Philips Sonicare HX6733-90 HealthyWhite Review

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Philips Sonicare HX6733-90 HealthyWhite 3 Mode Platinum Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush 2

Are you looking for the best electric toothbrush for receding gums, if the answer is a yes, look no further because Philips Sonicare HX6733/90 HealthyWhite is customized for receding & sensitive gums. When you brush your teeth with a manual toothbrush, you risk hurting your gums because you will be using too much pressure to remove plaque from the gums and the teeth.

But when you brush with a sonicare electric toothbrush, there is no need of using pressure, this type of toothbrush has different modes from which you can choose from. It comes with 2 free power toothbrushes, 2 Diamond clean brush heads, 1 UV Sanitizer with Integrated Charger, One travel charger and two travel cases which you can use when travelling. I also recommend this sonicare toothbrush to people with brown / yellow teeth, because within two weeks your teeth will be whiter and clean.

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  • DiamondClean brush heads
  • 3 brushing modes from which you can choose from (Sensitive Mode, Clean & White mode and a Clean mode)
  • UV Sanitiser which kills 99% germ, it is better than using hot water.
  • Quadpacer; this works like an interval timer. It encourages thorough brushing
  • Rechargeable
  • Multi-voltage Travel Charger
  • Hydroclean brush head
  • ProResults Brush head
  • Smartimer (you have to brush for 2 minutes, once these 2 minutes are over, the toothbrush will automatically switch off its self)
  • Brush stand (it holds the toothbrush very well after using it)


Philips Sonicare HX6733-90 HealthyWhite 3 Mode Platinum Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush 2

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  • You can use it with braces:- The main purpose of braces is to hold teeth in one position. My wife has them but she complains when she uses a manual toothbrush. Due to the pressure she uses when brushing with a manual toothbrush, it dislodges the wires and hurts the gum which results into bleeding and pain the all night. So the best solution was to try out this sonicare electric toothbrush. At first I was skeptical because of the price and I was like; (Why would an electric toothbrush cost that much? What is the benefit of that gadget and Why should I pay more than what I always pay for manual toothbrushes)….Yaaaaa… that sounds like too many questions, but I was really skeptical like some of you right now. But after buying this particular model for my wife as a gift, everything changed, she never complained of pain & gum bleeding anymore. This toothbrush has soft bristles and you don’t have to use force when brushing. At the same time she can choose from 3 brushing modes. It will reach all hard-to-reach areas.
  • Makes yellowish teeth white in just 2 weeks:- Majority of people drink coffee and tea on a regular basis. Tea is very good to your health but it also makes your teeth yellowish that is if you take it on a daily basis. Also drinking colored drinks like soda and related beverages can make your teeth yellow and a manual toothbrush can’t remove that yellowish color. So you will always have clean teeth but yellow in color which is not cool. When you brush with Philips-HX6733-HealthyWhite electric toothbrush, your teeth will become white & clean in just 2 weeks. But to some people it might take up-to 3 weeks basing on the nature of their teeth.
  • Efficient and Perfect:- This is a fact, I’m not trying to convince you to buy Philips-HX6733-HealthyWhite. But 9.7/10 customers have reported that their teeth feel dentist-clean after brushing with Philips-HX6733-HealthyWhite. This toothbrush comes with two extra toothbrush heads so you will not spend any cash for the first 3 – 6 months of Philips-HX6733-HealthyWhite toothbrush. If this is your fisrt time to brush with an electric toothbrush, I suggest you select the EasyStart feature, this will allow you to get used to this tool. It will increase the speed and vibration gradually without irritating your gum or teeth. It uses a Quadpacer technology which divides your mouth into 4 sections, the Quadpacer  works like a timer, it will beep when you brush a specific section for 30 seconds, reminding you to change and brush another section. After 2 minutes the toothbrush will switch off its self and that will mean that you have thoroughly cleaned your teeth. Please, remember to brush your tongue to prevent bad breath.
  • Customizable brushing experience: – If you’re that kind of person who wants to be in control of everything you use when cleaning yourself, this is the right gadget for you. Its purpose if to clean your teeth so don’t use it for other tusks. It has 3 customized modes from which you can choose from. These include; Clean & White mode which is removes stains from your teeth and makes them whiter. Clean mode which is a standard 2 minute brushing mode, it ensures your teeth are 99% clean and free from dirt. Sensitive mode which makes the toothbrush move gently hence cleaning your gum & teeth without irritating them.
  • Improves oral health:- When you brush with this Philips HX6733-HealthyWhite Rechargeable Toothbrush, your teeth will become naturally whiter, you don’t need to buy teeth whiteners because most of them can damage your teeth in the long-run. Philips-HX6733-HealthyWhite-Rechargeable-Toothbrush has been approved by Dentists; it’s safe and gentle on your gums.
  • Good on sensitive gums:- If you brush with a manual toothbrush, chances of irritating and bleeding your gum are very high. Sensitive gums can bleed easily if pressure is exerted on them. Some people have gums infected by a bacteria but some are just okay though sensitive. This toothbrush has soft bristles which reach all hard-to-reach area and free you with plague. But much as these bristles are effective, they don’t nick or bleed your gums. I have a friend who was bleeding before after when using a manual toothbrush but all that is history, because now they brush with sonicare which is gentle and highly effective. It has a dynamic cleaning system which pumps water between teeth to remove dirt and at the same time the angles brush heads will leave to section of your mouth unclean.



  • Not very durable.
  • To use the clean & white setting, you have to press the button three times but after brushing, the toothbrush will go back to its default setting so the next day you want to use clean & white setting you will need to tap the button again.

Philips Sonicare HX6733-90 HealthyWhite 3 Mode Platinum Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush 2

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