Philips Norelco 1250x/46 Sensotouch 3d Electric Shaver 8100 Review

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Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor 2

Forget about those moments when getting a close shave with an electric shaver was as difficult as avoiding getting razor bumps after shaving with a manual / straight razor.

This Philips Norelco 1250x/46  SensoTouch 3D features high end grooming technology which  leaves no beard / hair standing. I have features lots of shavers from Philips on Yosaki simply because they make some of the best rotary shavers. At first I was not a big fun of rotary shavers but it seems Philips is getting things right other this 1250x/46  3D model wouldn’t have scored  a rating of 4.2 out of 5. It is a very nice looking electric shaver and its very light so you can hold it from any angle and get the best close / clean / smooth shave.

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If you’re a first time user of electric shaver, you will find this particular model easy to use because of its amazing shape. It also has a simple grip handle which fits in every man’s hands; the handle features an anti-slip coating which makes it easy to use the shaver while in the shower.

Now for men with sensitive skins, I guess this is best electric shaver for that sensitive skin, I don’t say this because I want you to own one, but it’s a fact. The UltraTrack heads will move smoothly on your skin without causing any irritation, you don’t have to make so many strokes to get that close shave, at the same time the SkinGlide feature reduces on skin irritation which makes it even friendly to men with ingrown hairs.


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  • Leaves no blotches of hair: I’m sure you have read reviews on electric shavers and most men complain that they don’t get a real close shave as they get when they use manual razors, that could be true because most electric shavers are of low quality, even the ones we expect to be good, fail to shave specific areas like the neck. On the other hand, this Philips-Norelco-1250X-46-Shaver is just amazing; it will give you a very close shave similar to that of safety razor. It is very easy to clean and the battery lasts for long.


  • Head is not durable: – Much as the shaver looks pretty and gives a smooth close shave without making any noise, there is a problem with its head. It can’t last for more than 7 months; some users have reported that they had to replace shaving heads twice in a year and that might be a red flag especially when it comes to maintenance costs. I guess this is an industrial design flaw; Philips has to look into this and revise this model all together.

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor 2

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  • Pop-out Trimmer: Most men have side-burns and mustache and it’s very difficult to shave / trim them with a ordinary electric shaver, that is to why I recommend this Norelco 1250X-46 Shaver, it features a pop-up trimmer which you can use to shape your mustache or sideburns. The pop-up trimmer is found at the back, just switch it on and start grooming your mustache / beard.
  • Gyroflex 3D contour-following system: If you have never got a close shave with electric shavers, it’s time you leave that in the past, this year you have to use a shaver every man is using, I have not tested it myself because I can buy every single product I review on Yosaki, but judging from its rating score or 4.2 out 5, I get a clear picture that the shaver performs really well. Its – Gyroflex 3D contour-following system features 3 dynamic sections that function independently, pivoting in all directions to ensure that no hair is left standing.
  • UltraTrack heads: – By default, Philips rotary shavers feature 3 shaving heads, so when one head misses, the other head won’t miss hence guaranteeing you with a close shave. On the other hand, this particular model, its heads are extreme, they where tailored in an advanced manner, they cover 50% more skin surface than what most rotary shavers do, but each head features shaving tracks which capture and shave every single hair without pulling your skin and this feature will protect you from getting bumps / ingrown hair, it actually makes the shaver friendly to men with very sensitive skins and ingrown hairs.
  • Aquatec Technology: – This is a great gift for your dad / husband / son or even yourself if you’re a man. Its Aquatec Technology will give you the opportunity to wet shave and that is good news to men with very sensitive skins. But at the same time you can switch from wet shaving to dry shaving in no minutes, however those who prefer wet shaving, you should leather up with shaving gel, that will help in softening the beards / hair and make it easy when shaving. If the shaver gets clogged during the process, run tap water over the head and blades and then use its cleaning brush to remove clogged hair & gel, this will make it ready for use on other areas.
  • Lift & Cut: – By default, all new Philip Norelco electric shavers have this Lift & Cut technology. It ensures that not hair is left lying down on the skin; it also enables the machine to shave thick and hard to cut beards, which give this model an A+.
  • Skin Glide: – As a beginner, your skin won’t be used to electric shavers, so it will take a while for it to get used. However, Philips had that in mind, so they gave this particular mode a Skin Glide feature, which enables the shaver to glide over your skin smoothly without irritating it and this will protect you from getting irritation, bumps and Ingrown hairs.



  • This electric shaver comes at an affordable price, when you make your purchase today, the box will include; Philips Norelco1250X-46-Shaver 8000, a luxury pouch which works as a travel bag, a plastic see through protective cap which protects the blades & head from any damages, a power cord which you have to use to charge the shaver and a cleaning brush which you can use to remove clogged hair when dry / wet shaving.



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  • Easy to clean: All you have to do is to run the shaver under tap water and use its cleaning brush to remove both clogged hair and shaving gel that might be stuck in the shaving head. If you don’t clean the shaver after use, its blades will get damaged by water and shaving gel which will later affect the performance of the shaver. You will not get a jet cleaning system with this model, that comes with series 8700 , 9000, 9300, and 9700.
  • Battery strength:- You don’t have to worry about running out of battery when shaving, simply plug the shaver in power for only 1 hour, it will charge fully, remove the power code and start a cordless shaving of 50 minutes. I’m sure none of you shaves for 50 minutes, it’s always 5 – 10 minutes, and this means if you shave once in a day, the 50 minutes battery life will support you for 5 solid days.
  • Travel-Friendly Design:- This electric shaver has a worldwide voltage feature which adjusts automatically when you change physical location. The shaver will change from 100 to 240 volts basing on the standard voltage used in that particular location. This function will protect the shaver from high voltage changes in certain locations and this makes it the best electric shaver for travel.
  • Cordless: – There is no need of shaving while plugged into power. This particular model has a 8100’s Lithium-Ion cordless battery which charges within 1 hour and keeps power for 50 minutes of constant use. If you’re not using the shaver, switch it off to save power.

What I need

Norelco Philips HQ110 Cleaner and Lubricant SprayNorelco Philips HQ110 Cleaner and Lubricant Spray : This will keep your razor in a good condition, so it’s a must have companion for this Electric shaver. Its purpose is to clean and lubricate those 3 shaving heads making them ready for the next shave.

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