Parker 99R – Long Handle Super Heavy Weight DE Safety Razor Review

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Parker has improved on the quality and durability of their Razors for the past few years and in fact this particular model will work greatly for any man or woman out there although they are not made with Stainless Steel but still with the brass over nickel plating, they can be counted under the best safety razors on the market today.  

Parker 99R - Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT

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Its weight makes it user friendly, so if you have a thick beard, or want to shave down there, thus Parker 99r will clear everything without having any trouble, actually its weight aids the all shaving process, you don’t have to use to much effort during the shaving process.  If you want to shave while in the shower, don’t worry about this razor slipping off from your hands, it has a firm grip, so it will feel like your dry shaving.

  • PRO: If you If you have long hands, you will find this Parker 99r and ideal razor because it features a long handle which fits very well in those large hands. It also has an excellent weight which reduces on the amount of effort you have to use while shaving.  
  • CON: Don’t get tempted to use it on a dry shave that can cause you bumps and ingrown hairs. The razor its self is not bad, you will love the way it clears thick beards, but it performs better on wet shaves.


Parker 99R


Features overview:

  • It features TTO head: The Parker 99R is a heavyweight safety-razor that is built with a great TTO head that offers a very close and comfortable shave. The wide head will cover a wide area while shaving hence speeding up the shaving process. So, if you always shave in the morning, it will help you save on time.
  • Parker 99 r has a chrome plated brass frame: This traditional shaving tool is made of brass and finished with chrome plating. This implies that this razor will even resist harsh conditions related to wet shaving like rust, but at the same time it will look new even after using it for a longer period of time. The chrome plating is so strong that even if you drop the razor down accidentally, it will not get damaged compared to razors that are not plated.
  • Twist-to-Open and Butterfly-Open design: This feature makes it easy to easy to replace blades of clean the razor if clogged with hair after shaving. Twisting the knob at the bottom of this razor will help to open the butterfly doors, making it easy to insert the blades. This functionality makes Parker 99r the best safety razor for beginners.
  • Features 4-inch long textured handle: this well designed and textured handle provides a firm or sure grip. So, if you always love to shave while having a shower, this razor will not disappoint you. Men with long and large hands will also feel comfortable when using this handle because it will fit comfortably into their hands hence making the whole shaving process easy and very comfortable.
  • It weighs 3.4 ounces: With this kind of weight, no tough beard will survive; this razor feels solid when held into the hands whereby you feel the weight of this razor doing the shaving work with less pressure. The weight also gives this safety-razor a feel of high quality and that’s why most men will like it even before using it.
  • It’s packaged With 5 free Shark Super-Chrome blades: You buy one you get free 5 shark super chrome blades, the best De blades on the market.  Since you get something for free, you don’t have to worry about spending money during your first interaction with this Parker 99r. I know this is a marketing technique used by parker, but it does no harm to give your client something for free. It’s not like Merkur who give you only one Merkur blade, once it gets done, you have to go buy more of his blades, even though they cost more than $15, but still, one blade is not enough, if I compare merkur’s free offer with Parker, I will definitely go for Parker.

 Product Quality:Parker 99R

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  • Non Slip Grip Handle: – The nice heft and non-slip grip handle makes 99r the best razor for men. By nature, men don’t want to waste time, a man will want to do things first. The roughness of this Parker 99r’s handle give the razor a snag fit while held in the hand, this makes it easy to use and at the same time makes it easy to shave sharp angled areas.
  • Rust Resistant: – The chrome plated finish makes this razor rust resistant. This is a common feature among high quality razors, so it’s more of a bonus to this 99r. I will not use it as a selling point, because it’s a default feature for all safety razors.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Men with Large hands:- Why? Because it has a long handle. This razor will work perfectly for men with large hands because it has a long well textured handle coupled with a solid and nice heavy weight of about 4 ounces that will require one to apply less energy while shaving.
  • This razor will benefit novice users in the double edge shaving sector since it’s designed with a TTO head that glides smoothly over the skin while shaving offering the user with a clean and comfortable shave.
  • Beginners: – If this is your first time to shave, Parker 99r has been voted as the best safety razor for beginners, it is very easy to use, practicing a few strokes will make an expert on the first day. You don’t need to read instructions to use this razor; everything is in black and white.
  • Men with sensitive skins: – Most men are sensitive to steel products, but this Parker 99r is finished with a chrome plated brass frame, this makes ideal for men sensitive to steel. However, you should leather up first with a good shaving cream or soap before using this razor.



Parker 99R

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  • Judging from its features listed here, this razor is aggressive on thick beards and pubes, but it’s gentle on skin. Since it has some weight on it, you might consider stretching your skin while shaving; this might save you from getting cuts and nicks especially when shaving your pubes.
  • It shaves from all angles: – You don’t have to worry about shaving your armpits, neck or bikini area, this Parker 99r will give you a close shave in all angles. This safety-razors performance in terms of aggressiveness is really outstanding.

What I need

  • 1Safety razor stand: this enables you to keep your safety razor safely after use by simply placing it onto the stand. This will even help to drain any excess water out of the safety razor after cleaning it with water.
  • 1Badger shaving brush: it helps to you to lather up before shaving and it also enables you to clean any remaining debris from your razor after shaving so that it can be cleaned thoroughly.
  •  1Double edge safety razor blades: the parker 99R safety- razor uses standard double edge razor blades, so you have to stock them in plenty especially when you shave on a daily basis.

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