Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer Review (7300)

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Philips Norelco QT4070-41 Beard Trimmer 7300It is time you say goodbye to stressful beard trimming; no more living mess on your sink after grooming your beard, this mess free Philips Norelco QT4070/41 beard trimmer will revolutionize your grooming experience and give you good stubble.

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It is very easy to use, you set stubble settings and get a custom beard, it doesn’t matter whether you have long thick course beard, and this Philips Norelco QT4070/41 has the capacity to groom any type of beard. On the other hand, the integrated vacuum system will capture hair as the trimmer cuts it, in that case, your sink / shaving area won’t be messed up by the beards, this an added advantage to this product, it even makes it user friendly.

Philips Norelco QT4070/41 is a cordless trimmer, but at the same time you can use it while in charge which makes it a corded trimmer too. When it comes to maintenance, there is less to do except cleaning the shaver, it doesn’t require oil or any lubrication which makes it maintenance-free, to me this is an added advantage.



  • PERFORMANCE:- Not only does it give you an even stubble, it also makes it look perfect. This Philips Norelco Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer (7300) features 18 secured length settings which range from 1 – 18 millimeters, so you can choose any length of your choice by use of a button and start trimming your beard. On the other hand, the adjustable comb will make it very easy level that beard
  • POWER: – Not all beard trimmers have TURBO POWER buttons just like this Philips Norelco QT4070/41. All you have to do is to press the button and boost the performance of this trimmer. This added feature makes it easy to groom very thick long beards.
  • QUALITY:- Not only is this beard trimmer affordable, it’s of a high quality too, it has all essential features as we shall cover them in this post, its shape is just perfect, slim and easy to travel with, I highly recommend this Philips Norelco QT4070/41 to every man who wants a good stubble.
  • WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THE BOX:- After making your order today, Amazon will deliver this product in a few hours or days depending on your location, but when you open the box, you will find ”Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer / a charging adaptor and a cleaning brush which you can use to clean the head of this trimmer.


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  • Too Much Noise:- I can’t compare the noise of this trimmer t that of a blender, but the fact is that it makes noise too. When you use both the Vacuum and turbo, the noise gets really serious.
  • Hair container is not durable:- During the first months of usage, everything will be in place and the trimmer will perform better, however, after some time, the door of the hair container will fall off, this is not common, but when you handle the product carelessly, it will happen. So, be aware of this and keep it safe after use.
  • Don’t shave in shower:- This is not a wet & dry beard trimmer, it doesn’t perform well on wet hair, so you better dry your beard before trimming it with this Norelco QT4070/41


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  • Vacuum System:- Enjoy a mess free beard trimming experience, you don’t have to worry about cleaning that sink every time you trim that beard / mustache / goatee. This Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300 has an integrated vacuum system will capture cut hair as you trim.
  • It trims almost 90% of your beard / hair:- Not only can you use it for beard trimming, it can also trim your pubes. Its turbo system enables it to capture almost 90% of hair on your face / down there.
  • 18 Secured Length Settings:- At least you will have the opportunity to customize your own stubble. Choose the right length setting for yourself.
  • Turbo Powered:- This QT4070/41 is not like most beard trimmers which have a default speed. It comes with a turbo boost button; switch it on to increase on the speed and performance of the trimmer. This is a very cool feature for men with very thick long beards and mustaches.
  • Maintenance Free: – Forget about replacing oil or anything related to that. After your purchase, there will be nothing else to spend money on.
  • Travel Lock: – If you want to move with this trimmer, switch on the travel lock to prevent the trimmer from turning on its self. This feature will help you save power and at the same time it saves your battery from wearing out due to over usage.
  • Multi-functional Display:- As you a head with trimming your beard, keep on checking the digital functional display to see your trimmers settings at the same time see battery charge level.



  • Philips Norelco QT4070-41 Beard Trimmer 7300 1Running Time:- Plug this trimmer in power to charge, the Lithium Ion battery will charge fully within 1 hour, but this will give you 75 – 50 minutes running time, if you don’t switch on the turbo button, you will have 75 running minutes but if you switch it on, that running time will reduce to 50 minutes, the turbo features seems to use more power.
  • Minimum Setting is 1 mm:- Norelco QT4070/41 has 18 settings which give you the opportunity to customize your own stubble, however, the minimum setting of this trimmer is 1mm, once you opt for this setting, your stubble will be super clear and short, it is a great setting for men who don’t want to leave on too many beards. On the other hand, if you remove the adjustable top, the default setting will go up to 0.5mm.
  • Contour Comb:- You will get a free contour comb, this guides the trimmer as it moves over your beard, it ensure you get an even stubble.
  • Battery Life: – its Lithium Ion battery can charge for only 1 hour, it’s a very durable battery, some users have reported that they have owned this trimmer for over 5 years and the battery is still doing well. However, I have no guarantee over this; battery life is determined by how you use the trimmer. But if you want it to last for long, avoid over draining the battery when it’s low and at the same time don’t leave the shaver in the power source when it’s full.
  • Blades can scratch your skin during the first week:- Some users can’t stand this trimmer during the first week, but for you to get better results, you have to give it time, the skin has to adjust slowly and get used to how the trimmer works, it is worth the investment.
  • Can trim the hairline at the back of your head: – After getting that desirable stubble, you need to groom other parts too so that you look nice and well groomed. In that case, you can remove the attachment / adjustable, and start trimming the hairline, make sure it’s trimmed up to the back. If you have sideburns, you should trim them too with this Norelco QT4070/41.
  • How to trim with a 0.5mm :- When you read the specs of this trimmer they say that it stops at 1mm, however, when you remove the guide comb, it will go up to 0.5mm, so whoever needs it adjust below 1mm, you have to take off the guide comb.
  • Good on Mustache:- If you want to shave / trim your mustache, this Norelco QT4070/41 will give you the best results. You can use its custom stubble settings to define the length of your mustache.
  • Norelco QT4070/41 vs Norelco QT4050:- These two beard trimmer look alike, but QT4070 has more desirable features than QT4050. Both trimmers are not washable and that makes it even, but QT4070 has a Turbo Boost which speeds up the trimming process.
  • Voltage:- No matter what your location is, you will be in position to use this QT4070, it can work with both (110 & 220 v), so don’t get scared when making your order today from a different country other than USA.

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