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Philips Norelco BG2040-34 Bodygroom 7100The Philips Norelco Body-groomer 7100 is a great shaver that can be seen as an all in one body-groomer for anyone who has had a hard time finding the rightful shaver. It can work on the entire body and give one a clean shave that will come with no struggle at is able to trim or shave comfortably and safely with this new design that has got an ergonomic design which will let him handle it firmly since it has buttons and a soft rubber panel at the shaver’s sides that will give a secure grip when shaving.

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One is able to go through the thickest hair while using the 5 length settings embedded within this body-groomer and it will move over one’s body, make a few strokes and give a close shave without having to bother someone to pass the shaver several, times for then hair to get finished or closely shaved and this is accomplished by the 3D pivoting heads. It is gives one an option of replacing the shaving heads so as to have better results in the long run of using the shaver.This body-groomer has self-sharpening blades that do not require any kind of maintenance or lubrication. These ensure that they give a precise moment for one to trim or even shave at any required time. It is also an all condition shaver that favors both wet and dry without limitation since it is a water proof shaver that can also be easily cleaned with water. It can work as a cordless shaver that gives 50 minutes of cordless operation after charging for roughly 1 hour in a fast.


[box] The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro 7100 (BG2040/34) will enable you shave or trim body hair. It is designed as a multi-purpose body groomer so you will be in position to do more than one tusk with this body groomer. For example, you can use it to shave your neck, chest hair, back, legs and under the arm. The smooth foils prevent direct interaction of blades with your skin hence saving you from getting nicks and cuts. The 3-D pivoting head makes this body groomer easy to use. The shaving head will follow your body contours to ensure that you get a close shave with less irritation. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro has a vert good battery life and it charges fully within 1 hour – 50 minutes of nonstop shaving. On average; battery charge will last for 4-5 days depending on how often you shave. If you have thick coarse body hair, I suggest you trim it with the other end of the shaver and then tilt it to use the foil side to get a real close body shave. In my opinion, this is the best bodygroomer off all time. I give a 4.1 / 5 rating (91% customer satisfaction)[/box]


Philips Norelco BG2040-34 Bodygroom 7100

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When I compare the design of Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro 7100 with Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom, I give 7100 a thumb up (5/5). This shaver is dual-sided; it features both a foil shaver and a trimmer. You don’t have to spend too much money to shave body hair. Those with thick hair, you can trim it short for easy shaving, use a trimmer to reduce on the length & thickness of body hair and then switch to the foil shaving side to get a clean shave. The trimmer has a built-in trimming comb which you can adjust (5 length settings) to get a custom shave. The curvy design gives it an good ergonomic make so you can hold it for a long time without feeling any discomfort. The trimmer has rounded blades to ensure comfort & high performance without causing any scratch / skin irritation.

