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Take your cardio-training to the next level by simply acquiring the new, high-performance ProForm Pro-2000 treadmill which was designed to help the user burn-up more calories, boost cardio-endurance and even improve on his/her real-road conditioning. Additionally, this treadmill will offer you with an interactive training while using iFit-technology which uses Google-Maps and the 30 pre-set workout programs enable you to achieve a more customized workout experience.  On top of that, this treadmill is also equipped with a decline and incline feature which helps to add more resistance to your workout in order to get an effective workout while the included heart-rate monitor enables you to easily monitor your target heart-rate zone when having a workout. Lastly, this treadmill features a SpaceSaver design coupled with a hydraulic spring EasyLift Assist in order to ensure easy folding and unfolding so as to save up more space within your house.

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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review



What We Like:

  1. A 7-inch Backlit Oversized LCD-display: the ProForm Pro-2000 is designed with a 7” Backlit Oversized LCD-display coupled with a RaceTrack-Display in order to help the user monitor his/her workout progress for instant motivation. In fact, with this LCD-display you can watch your mileage, speed, calorie-burned, heart-rate and time-spent when having a workout while the optional RaceTrack-display enables you to watch your workout-progress around a track so that you can be able to gauge your distance.
  1. IFit-compatible: With interactive iFit-technology integrated into this treadmill, you can simply download a Google-Maps route or create your own workout-path in order to achieve optimum fitness-results. Additionally, because this treadmill is iFit-compatible, it automatically adjusts the incline and decline in order to recreate trails anywhere around the world. On the other hand, iFit-technology provides the user with an ever-growing workout library which offers programs that progress with you while working-out from a beginner-to-marathoner. Lastly, this ProForm treadmill communicates directly with your iFit-wearable which is sold separately and you can also access your iFit-account from a computer, tablet or Smartphone.
  1. An integrated tablet-holder: with the ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill, you can easily place your personal-tablet into our secure, built-in device holder so that you can be able to easily access your favorite training-Apps/tools, watch TV-shows and even access websites thus keeping you entertained in every second of your workout. Additionally, this tablet-holder is ergonomically positioned in order to keep your posture-correct thus facilitating for a more comfortable workout experience.
  1. An audio-jack and speakers: this treadmill is also integrated with an inbuilt audio-jack that connects with your iPod or mp3-player while sound is given-off from the two 3-inch digitally-amplified, long-throw Speakers with a digital volume-control.
  1. A 3.5 CHP Mach-Z Commercial-grade motor: Every PRO 2000 treadmill is powered by a 3.5 continuous horsepower Mach-Z Commercial-grade motor which is built to handle both hardcore-runners and easy-going walkers in order to facilitate them with a consistent and smooth workout-experience. In fact, this drive-motor is self-cooling in order to ensure long-lasting life and durability.
  1. A 0-to-12MPH QuickSpeed feature: Because the ProForm Pro-2000 is equipped with a bigger motor-size and a faster flywheel-gear-ratio, its capable of running to up to a top-speed of 12 miles-per-hour in order to enable the user achieve a more intense or fast-pace workout. Additionally, the convenient QuickSpeed-buttons enable you to adjust your intensity/speed instantly so that you can be able to achieve a more convenient workout-experience.
  1. An efficiency-booster: the ProForm Pro-2000 Treadmill is designed with an in-home efficiency booster and this implies that you can run every day without using excessive amounts of electricity thus saving on energy-costs.
  1. A 0-to-15% Quick-Incline: with the included patented Quick-Incline Controls, you can instantly boost/adjust your incline-range from 0-to-15 percent in order to achieve a more effective workout that meets your fitness-goals. In fact, higher incline-range facilitates for a higher calorie-burn and even helps to tone-up your muscles in less-time.
  1. A 0 to -3% Quick-Decline: The ProForm Pro-2000 treadmill can actually be declined from 0 to -3percent in order to provide the user with a complete real-world workout-experience. In fact, when you walk, jog or run at a -3% decline the body gains the ability to decelerate its mass which is a required fitness-feature for most athletes. In fact, most fitness-games require strength that can be gained by training at a decline.
  1. An EKG Grip-Pulse and Wireless Chest-Strap: the PRO-2000 treadmill is provided with a free wireless chest-strap which instantly communicates with the treadmill’s display as you workout. The PRO-2000 also features 2 hand-grip sensors which are conveniently built into the handlebars in order to provide the user with real-time heart-rate readings. In fact, with all these heart-rate monitoring systems you will be able to get instant heart-rate readings in order to achieve a high-performance training that meets your fitness-goals.
  1. Precision Balanced Non-Flex Rollers: the ProForm Pro-2000 treadmill also features a 2.5-inch Rear-roller and 1.9-inch Front-roller whereby all these rollers are precision-balanced and Non-flex in order to facilitate for smooth operation of the treadbelt thus providing the user with a more comfortable workout experience.
  1. ProShox™-Cushioning: Every ProForm Pro-2000 treadmill is integrated with a ProShox cushioning-system throughout the deck-area in order to provide the user a comfortable and smooth workout. In fact, this cushioning-system even features shock-absorbers which help to keep the impact to a minimum when walking, jogging or running over this treadmill. So, with less-stress on your knees, feet, ankles, joints and hips, you will be able to enjoy a longer workout coupled with faster recovery-time.
  1. A Dual CoolAire-fan: this treadmill is even equipped with a Dual CoolAire workout-fan which helps to keep you cool and comfortable while working-out so that you can be able to reach your fitness-goals easily or without getting tired.
  1. A great treadbelt: the ProForm Pro 2000 is designed with commercial-grade, 1-Ply, Non-Stretch treadbelt which is capable of supporting people with weights of up to 350-lbs hence this implies that the treadmill was designed with your whole family in mind.
  1. 32 built-in workout programs: you will get instant-access to over 32 built-in, professional-training programs when using the ProForm Pro-2000 treadmill. This implies that you will enjoy challenging workouts that are focused to your fitness-goals and some of these workout-programs include; Incline-programs, Calorie-Burn programs, High-Intensity programs, Speed-programs and Mixed-workouts. In fact, with the ProForm Pro-2000 treadmill it’s like having a Personal-Trainer in your Living-room.
  1. SpaceSaver Design with an EasyLift-Assist: this ProForm Pro-2000 treadmill was designed to fold up and out of the way in-between workouts in order to save-up more living space within your house. On the other hand, the built-in powerful shock EasyLift-Assist system helps you to easily lift and lower the deck of this treadmill thus facilitating for quick and easy storage.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • Its abit pricey: the ProForm Pro-2000 Treadmill is a bit pricey compared to most home-use treadmills but it’s also worth the price since it’s equipped with some of the best features. So, if you’re on budget then you may consider buying another great treadmill but at a more affordable price than this one.
  • It feels abit heavy: sine the ProForm Pro 2000 is a heavy-duty treadmill, it will abit heavy to lift and move foe some people even though it features a foldable-design.

Our Verdict:

The ProForm Pro 2000 is an exceptional treadmill that is equipped with some of the best features when compared with treadmills in its range. In fact, this treadmill features a powerful motor-drive, 32-workout-programs, iFit-enabled, a well-cushioned track and great entertainment system in order to provide the user with a more comfortable but effective training.

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