Parker 45R Safety Razor is built with a solid, brass frame with chrome plating that protects the razor from any kind of damage like rust or dents. This brass frame even offers some weight to this razor and it also very durable whereby it will provide you user with many years of service.


  • The Parker 45R has a three piece design: this implies that the safety can be un-screwed into 3-pieces easy changing of blades and cleaning of the safety-razor. To change the blades, you simply unscrew the handle from the 2-piece head, then replace the blades and after assemble the razor back while ensuring that the blades are secured well by tightening the handle.


  • It has a straight bar design: the safety razor has a closed-comb head with improved blade alignment and tolerance. this head ensures that the blades edges get minimal access to the skin while shaving but surprisingly, they safety-razor offers an partially aggressive shave that close enough to get rid of normal hair and coarse beards. This means that this razor will be a perfect shaving tool for guys who have sensitive skins and always experience irritations with more aggressive razors.


  • A long decorative handle: Parker 45R Safety Razor has a 4-inch long, decorative and handcrafted handle that really looks nice. This handle is beautifully finished in a unique, brown marble effect with an enamel coating that protects it from getting damaged. It is also curved at the ends and in the middle inorder to provide one with a firm grip coupled with nice balance while shaving under wet-conditions. In fact, this handle is a bit longer than regular handles and it’s covered up by chrome plated parts on both ends giving the entire safety razor a premium look.


  • This is a heavy-weight razor: the Parker 45R is slightly heavier than most safety razors on the market whereby it weighs about 9oz or 100grams. This is actually a good feature especially for men who prefer using heavy-duty safety razors because they will have to apply little or no pressure while shaving hence they will achieve an effortless but smooth, comfortable and closer shave that is needed to remove normal or coarse and heavy beards.


  • Its uses all double-edge replacement blades: this new safety razor has a standard head that fits all double-edge safety-razor replacement blades which are economical and readily available on the market. this type of blades offer one with better shave that is even much kind to the skin and they also tend to last for quite a longer period of time. However, the razor’s package includes 5 shark super chrome blades and these actually make the safety-razor shave ready immediately after purchasing it.

Parker 45R Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor

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Product Quality:

  • Quality safety razors like the Parker 45R never go out of style because of the amazing features they always have. The Parker 45R is beautifully finished three-piece, double-edge safety razor from the parker premium line. This razor features an elegant handle that is covered in a unique brown marble effect with an enamel coating while the top and base of this handle is sealed with 2-parts made of brass with chrome plating and these include the razor’s head and the extreme top section of the razor.
  • On the other hand, this safety razor features a closed comb head which ensures that a smaller portion of the blade edges access the skin. This in turn offers a fairly aggressive shave that can even rough tough hairs on your face like beards. The razor’s head also fits any standard double-edge razor blade and these types of blades really provide an ultimate, close shave yet they are very affordable. In conclusion, with all the features mentioned above, i think the Parker 45R is high-quality safety razor that will do great shaving job for any man.

Who does it benefit?

  • A perfect shaver for any man looking for a quality heavy-weight safety razor that can provide close shave: this is because the parker 45R is a bit heavier than regular safety razors and this makes controlling it while shaving very easy because you only have to use little or no pressure to get the shaving done. In fact, this safety razor is solid and feels hefty in the hands and it offers excellent balance while shaving even under wet-conditions.


  • It is a good safety-razor for men with thick hair: this razor can really do the shaving perfectly well when it comes to trimming thick facial hair like beards. The parker 45R is capable of doing so because it has a closed comb design that makes it aggressive enough to cut through any think hair textures leaving the skin smooth but without causing any irritations.


What I need

  • Pure badger bristle shaving brush: this shaving brush mainly helps one to lather up his skin before shaving and it can even be used to remove stuck debris from the shaver’s head. however, its recommended to thoroughly clean this brush after using it because and hang it so that excess water is removed in order to hinder the development of bacteria which can be harmful to the skin.
  • A shaving soap bowl: this is used for preparing the shaving soap in case you are going to lather-up your skin. However, you can also use it to store your shaving soap if you want but in this case you must acquire one with a cover or lid.

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