Philips Norelco BG2040-34 Bodygroom 7100





  • Rechargeable:-This is a rechargeable shaver that comes with a stand and is able to charge at a fast rate of like 1 hour and then give back a 50 minute shave of cordless work which is pretty great. It is able to give one a close shave since it has the 3D pivoting heads that come with two great features for that role as well as some built-in trimming combs that are 5 in number and can be set by the user to a certain length that can trim hair of that length taking the thickest hair one can thinking of as well.
  • Comfortable Shave:There will be no cuts or nicks experienced when using this body groomer. This means that one will be free from any sort of rashes or irritations since it was built to provide comfort and convenience while shaving.
  • This shaver makes trimming and shaving as easy as possible by employing its great features that were incorporated within. This shaver is able to work almost everywhere on a person’s body right from the chest then to the lower areas. It has the capability of working under both the wet and dry conditions which will benefit even those that would like to take it to the showers.
  • Shaves your pubic area very well: – Men you should avoid growing too much hair down there because ladies don’t like even though they keep quite. Your pubic area should be clean all the time; otherwise it will sweat, smell and harbor lots of bacteria. This area has a very soft and tender skin so you shouldn’t use a manual razor to shave it unless when you wet shave. I personally use a manual razor but only for wet shaving……if you try using a manual razor for dry shaving your pubic area you will get nicks, cuts, irritations and bumps. However, Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro can be used to dry shave your pubic area. It has a very smooth foil which maneuvers over that tender & soft skin capturing & shaving every single hair leaving you with a very close smooth shave down there.
  • Easy to use: – This is an all-in-one grooming tool. You don’t need a manual to use it, it features a dual-end design which has a 3D pivoting head at the top and trimmer at the bottom. If you have too much hair, you can adjust the trimmer (5 length settings) and shorten the length of your hair. This will make it very easy to shave with the foil head and get a close body shave. The foil head has 2 pre-trimmers located at the sides of the head, you can use these pre-trimmers to groom your mustache, sideburn, goatee and beard. At the same time these pre-trimmers can be used to shave hair from sharp angled areas down there.
  • Works great in the shower: – Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro 7100 is a wet & dry body groomer. I just got to know about this and I like the fact that you can use gel / shaving cream with this premium body groomer. It is a cordless body groomer so you can use it while in the shower. This waterproof bodygroomer pro will give you the closest body shave. If it is your first time to shave your body, you will feel funny and light but after a few days you will get used to your new looks. Ladies love clean guys, so don’t forget shaving before going for a date with a cool girl.
  • Best ass groomer for men:- I have just looked at mine, it’s as smooth as a baby’s ass. I wish I could take a picture and show it to you guys, but it is against rules, maybe I will upload it on for everyone to see. Your ass has soft skin but it is not as tender as skin found on your balls. This is a skin-protecting shaver made from hypo-allergenic materials so your skin will be safe. Don’t worry about skin irritations.
  • Best ball groomer: – Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro 7100 has been voted as the best ball groomer / shaver of all time. It competes with safety razors but chances of nicking & cutting your balls with a safety razor are high. I just can’t imagine cutting my balls that would be an awful treat for my two pumpkins. If you love your pumpkins the way I do mine, use a safe grooming tool like Norelco BG2040/34 7100. For better results I suggest you opt for dry shaving because skin on your balls is too soft. Make sure you pull the skin on your balls flat so that the groomer maneuvers over the skin with ease. Doing this will minimize chances of getting nicks & cuts.
  • Good bodygroomer for beginners:- If this is your first time to shave your body, start with a bodygroomer every man recommends. It has a very nice shape, it is a two-in-one body hair trimmer and it works very well in the shower. You can use the bottom comb trimmer to reduce on the length of your body hair and then use the head foil shaver to get a close clean shave.
  • Good battery life:- After receiving Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro 7100, charge it fully for 1 hour; this will give you 50 minutes of non-stop shaving. The more time you spend shaving the more times you’re likely to re-charge this tool. However, if you use to shave a few parts of your body like the chest, legs, butt and back, you will use only 10 minutes. Now if you shave twice a week that will total upto 20 minutes, so 50 minutes will take you for 2½ weeks.
  • Good weight:- A bodygroomer does not weigh the same as an electric shaver. It has to have some weight, this adds to its balance and at the same time it improves on the body groomer’s performance. According to product specs; Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 weighs 8 ounces, it’s not too heavy / light.
  • Good bikini shaver: – By default this bodygroomer is dedicated to Men, however many women have been found using Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro 7100. I think they use their husband’s piece but that is okay, why buy a new one when you already have a free one next to you. Ladies you can shave your bikini area with BG2040/34 7100 bodygroomer. It does not irritate or cause bumps like manual razors do. You will not get it in pink or any other color of your choice, but as long as you get a safe clean close bikini shave, color does not matter.



  • The Philips Norelco Bodygroomer 7100 is not used in proper way, one is likely to get some nicks and cuts in case while shaving and trimmer may not even offer a closer shave that one may be looking for in case one does not position it well thus leaving some stubble on the shaved areas.

