Philips Norelco AT810-46 Electric Shaver Review

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Philips Norelco AT810-46 - 2

So far this is the best electric shaver for beginners, It is very easy to use and its cost of just affordable. If you have been looking for good electric shaver under $100, look no further, this is the best product for you and it really performs well. This Norelco AT810/46 PowerTouch Razor is an everyday electric shaver that offers you with a real close shave, you will have the convenience of switching to wet / dry shave and this makes it a very friendly and easy to use shaver.

There has been an update in the name of this shaver, before it was called ”Power Touch with Aquatec AT810” but now its called Shaver 4100, but the change in name doesn’t mean that also the physical product changed, it was done to ease your shopping experience.

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  • Affordable:- This Philips Norelco AT810/46 is cheaper than cartridge razors, because a Gillette fusion razor will require continuous buying of cartridges and that can be very expensive in the long run.
  • Easy to clean: It does not come with its own cleaning system, but that should not bother you because you can clean this shaver via the tap. Simply run water over the head and water will splash out both shaving cream and hair.


  • Long Charging Time: This shaver features a Lithium-ion battery which charges for 8 hours, but once it’s full, you will get 40 minutes of nonstop shaving. But waiting for 8 hours to charge a shaver is a way too much. Premium models like Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 can charge fully within 1 hour and you will get 45 minutes of nonstop shaving.
  • Not So good on Thick Hair:- This is just a moderate model, good on fine hair, but if you have thick course hair, you might need to use a stronger model like Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100”,
  • Can’t shave sharp angles and the neck:– I put this blame on the design of this AT810,the circular head can’t reach most parts like the neck, above the neck and under the upper lip. So you will not get a close shave in any of those areas. So might either use a safety razor to complete the job or instead of buying this AT810, you go for ”Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver’’. But you will get a close shave on the chin and other flat areas.

Philips Norelco AT810-46 - 2

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  • Aquatec technology:– Enjoy a close and convenient wet / dry shave anytime of the time. It can work with any shaving gel or foam.
  • DualPrecision Shaving System:– This feature enables this small shaver to cut long hair.
  • Lift and Cut Dual Blade: – This technology will lift underlying hair and expose it to blades for cutting.
  • Floating and Flexing Heads:- The smooth floating heads will maneuver over your face easily without any irritation.
  • Pop-up trimmer:- This is a great feature for men with sideburns.
  • LED Charge:- When the battery runs low, the LED light will start indicating, warning you to charge.


Philips Norelco AT810-46 - 3

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  • Cordless Shaver:- When Amazon delivers this shaver on your door steps, unpack the box and charge it immediately, once the battery is full, unplug the cord from power and the shave and start shaving. This electric shaver does not work when plugged directly into power, it has to charge fully and then you use it. If you’re not a daily shaver, the battery can last for 5 good days.
  • Norelco 4100 vs Norelco3100:- When I look at these two electric shavers, they look similar on the outside, even the shape is the same, actually you can mistaken one for the other. But a series 3100 has no Dual Precision Shaving Heads, Lift & Cut System, AquaTec Wet & Dry Technology, with the lack of all these essential features, series 4100 wins this competition.
  • Comfortable on Hold:- The shape and design of Norelco-AT810-46 is awesome, it not too big and the curve makes it easy to hold in both large and small hands. Even though it costs less than $100, you will not believe it when you open the box, it has a high quality look and when it comes to performance you will not believe that this shaver can really give you a clean close shave.
  • Performs better on wet shaving: – When you use it as a wet shaver, results will be tremendous. I’m not a big fan of dry shaving because my skin is a bit sensitive, but the shaver I have is also wet & dry, I once tried the dry option, but never liked the results, but when I switched to wet shaving all was good. To get better results, use good shaving cream, but before lathering up, wash your face with warm water to make those beards soft and at the same time open skin pores. Dry your beards very well and then apply shaving cream, let the cream sit on the beards for at least 3 minutes before shaving with this shaver.
  • Less irritation:- I didn’t say no irritation, if it’s your first time to use this shaver, you will get some irritation, however, when the skin gets used to the blades and their circular movement, you will not get any more irritations. It’s an excellent shaver, just be patient with it during the first week.
  • Quiet: – I guess you have used some noisy electric shavers in the past, that noise can kill that early morning shaving mood, It can even cause you headache as well. However, this affordable Norelco 4100 is very quiet, if you opt for the wet shave option, you might not hear any single sound which makes it an ideal electric shaver for every guy.
  • Waterproof: – Being a wet and dry electric shaver, this AT810/46 can survive any wet condition, if you prefer shaving while in the shower, feel free and get a close shave.
  • Voltage: – You can use this shaver from any country; it can work with both 110v and 220v. This makes it user friendly.
  • Difference between Norelco 4100 and Norelco 4500:- Most of the features of these two models are the same, but on the outside, there is a slight difference on design and color. When I look at the features of 4500, I can see that it has a Pivot, Flex & Float System which is not found on 4100. So those are the only two differences.
  • Pop-up Trimmer:-If you have a mustache or side burn, you can use a pop-up trimmer to shape and groom them. Simply slide on the button which is found at the bottom to switch on the trimmer. At least this will save you another $59 you would have spent on buying a beard trimmer.


Now you have seen both the pros and cons of this AT810 Electric, I guess you will can bare the cons of this model, because it’s more of a start-up shaver, good for beginners and men who don’t want to spend too much to get a close shave. For sake of the neck and sharp angles, you can use a safety razor to get a close shave in those areas. On the other hand, the only way you can keep this shaver in good shape is to clean it after use, also avoid shaving when the battery is too low, that will put too much pressure on the battery.


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