New Philips Norelco S7720/85 7700 Shaver Review – Vs S7370/84 7300

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Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 9

  • Smooth glide maximum comfort
  • 50 minutes cordless shaving (1 hr charge)
  • Super comfortable rings
  • An efficient SmartClean System
  • A free and durable SmartClick Beard Styler
  • Free cleaning cartridge to take you for 3 months, at least this is enough time before you spend any dime on cartridge.


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I have been reviewing various Philips Norelco shavers, but I have noticed that all new models have similar features, may be the only new thing Philips did with series 7000 was to modify the exterior design of the shaver, improve on its grip,  increase on LED display bars , modify shaving heads and that is it.  However, Philips Norelco shavers seem to have lots of fans, it looks like men love them and that inspires me to discover more nice looking and efficient models for you. I personally own a cheap Norelco, I just can’t pay more than what I can afford at the moment, but in the near future I will join all those premium buyers and upgrade my shaving kit. To put that aside, I have made a detailed review of this Philips Norelco S7720/85 7700 Shaver, I want us to see if it’s really worth our investment.



Norelco S7720/85 7700 – Vs Norelco S7370/84 7300

Philips Norelco S7720-85 7700 Shaver Review - Vs S7370-84 7300 Shaver

In this comparison, we shall look into similarities and differences of these two models, this will give us a clear picture and help us make the right purchase decision. As a person I will give you my own view & verdict, but as a consumer, you can as well tell us what you think, your review is highly appreciated.


  • Both models have gentle precision blades which make them friendly to men with ingrown hairs and very sensitive skins. These blades sharpen themselves so you don’t have to worry about that. On the other hand you can use the auto cleaning system to keep them lubricated and clean all the time.
  • Both Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 & Philips Norelco Shaver 7700 are wet & dry shavers, this feature gives the user the option to either wet shave / dry shave. Our skins respond differently to either shaving modes, but in most cases men with very sensitive skins, prefer wet shaving to dry shaving. But before lathering up with any shaving cream of your choice, I suggest you wash your face with cold water so that those beards become soft and easy to shave. After doing that, you can put shaving cream in a mug and use a bristle brush to apply it evenly on your beard. If you want to leave the mustache on, attach a beard trimmer and groom its edges very well.
  • Both Norelco’s have a good battery life: – You can charge 7300 & Norelco Shaver 7700 within 1 hour and get 50 minutes of nonstop cordless shaving. By default, all premium Norelco shavers can be charged within 1 hour and they offer between 45 – 50 minutes of shaving time. So, I will not take this feature as a special one, but still it’s an added advantage to us.
  • These two models come with smart clean system which is used to clean the shaver after use, lubricate the blades, charge the shaver when the battery is low and also keep the shavers in good condition. If you handle this cleaning system with care, it will last for long, but many users handle them carelessly and they start complaining that their cleaning systems worked for only 6 months. Good news is that both models comes with a 2 year warranty, so whatever happens to your cleaning system can be fixed during those two years, if possible Philips will send you a new cleaning system.
  • Their shaving heads can rotate in 5 directions:- If you have been dreaming about a close, clean shave while using an electric shaver, these two models will do just that. Philips has tailored 7300 & 7000 in such a way that they can shave in more than one angle; the heads can rotate to 5 directions, so you can shave below the neck without having any problem.
  • Comfort Rings: – 7300 & 7000 come with comfort rings which reduce friction when the blades are rotation. By default all Norelco shavers / rotary shavers move in a circular motion, meaning the blades will always be rotating and this can cause friction which damages the blades in the long run. So the only way Philips could protect these blades is by using these comfort rings in these two models.
  • It’s Fully washable:- By default, this series 7700 comes with a smart cleaning system, but at the same time you can clean it via running tap water. It’s water proof design makes it very easy to wash under running tap water.
  • Ergonomic grip:- At least I will give this shaver a thumb up when it comes to its handle / grip. If you always like to shave while in the shower, trust me, you will love this shaver’s ergonomic grip, the curvy shape makes it easy to hold, and the rubber at the back of the handle strengthens its grip, so it can’t slip off your hands.
  • Beautiful design:- I just can’t compare this shaver’s design with that of series 9300 / 9700. This new Philips shavers is just perfect, it has a ceramic white finishing which makes it appealing on the eyes. I also like the front color, it’s argus warm silver matt gives it a premium look
  • Voltage:- Series 7700 has a dual voltage, it works with 100 – 240 Voltage and it’s maximum power consumption is 5.4 watts, these two features make it user friendly, so even people leaving out of United States can use this new Philips Electric shaver.


