ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill Review

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ProForm Thinline Pro Desk Treadmill Review

The ProForm Thinline is a great high-performance Desk-Treadmill that will provide you with an executive-level workout right within your office/workspace. In fact this treadmill comes equipped with several smart-features which include; iFit-technology, an adjustable console-desktop, a powerful-motor, an incline-feature, a foldable-design and an integrated tablet-holder. All in all, the ProForm Thinline Desk-treadmill is equipped with cutting-edge technologies in electronics, cushioning and reliability hence making them one of the best fitness-machines on the market today.

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What We Like:

  1. A Mach-Z™ Commercial-Plus Motor: the ProForm Thinline Desk-treadmill is equipped with a 2.75-CHP Mach Z Commercial-Plus Motor that runs smoothly and it’s very powerful and durable. In fact, this large-frame Commercial-Plus drive-motor stays cool throughout the toughest workouts while ensuring high-levels of inertia for a smooth and powerful feel. Additionally, this drive-motor ensures a quiet in-home experience and it’s also great for heavy use since its built using high-grade components.
  1. A 7″ Backlit-Display: this treadmill-desk is designed with a 7-inch display which helps to show your workout-statistics right in front of you. This implies that you will be able to monitor your mileage, calories-burned, speed, heart-rate and time while having a workout on this treadmill in order to meet your fitness-goals easily.
  1. A 0 to 12% Incline: the ProForm Thinline Desk-treadmill features a 0-to-12% incline in order to provide the user with a more effective workout. In fact, incline-training offers extra-resistance to your everyday workout and this in turn helps to burn-up more calories and even increases muscle-tone. Additionally, the Thinline Treadmill-desk even provides powered, automatic incline-adjustability which is an added advantage.
  1. A 0 to -3% Decline: in order to achieve a complete real-world workout experience, you will need to take your incline-level into negative in order to achieve a full-range of trainings. Additionally, the Thinline treadmill-desk offers powered decline-adjustability in order to enable the user change the decline-level easily when having a workout.
  1. A wide-treadbelt: this ProForm treadmill is also designed with a roomy-deck in order to ensure that you don’t feel confined as you walk, jog or run when having a workout. In fact, the 60-inch length treadbelt provides your legs with plenty of room to stretch-out your stride while the 22-inch width gives your upper-body extra elbow-room in order to achieve a more comfortable workout-experience.
  1. A 0-to-12 MPH QuickSpeed: The Thinline Treadmill-Desk can operate to up to a top-speed of 12-mph mainly because it’s equipped with a bigger motor-size coupled with faster flywheel-gear-ratio. Additionally, the convenient QuickSpeed-buttons enable you to adjust your workout-intensity instantly so that you can stay focused throughout your workout.
  1. An in-home efficiency booster: this treadmill-desk features an in-home efficiency booster which helps to save energy while having a workout on this fitness-machine. This actually means that you can run daily on this treadmill-desk without using excessive amounts-of-electricity.
  1. 40 Workout Apps/Programs: When you step onto the deck of a ProForm treadmill-desk, you will get instant-access to over 40 professional-training programs that have been designed to provide you with an efficient and effective workout experience. In fact, with all these workouts you will be able to enjoy a challenging training that is focused on your fitness-goals.
  1. An EKG™ Heart-Rate Monitor: this treadmill is actually integrated with 2 hand-grip sensors which are conveniently built into the handlebars. With these heart-rate sensors, you will be able to see your heart-rate reading at any point in your training in just seconds.
  1. Thinline SpaceSaver-Design: This ProForm Thinline treadmill-desk features a super thin SpaceSaver-design which enables the user to fold-up the treadmill vertically with a 12-inch width at its thinnest-point. This means that you will be able to keep your office-space open and free when your workout is complete while ensuring effortless-storage.
  1. A CoolAire™ Workout-Fan: it also features a built-in CoolAire™ fan which helps to keep your workout more comfortable from the moment you step onto the treadmill-deck to the moment you step-off. With this workout-fan, you can easily choose from 2 speed-settings thus ensuring instant control while having a workout. In fact, one of the joys of an indoor-workout is climate-control and this fan actually provides the user with great workout-conditions.
  1. Its iFit®-Enabled: the ProForm Thinline Desk-Treadmill is iFit-enabled whereby it will enable you to download a Google-Maps™ route or even create your own workout-routes. In fact, this iFit-enabled treadmill will automatically adjust the incline and decline in order to recreate real-trails from Mongolia to Ecuador hence achieving a more effective workout. Additionally, iFit-technology will also enable you to customize your training since it offers you with unlimited-workouts that have been designed by certified personal-trainers. In fact, the iFit ever-growing workout library provides workout-programs that progress with you from a beginner to marathoner. On the other hand, you will be able to access your iFit-account from a computer, tablet or Smartphone but this requires membership which is sold separately.
  1. Great user-weight capacity: the Thinline Treadmill-Desk is designed to accommodate up to 300-pounds per user and this actually means that it was built with your whole family in mind.
  1. An Integrated Tablet-Holder: you can easily slide your tablet into the inbuilt console tablet holder/slot and then the treadmill will sync with the tablet wirelessly for total speed, incline and decline control while having a workout.
  1. Console Folds into Desktop: With the adjustable desktop, you will be able to lower the treadmill’s console and utilize a flat-space just like your very own desktop. On the other hand, you can even leave the console facing towards you in order to achieve a typical treadmill workout-experience.
  1. Balanced-Rollers: the Thinline Treadmill Desk comes equipped with 1.9-inch precision-machined, balanced and non-flex rollers whereby these medium-sized rollers help to decrease on tension thus keeping wear and tear to a minimum. In fact, you will even notice less noise and better-grip while running of the treadmill because of these great balanced-rollers.
  1. Quick Controls: this treadmill is equipped with several QuickControls which are conveniently located on the handlebars and this means that it will be very easy to adjust your workout-intensity. In fact, you can turn-up your workout-intensity by simply boosting your speed, incline or decline levels.
  1. A Cushioned-Deck: Every ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill is equipped with a cushioning throughout the deck-area and this actually provides the user with optimum comfort when walking, jogging or running over this treadmill. In fact, with less stress on your feet, joints, ankles, knees and hips, you will be able to achieve a longer workout and faster recovery-time.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • Smaller-rollers: the track-rollers on this treadmill-desk are slightly smaller compared to rollers found on other standard-treadmills and this actually means that the treadmill-deck may not last for a longer period of time with regular usage.
  • It only has a handgrip heart-rate monitor: this treadmill only offers handgrip heart-rate monitoring and this is not as accurate as wireless chest-strap heart-rate monitoring systems.

Our Verdict:

The ProForm Thinline is a good Treadmill-Desk for both walker and high-speed runners (marathoners) because it’s equipped with some of the best features on available amongst standard-treadmills on the market today. In fact, this fitness-machine will even enable you achieve an effective workout experience while doing your office-work since its equipped with a wide desktop while it awesome track and powerful motor-drive enable you to achieve a smooth and consistent workout at all times.

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