Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click and Style Shaver Review

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Philips Norelco YS524-41 Click and Style Shaver Review

The PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 CLICK and STYLE is an all-in-one toolkit that will offer any man with the freedom to master the evolving shaving and grooming needs. With this shaving-device, someone can groom, style and shave his body whenever and wherever he wants because this electric-trimmer comes with 3-interchangeable click-on and click-off attachments.

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Additionally, this shaving-device is waterproof and can be used in and out of the shower for added convenience and versatility. In conclusion, you look great after using the PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 CLICK & STYLE shaver and it can be an ideal gift for a friend, husband or father because its capable of doing everything needed to achieve a close and comfortable grooming experience.


  • This shaving-unit offers a quick and comfortable shave even to people with very sensitive skins. This is because this device features rounded combs and tips which help to prevent skin-irritation for a reliable and smooth grooming experience all over the body.
  • It provides a very close and clean shave because its equipped with very sharp blades that made of finely ground chromium-steel and these blades even skin-friendly because they have rounded tips.
  • Lastly, this shaving-device enables someone to shave, groom and style his body hairs because its comes with 3-interchangeable click-on and click-off attachments that will solve all your body grooming and shaving needs.


  • The PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 comes with several attachments which seem to be difficult to change. These attachments will inconvenience you when travelling and you also have to keep them in one place so that don’t get lost.
  • Another drawback about this electric-shaver is that it takes a couple shaves to offer you with a close shave compared to traditional shavers.


Philips Norelco YS524-41 Click and Style 3


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Features overview:

  • A dual rotary-shaving attachment: The shaver-attachment that comes with the PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 has two rotary heads which effortlessly follow all the contours on your face. These Comfort-Cut heads also have rounded edges which glide smoothly over your skin so that you can always get an easy and clean shave with no skin cuts and nicks.
  • A styler-attachment: This Philips-Norelco also comes with a styler attachment that offers precision and control in order for you to achieve any look. This styler has 5 length-settings to choose from in order to achieve a perfect 5 o’clock shadow and a flawless beard or mustache.
  • Bodygroom attachment: The other amazing tool that comes with this shaving-device is the bodygroom attachment that helps to trim and shave body-hair. This attachment even has rounded combs and tips which prevent skin-irritations for a reliably smooth grooming-experience all over the body.
  • Aquatec technology: The handle and all bodygroom attachments are water-resistant and this allows for a refreshing wet-shave with gel or foam. However, you can still have a convenient dry-shave with this shaving-device in case you are in a hurry. Lastly, the aquatec technology also implies that you can simply rinse this body-groomer under the tap water for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Sharp blades: the blades on the PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 are made of finely ground Chromium-steel and they always stay-sharp. These are also skin-friendly trimmer blades with rounded-tips and this helps to prevent skin-irritations for reliable and smooth grooming experience all over your body. Additionally, these trimmer-blades never need to be oiled because they are maintenance-free but it still recommended replacing the shaving-blades and bodygroom-foil every 12 months to maintain peak performance.
  • A good battery: This shaving-device has in-built, powerful battery that can last for up to 40-minutes after charging it for 1-hour. It even features a 5-minute quick charge that offers you several minutes of running-time in order to quickly finish- off grooming while in a hurry.
  • A battery status-indicator: The PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 has an in-built battery light which turns on in-order to show the user when the battery is low, charging or full.
  • Worldwide voltage: this body-groomer also features an automatic worldwide voltage switch whereby it can adapt to any voltage in any country around the world and this actually makes it a perfect shaving-device for international travels.
  • SmartClick system: The SmartClick attachment-system equipped into this device makes it very easy to turn the Click and Style into a shaver, beard-trimmer or bodygroom. With this system, you just need to simply click the attachment you need onto the Norelco-handle in order to complete your styling and body-grooming.

Philips Norelco YS524-41 Click and Style Shaver Review

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Product Quality:

PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 CLICK and STYLE is actually a high-quality shaving-tool that will provide you with a close and comfortable shave at all times. This device features 3-attachments which are interchangeable and can easily be clicked-on and off for quick usage. The Norelco click and style is also waterproof and this implies that anyone can shave while having shower at the same time but you can still use it to enjoy a quick dry-shave for added convenience. Additionally, the powerful put on this shaving-device runs for over 40-minutes when fully charged and the battery-indicator helps the user to know when this body-groomer needs to be charged.

This is actually a 3-in-1 electric-razor that will glide smoothly over the skin so that no stubble or roughness is left behind while ensuring that your skin remains smooth and soft. all in all, someone will be able to shave, style and groom their body with this electric-razor wherever and whenever they want hence this makes it an ideal gift for any man in your life or you can even purchase it for own personal usage.

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Who does it benefit?

  • perfect for guys new to using electric-razors: the PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 is a great shaving tool for guys new to electric-shaver because it looks modern and stylish, it is waterproof whereby someone can use it under wet-conditions or dry for extra convenience, it is a rechargeable hair-trimmer that supports both cordless and corded operation and it even comes with three awesome attachments which include; a beard-attachment, bodygroom-attachment and a shaving-attachment whereby all these work perfectly well so as to provide the user with a close, quick and comfortable shave.
  • It a good trimmer for men with tough beards: the PHILIPS NORELCO YS524/41 is good at beard-trimming because it comes with a styler-attachment that will precisely trim and groom any beard type. This styler-attachment even offers 5 length-settings so that someone can get a perfect 5 o’clock-shadow, a flawless-beard or mustache.
  • Great any man with a sensitive skin: this is because it comes with a dual-rotary shaving head which effortlessly follows all the facial contours in order to offer anyone with a close and comfortable shave. The shaving-head even has rounded edges which glide smoothly over the skin and clean and irritation-free shave. This shaving-tool also has rounded combs and blade-tips and these help to prevent skin-irritations when shaving. Additionally, you can even shave wet with shaving-cream or gel for optimum skin-protection.

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What Else Do You Need?

  • Philips Norelco Click and Style shaver replacement head RQ32: in order to continue achieving a close and comfortable shave, you will have to replace the shaving-blades and bodygroom-foil every 12 months. This shaver replacement-head is very affordable and can be got from any online store.
  • Philips Norelco NT9130/40 Nose-Trimmer 5100: since the Philips Norelco Click and Style shaver does not come with a nose-trimmer, I think you should try to acquire in case you have a hairy nose in order to get rid of those inner hairs.

Philips Norelco YS524-41 Click and Style

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