  • LED Display: – Both Norelco 7300 & 7700 have a LED Display, however, 7300 has only 1 bar yet 7700 has 3 bars. As a consumer, I see no reason why a difference in the number of LED display bars affects price. It does not matter how many bars a shaver has, as long as it can show battery level & status of the shaver. May be I’m missing a point here and the only way I can tell a difference is to own both models and compare them side by side.



Now that we have seen both similarities and differences between these two models, you will agree with me that whatever is categorized as new a model is sometimes not new. Most of these tech companies make a few twists, and a product will look new to the end consumer, yet when it comes to functionality, there is no big difference. Norelco S7720/85 7700 & Norelco S7370/84 7300 are the same, they offer the same results and they have the same features. So, as a consumer, you can either buy 7700 / 7300, Use discount links below:


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  • Get the most comfortable shave:- Men with very thick course hair, you will love this electric shaver. It has smooth shaving heads and comfort rings which glide easily over your facial skin leaving it clean and smooth. Also the precision sharp blades will carefully capture and cut both long & short hair without causing you any skin irritation.
  • Good on sensitive skins:- The Aquatech feature gives you the possibility of wet shaving and this reduces on skin irritation, yet at the same time, the heads of this shaver are very smooth and flexible, they rotate in 5 directions, making it very easy to shave your neck and other sharp angels.
  • 5-Length Beard Styler:- Not necessarily that you have to shave off the all beard, some men prefer leaving on some beards, but most electric shavers can’t do that. So what Philips has done is to give you a free SmartClick beard styler, you can attach it on the shaver, choose the right length settings and start grooming beard / mustache.
  • Deluxe Case:- 7700 norelco shaver comes with a free well designed sleek case which you can use when traveling. It has a reasonable size and it consumes a very small space.
  • Multi – Level LED Display:- This is a very small feature which plays a very big role, it does not offer you with a clean shave, but, it helps know the status of your shaver. If the battery is low, the Led display light level will also drop, it will also notify you when you need to replace shaver heads and also notify you when the travel lock is not turned on. With all these functions, your 7700 Norelco shaver will be in a good condition.
  • Super Lift and Cut Technology:- Many times men with underlying hair complain about not getting a close shave when they use rotary electric shavers. This has been solved, this new PHILIPS ELECTRIC SHAVER features a super lift & cut technology, it captures all underlying hairs and exposes them to sharp blades for cutting. But during this process, you will feel no pain and your skin won’t be irritated making this 7700 series as the best electric shaver for men with ingrown hairs and sensitive skins.



After buying series 7700 / 7300, you will need some of these accessories:

  • Shaver series 7000 Shaving heads:- Shaving heads which come with this model are durable and long lasting, but just in case one head gets damaged, replace it with a new one just on time. I advice you to order for at least 2 Shaver heads and keep them with you.
  • Norelco SmartClick oil-control cleansing brush:- You will find this soft brush very useful when it comes to cleaning blades and heads of this norelco shaver. Get only one piece, it’s just enough.
  • Norelco Cleaning Catridge:- When you place your for series 7700, Philips will send you a free cartridge which works for 3 months, after that, you need to buy new cleaning cartridge to keep the shaver clean all the time.


Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 3


Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 5


Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 6


Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 7


Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 8


Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 2


Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 4


Philips Norelco 7700 Shaver 9

FULL SET INCLUDES: Series 7000 / Beard Styler, Travel Case and a Cleaning System.

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