Parker 65R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor Review

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Parker 65R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety RazoToday, there are many different brands of safety razors on the market but in case you are looking for a quality, high performance double-edge safety razor, then just tryout the new, sensational Parker 65R Safety Razor.

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This razor is built with a new well-balanced parker head with a 2-piece construction coupled with a slightly longer handle that feels great in the hands.  This handle is truly amazing because of its appearance of being graphite and gold plating that is really simply stunning. This quality, heavy-weight safety razor also uses standard double edge razor blades which are well-known for delivering a close shave and at just a fraction of the cost. With all these features, the Parker 65R Safety Razor happens to be one the most striking razors available on the market today and it is actually an excellent, traditional shaving tool for those of you who prefer a high-quality, heavy-weight safety-razor so as to achieve close shave.


  • The Parker 65R is a solid and well-made safety-razor that offers some heft and nice weight when held in the hands as one is shaving. This razor even features an attractive non-slip handle that ensures one gets a comfortable shave even when trimming facial hairs under wet conditions.
  • This razor can actually cut down thicker beards easily because it’s equipped with a closed comb head that is razor sensitive but at the same time effective when it comes to shaving. Likewise, the blades also fit perfectly into this razors head and also the razors heavy weight design means that one has to apply less pressure in order to achieve a very smooth and close shave.


  • The only negative thing about this razor is that it may irritate your skin in case you are double edge shaving because it requires some bit of skill for one to be able to use it. This is because this razor feels weighty and this implies that less or no pressure should be applied while shaving but instead leave the razor’s weight to play its part. However, once one presses the razor too hard over the skin while shaving, then he will end up nicking or cutting himself.

Parker 65R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razo

Features overview:

  • It has a genuine brass frame: this heavy weight safety razor has a strong frame that is made of brass. This frame actually makes the razor to feel weighty in the hands and it’s also makes this razor very durable. In fact, you can drop this razor for several times but it won’t get damaged and this actually implies that it will be able to last for decades.
  • A 3-piece design: this is also a traditional 3-piece safety razor whereby it has a 2-piece head construction and then a long handle that is attached to the head to create the 3-components. This design even makes changing of blades much easier and quick because one simply has to unscrew the handle in order to separate it from the 2-part head, then insert the blades into the head and finish by re-tightening the handle back to the razor’s head. The 3-piece design even makes cleaning this razor very simple since you can disassemble this razor and after clean each component independently.
  • It uses standard double-edge blades: the Parker 65R Safety Razor fits any standard double-edge razor blades and this actually makes the razor a good option for guys who like double-edge and are looking for a barbershop shave. In fact, the blades deliver a closer shave and are available on the market at very cheap cost. But if you really want to get the best from this razor, then always purchase the high-quality blade brands like Merkur, persona and others.
  • The Parker 65R features a multifaceted handle: it has a long handle that is made of stone ash whereby it features a graphite plating plus gold plating inlays that appear in an intricate nice design. This is a 4-inch long textured handle that will fit perfectly even in the palms of men with larger hands in order to achieve a much comfortable shave under wet conditions. Overall, the handle length and designs on it really create an amazing effect that is truly different but also pleasing to the eyes.
  • The razor has closed comb head: the parker 65R is built with a closed comb head that is nickel plated. This closed comb design slightly exposes the blades to skin and this makes the razor safe and perfect for those with sensitive skin. On the other hand, because this razor has a closed-comb head, it delivers a fairly aggressive shave but it still leaves the skin smooth and free of stubble without causing any irritations.
  • Well packaged: this Parker 65R Safety Razor comes well packaged in a classic box with 5 shark super blades included and this makes the razor shave ready. But you will have to purchase other blades incase the free blades are used up.

Parker 65R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razo

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Product Quality:

  • In terms of quality, i think the Parker 65R Safety Razor is among the most striking razors available today. This is because the razor has a genuine brass frame that is very durable and makes the razor to feel weighty or hefty when held in the hands. It features a multifaceted handle for extra comfort and grip while wet-shaving and you should also know that this is a traditional 3-piece razor that really looks modern and stylish. The parker 65R is designed with a closed comb that offers a fairly aggressive but close shave while reducing on the levels of skin irritation.
  • This amazing razor uses standard double-edge razor blades and these provide a close shave yet anyone can acquire them at the fraction of the cost. However, this safety razor comes shave-ready because it is packed with 5 shark super chrome blades. All in all, this razor only features premium qualities and these will provide an outstanding shave if combined with high-quality blades.

Who does it benefit?

  • It is a perfect choice for men looking for heavy weight razor: the parker 65R is a good shaving tool for guys who prefer using something that feels weighty or hefty when held into the hands. This is actually good because weighty razor require less or no pressure while shaving because the weight of the razor does the rest.
  • Works well for men with sensitive skin types: this safety razor is a good shaving tool for guys with sensitive skin types because it has a closed comb design that exposes a small portion of the blade to the skin hence offering one with a fairly aggressive but smooth and closer shave.
  • The razor is a good option for men who like wet-shaving: this is mainly due to its long, multifaceted handle for extra comfort and grip when shaving under wet conditions. this handle is even is also a bit longer and weighty than usual razor handles and that’s why it will fit well in large hands thus offering one with wonderful shaving experience.


What I need

  • Pre-shave oil: if you are found of using safety razors for shaving your facial hairs, then you must acquire at least quality pre-shave oil in case you wish to achieve an effortless, smooth and clean shave. This oil should be applied to the skin when it is well-cleaned with water in order to achieve that awesome shave.
  • A premium shave set: this set usually contains a bowl, shaving-brush, shaving-soap and a razor-stand. This it actually an important set when it comes to maintaining your safety razor and you should acquire it in case you want your razor to last for quite a longer period of time.

Parker 65R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor

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