Psychological Effects of Technology

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Today, technology has greatly changed the way we live in almost everything we do both positively and negatively. So, in this article I’m going to review some of the effects of Psychosocial Effects of Technology in our society today and i think they will help you know whether the technology is good for your mental-health or not.


Negative Psychological Effects of Technology Effects of Technology:

  1. Increased rate of mental health issues: Technology has actually played a significant role in increasing the rate of mental health issues because the brain is a sensitive organ that reacts and adapts to stimulations immediately. In fact, some researchers believe that the internet making people insane and it has even led to a rise in physical and mental diseases.


  1. Antisocial Networking: Although online-communication has improved the way people communicate today, it has also led to greater hindrance of face-to-face communication thus weakening physical relationships between people. In fact, this has mostly affected the youth who spend most of their time on social-networks and little time with their loved-ones which can actually lead to psychological-issues in the long-run.


  1. Reduces your ability to remember some things: Tech-based devices like Smartphones and digital address books means can reduce on your ability to remember things like phone-numbers, emails and addresses because you there is no need to do so. This implies that your short-term memory is at risk due to the emergence of technology.


  1. Increased addiction to Technological-platforms (social-media): It’s actually very easy for a person to get addicted to social-media platforms and other internet-services which can also lead to severe psychological-effects in the long-run. For example, people addicted to social-media platforms tend to find it hard to differentiate between real and fake life experiences.


  1. Cyber bullying: Many people are being bullied over the internet today and this actually leaves them severe psychological-effects. For example, most teens with depression and other mental-illnesses are linked to cyber bullying and that’s why it’s recommended to be extra-careful when using the internet because it features all types of criminals.


  1. CyberPsychology and Behavior: Researchers found out that some people associate wellbeing to social networking sites and this can greatly affect the way they behave. For example, most teens use texts received over social-media as a determining factor to their self-esteem and wellbeing which is actually a very bad habit.


  1. Decreased self-esteem: Mobile-phones not only increase the fear of missing out but also decrease our self-esteem since we tend to talk to people mostly over cellphones and make less physical-communication. This actually affects us psychologically as we get older and it will actually be very hard to get rid of such behavior.


  1. Nomophobia & Social-Phobia: This is an anxiety some people get when their phones or cellular devices are not available to them and its becoming very common amongst the youth. For example, some people today think that the only way they can express themselves is online and without that, they can feel anxious, lost and can’t even talk to anyone.


  1. Smartphones are stunting students’ social skills: Smartphones are actually causing several negative effects on students’ social skills whereby kids today prefer communicating to friends and family over social-media and this has greatly led to a decrease in social-skills in our communities today.


  1. Technology is Stealing Our Identities (ourselves): Today, the online world and social technology have changed the formation of our identities whereby people have become more externally driven through the feedback that is given online.


  1. Decreased performance at school: The increased use of cellphones by the youth and kids today has greatly impacted their academic performance at school since they spend most of their time on unproductive online-services like chats, games, videos, etc.


Positive Psychological Effects of Technology Effects of Technology:

  1. Better Visual and Spatial Skills: Some games can actually increase spatial resolution in the visual process and also enhance mental rotation abilities. For example, the First person shooter video game gives players a real boost to the decision-making skills and also people who play this game tend to have faster and accurate attention allocation than people who are not playing it. All in all, there are several video-games that will help players enhance their video spatial attention skills and improve their ability to absorb the details from on and off the screen environment. Lastly, video games can also improve the cognitive flexibility of the player since they need to switch between activities fast. According to research, video games help make a player more decisive and strengthen their ability to switch between tasks without losing any focus.


  1. Technology helps to extend memory: The convenience of technology will help your brain to engage in more advanced processing like, problem-solving and critical-thinking. For example, today kids can’t memorize phone numbers but they are great at problem solving mastermind because of technology.


  1. It improves Happiness: According to researchers, overusing of Smartphones can cause anxiety and stress but some recent study proved that Smartphones help to improve on happiness through things like taking photos and selfies of moments that make you happy and this can actually increase on your life-satisfaction. Additionally, revisiting the taken photos will help to promote a feeling of happiness and give a real boost to self-esteem and confidence of an individual.


  1. It promotes Connection between people: Smartphones are designed to keep people connected and this is very important for humans since they are social creatures that are continuously craving for connections and contacts. In fact, making a connection with your loved ones promotes a feeling of calmness and also provides emotional-support in-order to deal with stress if you’re far away.

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