Proform Boston Marathon Treadmill Review – Best Treadmill For Runners

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ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Review

ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill is great new and amazing training-machine that was designed with intelligence in order to provide the user with an optimum workout routine. In fact, this treadmill also features iFit technology which takes you around the world after drawing a route on its console which is android-powered. On top of that, this treadmill can automatically simulate every hill and dip with inclines of up to 20-percent and declines of up to -6-percent so that the user can always achieve an effective workout routine. On the other hand, this treadmill is also equipped with other great features which include a compatible music port, a strong motor, a 7-inch full-color touch screen display and a lot more. All in all, the ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill is powered by some of the best features in order to provide you with better workout results.

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ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Review



What We Like:

  1. Powerful commercial-grade motor: this treadmill features a 4.25 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial-Plus motor which is very smooth, powerful and durable. In fact, this large-frame Commercial-grade motor stays cool throughout the toughest workouts, generates high-levels of inertia for a smooth and powerful feel and even ensures a quiet in-home experience. Additionally, this motor is built using high-grade components and this makes it great for heavy-use and it also comes with a lifetime warranty if purchased from genuine store.
  1. A wide 20″x 62″ non-stretch tread belt: this ProForm treadmill is designed with a roomy deck so the user doesn’t feel confined while running. In fact, the 62-inch length of the deck provides the legs with plenty of room in order to stretch-out your stride while its 20-inch width offers upper body-sections with extra room while working-out. Additionally, each belt is tested for 1-million cycles at double the recommended user-weight before releasing the treadmill onto the market.
  1. 20% Incline and -6% Decline: The ProForm Boston Marathon-Treadmill is equipped with a powered, automatic incline and decline adjustment feature in order to provide the user with a complete real-world experience while working-out. In fact, you will be able to take your grade into the negative-values in order to achieve a full range of training. On the other hand, this exclusive ProForm treadmill will automatically simulate every hill and dip with inclines of up to 20-percent and declines of up to -6%. All in all, you should know that an incline-training adds resistance to your daily workout, burns-up more calories and even increases on muscle-toning.
  1. Wireless Chest Strap: the ProForm Boston Marathon treadmill also comes along with a wireless chest-strap which helps to read your heart-rate when working-out. In fact, you will just have to snap-on this Adidas ANT+ Wireless Chest Strap and then receive constant heart-rate reports which will be displayed on the treadmill’s touchscreen display.
  1. 10″ Full-Color Touchscreen display: the treadmill also features a built-in, full-color touchscreen display which is complete with an Android-browser in order to connect you to what you need while working-out. Additionally, it’s very easy to check on your training-statistics while using this touchscreen display as you workout. In fact, you will simply swipe through your speed, distance, time, heart-rate, calories-burned and incline/decline statistics when using this treadmill.
  1. CoolAire™ Workout Fans: this treadmill also features dual 8-inch, built-in CoolAire™ fans which help to keep you cool and comfortable from the moment you step onto the treadmill-deck up to the moment you step-off. In fact, you will even be able choose from 2 speed-settings when using this workout-fan in order to ensure instant control.
  1. A Weight Capacity of 400-Lbs: the ProForm Boston Marathon treadmill accommodates up to 400-pounds per user and this means that almost anyone below this weight including heavy-people will be able to work-out on this treadmill. In fact, all I can say is that the ProForm Boston Marathon treadmill was built with your whole family in mind.
  1. iFit® Enabled: This treadmill is also iFit® enabled whereby it can automatically adjust the incline and decline in order to recreate trails from Mongolia to Ecuador. In fact, this iFit® wireless technology is built into the treadmill and this implies that no module is required. Additionally, you can also access your iFit® account from an enabled exercise equipment like a computer, tablet or Smartphone as you workout.
  1. Unlimited workout programs: you can actually customize your training-routine using the unlimited workout-programs designed by certified personal trainers while using this treadmill. In fact, this treadmill’s ever-growing workout library provides programs that progress with the user from a beginner to marathoner and this is actually a great thing for people who to improve on their exercising routine.
  1. Runners Flex Impact-Control: when using this treadmill, you will be able to power-on the Runners Flex™ Impact-Control so that the full-length suspension increases on cushioning in order to reduce on impact within your joints while working-out. On the other hand, you can switch-off the Runners Flex™ Impact-Control in order to achieve a road-like simulation when working-out. So, it’s up to you to train with comfort or train for the road while using this treadmill.
  1. A great streamlined design: this treadmill also features a Minimalist, Streamlined Design in order to ensure flexibility and independence while working-out on it. In fact, it features a unique wide-open running platform which allows experienced-runners to focus on fine-tuning their workout without any constricting motor-hood and arms like those found on traditional-treadmills.
  1. Cadence Coach: it is also equipped with a cadence-coach how provides the user to boost on his/her running efficiency. In fact, the cadence-coach has an audible-tone which keeps treadmills-user in sync with his/her target rhythm so he/she can reach the finish-line without feeling very tired or completely worn-out.
  1. A Compatible Music-Port: this treadmill features a compatible music-port where you will just have to plug-in your iPod or MP3 player in order to listen to listen to music from the treadmills built-in sound system. In fact, this treadmill is equipped with two 3-inch speakers coupled with a turn up and down tempo-function. additionally, experts have proven that people actually increase or decrease on their exercising-pace in order to match the tempo of tunes and even music has been proven to lower on perceived-exertion. That’s great news.
  1. Balanced Rollers: the Boston 4.0 treadmill is even equipped with 2.5-inch precision-machined, balanced and non-flex rollers. In fact, these large-belt rollers help to decrease on tension and this actually keeps wear and tear to a minimum even with daily usage of this treadmill. Additionally, you will also be able notice less-noise and better grip while working on this treadmill because of these balanced-rollers.

ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Review

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What We Don’t Like:

  • This treadmill is expensive: the ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill is actually very expensive whereby most people may not afford to purchase it for home-use.

Our Verdict:

The ProForm Boston Marathon is a high-quality treadmill that is equipped with some of the best features so as to provide the user an awesome training routine. In fact, this treadmill features multiple workout-programs and entertainment-options in order to provide the user with an amazing workout routine compared to other treadmills on the market. However, this treadmill is abit expensive whereby some people may not afford it for home-use.

ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Review

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