Philips Norelco BG2040-34 Bodygroom 7100 - 5



  • The dual-end design: The body groomer 7100 was built with a dual-end design structure that occupies the top and the bottom parts of this great shaver. at the top, there lays a 3D pivoting head that was basically set up to follow up the contours of one’s body so as to be able to give the person a smooth and perfect shave.
  • A pivoting head that has got some integrated pre-trimmers which are found on both sides and they are there to offer one with a great shave which is as close as possible such that the person shaving does not to take several strokes in the same area when trimming hair.
  • It features a high performing trimmer: this is located at the bottom of the shaver and it has got cutting potential of easily providing refined grooming to the person shaving. This shaver’s trimmer has got combs and blades that are kind of round in shape and ensure that one does not acquire scratches during the shaving. There is a possibility of letting one select the desired length since the 5 combs come with different lengths. One can select the length that best suites his interest for example one can select a length that ranges from 1/8inch to 11/25 inches. This therefore helps one to get the best shave without going through a hard time.
  • The Rechargeable Power System: This bodygroomer also comes with a rechargeable power system that helps it to keep power for the user during times of no direct power supply. This ensures that there is easy use of the shaver even when power is off. This charging system takes little time as compared to the earlier versions since it takes only 1 hour of charging to give one a good 50 minutes time of shaving without power or what is called the cordless use and one is good to go.
  • This shaver comes with a portable stand that can easily be folded and it provides the shaver with good charging position and storage advantages. This charge has got led lights that light up to alert one on the status of the bodygroomer which lets one know whether the groomer is ready for use. It enables one to know if it is low, full or to even show that it is charging.
  • The ergonomic design: This shaver has an ergonomic design that majorly ensures that there is comfort and convenience the user. This design has some soft rubber panels located at the sides and also some buttons that are used in terms of wet and dry conditions so as to give one a great grip of the shaver.
  • It is water proof:This shaver was designed to withstand water effects and so this makes it a water resistant tool that can be used in wet conditions or environments like in the showers. This therefore makes the shaver to be easily used and cleaned with water.
  • The shaver has self-sharpening blades: this makes these blades free from any need of maintenance and this makes it always ready and steady for a new shaving or trimming job. This even means that one does not need to get any lubricants for the shaver to be kept up and running.

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  • Clean your body very well: This is a basic thing which I think you might know of but I will not assume. I know the machine will work even on a dirty body, but that is not a cool thing to do.
  • Shave towards the grain:- I know you want to get a quick close shave so you think going against the grain is the best idea, no, if you do that, you will expose your skin to irritations and bumps. I suggest you follow the direction to which your hair grows too. It is safe that way.
  • Shave one part at a time: – I don’t expect you to jump from one part to another. Guys try to be patient, if you decide to shave your body, give the process enough time.
  • Use less pressure: – Each body part has a different structure of skin. If the skin is too soft, be very gentle on that area. If the skin is too folded, try to stretch it straight to make the surface flat and easy to shave with this bodygroomer
  • Use the edge of the trimmer to shave sharp angles:- For example, if you get to your balls, some parts might be hard to reach, so tilt the groomer and use those rounded trimmers to shave hair between your balls and thigh.
  • Wet shave:- I know many of you would prefer dry shaving to wet shaving. But when you leather up with soap & water, body hair will become soft and very easy to shave. The best thing you should do is to soak your body in warm water so that hair follicles relax. Get out of water and apply shaving cream , soap or gel and start shaving. Rinse off the shaving cream after shaving and have cold bath to close skin pores.




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Product Quality:

  • This body-groomer 7100 was built with buttons and soft rubber panels located at the sides that ensure that one gets a firm grip of the shaver when using it thus worrying of letting it slip out of his hands.  The presence of a 3D pivoting headalso ensures that one gets a clear, smooth and fast close shave without any hardship. This does not give one any skin irritations due to the rounded blades and the combs that are adjustable according to their lengths.
  • There are also the self-sharpening blades that give a long time or shaving without being sharpened. These blades will never require any kind or lubrication or even any maintenance bit since they are self-maintained for every time that one rinses the shaver in water.This is a great shaving tool that can be used under both wet and dry conditions when shaving. This therefore gives one room to even do the shaving privately inside his showers or bathroom without any worries of spoiling the shaver. The cleaning bit also becomes easy due to this quality feature of wet and dry since it can be cleaned under water.

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Who Does It Benefit?

This Philips Norelco Bodygroomer 7100 was developed specifically for the males that would like to get an extra level of comfort just right from their chests and below the neck. It works great as it gives a smooth clean shave free from cuts and nicks.



  • Is it possible to replace the battery?

Yes. This bodygroomer is not like other electric shavers whose batteries you can’t replace once they die. It uses AAA NIMH cells which you can be recharged and replaced any time. If you don’t get AAA NIMH cells, opt for Sanyo Eneloop AAA cells, these are very good batteries.

  • Is it possible to use this body groomer on facial stubble?

No. If you have short stubble, you will not be able to use this shaver. It has to be long enough to shave. I suggest you allow your stubble to grow for at least two days.

  • What is the voltage of this bodygroomer?

It has a dual voltage system. You can use it with 110v / 220v.

  • Does it work very well on pubic hair:

Yes. You can shave your pubic area with this body groomer but don’t use too much pressure.

  • Can I use it to cut my sideburns?

Yes. Simply use the pop-out trimmers on the shavers head. It has two trimmers with rounded heads to prevent skin irritation.

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