Philips Norelco 7310 Men’s Shaving System Review

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Philips Norelco 7310 Mens Shaving System Review

I have reviewed many top range Philips shavers on Yosaki and I’m product to write another detailed review on Philips Norelco 7310 Men’s Shaving System. It is a great premium rotary shaver which shaves in a circular motion just like the rest of rotary shavers, however it’s shape is similar to that of Philips Norelco PT730/41 Shaver 3100 though the bottom is round and bigger than Philips Norelco PT730/46 Shaver 3500 Review.

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According Philips, this shaver showcases one of their high end grooming technology, it’s quite a small shaver which you can despise at your first glance, but trust me, when it comes to performance, no rotary shaver out-competes Norelco 7310. On the other hand, it does not come with an automatic cleaning system, but you can immerse it in water or run tap water over the shaving head and remove clogged hair and shaving cream.


  • You will get a very close shave. Norelco 7310 lives up to its reputation.
  • Efficient pop-up trimmer to help you shape your side-burn.
  • Very good battery life compared to other Norelco’s in its category
  • Flashing LED to notify you when the battery is full / low.
  • The price is just awesome, I’m sure everyone can afford it. I have included it on my list of the best electric shavers under $100.
  • Norelco 7310 is very quiet and efficient, though you might need to do more than one stroke in certain areas, but still you will get a very good close shave.
  • It is better than most expensive Norelco shavers, however, it does not charge very fast / give you enough information about its status, but if you can ignore that, I see no reason why you spend more than $100 to get a great Norelco shaver, it’s just a waste of cash. Stick to Norelco 7310 and get the best results at a great price.



  • Slow motor speed so it will take you a while to get a close shave, but if you can be patient and take your time, you will get the best results.
  • No battery charge indicator:- This is a serious drawback because you can’t know if the battery is fully charged / not.

Philips Norelco 7310 Mens Shaving System Review

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  • Stylish easy to use design: – I’m sure many of you have owned a norelco shaver, Philips makes the best shaver designs, at least 90% of all Norelco shavers have a stylish design which makes it easy to hold the shaver and shave comfortably. Norelco 7310 shaving system has a sleek black grip which sits easily in your hands, and it also features an electric on/off button which makes it very easy to control the power of the shaver. I read through customer reviews and every man who has used Norelco 7310 praises its design.
  • Fully Washable:- After having a great close shave, the next thing you have to do before storing that shaver is to clean it well and let it dry properly. Good news is that our Norelco 7310 is 100% water resistant so you can wash it well with tap water, this will save you time and at the same time it eliminates messes yet your Norelco 7310 will stay in good condition.
  • Super Lift & Cut Technology:- I doubt if this shaver would have been in position to offer you with a close shave if it didn’t have a Lift & Cut technology. In most cases, some beards will lay flat so shaving them using an electric shaver might be difficult, that’s to why Philips integrated a super lift & cut technology which uplifts those flat laying hairs and expose them to blades for cutting which results into a real close shave.
  • Dual voltage:- Many times people leaving out of United States have Issues when it comes to buying electronics because most of them are tailored for 110 voltage. However, Norelco 7310 has can work with both 110v – 220v, this is great news to everyone, you don’t have to miss out on this opportunity, grab this shaver at a great price and start enjoying a very close clean shave.
  • Patented Reflex Action System:- Your face is defined by different curves and contours so if you use a poor quality shaving machine, some areas will remain unshaven, however, Norelco 7310 features a reflex action system which enables the blades to adjust automatically to every single curve / contour on your face / neck hence giving you a very close shave.
  • Comfort Shaving Heads:- Men with sensitive skins, you don’t have to worry anymore, there is no need of buying expensive Norelco’s when this model can be as friendly as any premium electric shaver out there on the market. Norelco 7310 has comfort shaving heads; they are smooth and friendly to any sensitive skin. It’s shaving head features three individually floating heads which follow each contour on your face and neck, as the heads rotate, sharp blades will be aligned next to your skin leaving you with a clean close shave.
  • A spring release, pop-up trimmer:- Not only will you get a close shave, but you will be in position to groom that side-burn and mustache using a spring release pop-up trimmer which is found at the back of the head. This pop-up trimmer is very easy to use.
  • Cordless & Corded:- I know many of you prefer shaving when the shaver is in cordless mode, but this option works best when the shaver charges quickly, however this 7310 takes a while to charge fully so the best option is to shave while its plugged into power, it will be charging as you’re shaving.

Philips Norelco Bt5275-41 5100 Beards Trimmer 2

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