Pros and Cons Of A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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There are many reasons that will persuade you into getting a memory foam mattress topper; for example – your current mattress getting uncomfortable or getting depressions after being used for a certain period of time. So you never know there will also be something pushing you into getting a mattress topper especially one made of memory foam. Memory foam mattress toppers are getting more popular and loved because of very many reason as we are about to see but they also come with some cons that you must be aware of before going ahead to buy the mattress topper. That known let us now get into the pros and cons about mattress toppers that will guide you into either trying them out or simply giving up on them.

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These are the pros that make memory foam mattress toppers better than the rest and why you should actually be thinking about giving them a try.

  • Cheap: there is no way you can compare the price of a brand new memory foam mattress topper to a whole new memory foam mattress yet they serve basically the same importance. Even if you do not have a lot of money you will get to enjoy the luxurious feel of sleeping on memory foam when you have a memory foam mattress topper, they come at really low prices.
  • It provides added comfort:extra comfort is one of the main reasons as to why memory foam mattress toppers are preferred over any other type, memory foam mattress toppers are usually thick enough and provide the right amount of support to reduce any chances of waking up with body pains. Even when you have a hard mattress or spring mattress you are not limited on using memory foam since they can be used on top of any mattress type.
  • It delivers the right support amount: memory foam that such mattresses contain conforms to the shape of your body which simply means that it will give more support to areas that need it more and provide less where it’s due. This highly reduces pressure points that result into constant tossing and turning hence making your sleep nights much more comfortable.
  • Added cushioning: due to the pressure exerted on to the mattress by your body the mattress eventually stops being comfortable due to the little cushioning. But a memory foam mattress topper adds up to the cushioning of your old mattress to make you enjoy your sleep much better than before.
  • Easy assembling: putting a mattress topper on to your mattress is something even a very young child can do but it does not require any kind of expertise to do. Memory foam mattresses fit well on your bed to the extent that it does not move around while you are sleeping.
  • Very portable: instead of sacrificing your beauty sleep just because you cannot move that heavy and huge memory foam mattress you can instead use a mattress topper made of memory foam. They are very light which makes it simple to carry the topper along with you on trips and vacations.
  • Temperature sensitive: similar to memory foam mattresses, even memory foam mattress topper are temperature sensitive, as they adjust to the shape of your body they also disperse heat away from the sleep surface leaving the areas very cool and comfortable.
  • Excellent durability:memory foam mattress toppers have a unique design that shifts back into original shape as soon as pressure is removed. Such mattress toppers last a really long period of time which makes them worth all the money you spend on them.
  • Provide sounder sleep: memory foam mattress toppers reduce pressure points that are the main cause of disturbing sleep since you keep tossing and turning the whole time. They also dissolve movements from partners hence giving you the most peaceful and sound sleep all through the night.
  • Very little maintenance required: those that do no comes with mattress topper covers are not that easy to clean because if their light weight however a memory foam with a mattress will require almost no maintenance at all.



It is true that memory foam mattress toppers have such a big number of pros compares to other the cons but that does not take away the cons and some of them are what I have discussed right below:

  • Preserve heat: memory foam has a tendency of retaining heat which makes you very sweaty. This is number one sleep problem for most people as it causes a lot off discomfort and interrupts with your sleep since you have to look for somewhere that is not so cold.
  • Bad smell: memory foam mattress toppers have this same disadvantage like the mattresses, the moment you open the mattress it off gases a very bad smell which is very irritating most especially for people with allergies.
  • Harmful to babies: memory foam is designed with chemicals that are too strong and also retains carbon dioxide which is very harmful to babies’ health. If you have such a mattress topper then you will have to make sure that your baby does not sleep on it.
  • Not a full remedy to a completely spoilt mattress: a memory foam mattress topper will only be of help if you mattress is slightly old and uncomfortable or sagging but an entirely worn a mattress will definitely require replacement. This means that it cannot work as a substitute for mattresses that are too spoilt.
  • They become expensive in the long run: buying a memory foam mattress topper may be cheap but that is only because it is not as durable as the mattress itself. Almost after every three years you will to replace the topper which gets expensive eventually so you must be ready to buy them over and over.
  • Poor fit: a memory foam mattress topper is just an addition to your mattress so it is rare that you will find one that perfectly fits. In this case you will have to position the topper differently every other time so that it does not look like you have forced it there.

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