Rabbit Air Minusa2 Spa-700a Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier Review

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Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A - review

With its exceptional versatility the Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier is definitely one of those air purifiers that you should put into consideration. This 7 inch air purifier matches perfectly with your style as an individual and does not interrupt with your sleep as it remains very silent in sleep mode leaving your nights very peaceful. Featuring a six stage air filtration system together with four customized filters including a toxin absorber, pet allergy, odor remover and germ defense, the air purifier has the ability to get rid of an extremely wide range of allergies and sensitivities.

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This MinusA2 SPA is extremely cost efficient since it is cheap to maintain due to a long lasting filter system with filters that require replacement after a year or two and pre-filter that has to be cleaned only once a month combined with an energy efficient design.  Different from many other air purifiers that are hidden, this Rabbit SPA air purifier will not just purify and clean the air you breathe but also has a slim and super stylish design to match perfectly with any home décor and add that unique addition to your home.


  • It has a really wide variety of filters which gives it  the ability to accommodate a wider variety of allergens and impurities compared to many other air purifiers. It has four customize filters that you can select from to have your needs satisfied.
  • It indicates any change in air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed according the situation in the environment. With this you are always sure of whether you are inhaling clean air or not.
  • It can be used at any time of the day due to its quiet operation that keeps your atmosphere peaceful with no disturbing noise for that relaxed and restful sleep.
  • The unit is very safe not only for you but those little loved ones in your home since it automatically shuts off when the front panel is off.


  • It is hard to read to setting off the air purifier reason being it has a black back ground.
  • Its filters are extremely pricey, good enough they don’t have to be bought over and over otherwise it would be too expensive to maintain.


Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A - review



Features overview:

  • Six-stage filtration system: this air purifier can accommodate a really wide variety of allergen and all other impurities through it six stage filtration system. This system if made up of a pre-filter, customized filter, HEPA filter, carbon filter, medium filter and healthy ionized ions.
  • Four customized filters:the MinusA2 air purifier offers you the chance to have your personal needs completely suited with its four customizable filters. These include the odor remover filter which captures and gets rid of odors from cigarettes, pets, cooking and mildew. The pet allergy filter which helps to eliminate pet dander and odor too, the germ defense which efficiently that removes airborne bacteria, particles which transport viruses and mold spores. Lastly, the toxin absorber filter that leaves your environment very safe by removing any chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Adaptable design:the MinusA2 is a super convenient air purifier due to its adaptable design that allows it to be either be mounted on the wall or left to stand on its own.
  • Customizable panel:with super cool air purifier air purifier, you do not have to compromise your style since it comes with artists images from which you can select the most comfortable panel.
  • Whisper quiet operation:for each and every one, home is the most relaxing place to be and this air purifier simply ensures that you enjoy each and every minute you spend indoors. It features whisper quiet operation that lets you run the purifier at any given moment with absolutely no disturbance. In sleep mode you are rest assured of a very peaceful and restful sleep.
  • Automatic light sensing mode:the MinusA2 adjusts to sleep mode when the room is dark or when the sun goes down by dimming the light for the most comfortable sleep ever. When there is light it will then start a more active therefore if you so wish, you can also choose the automatic mode for the air purifier to do each and everything on your own.
  • Mood inducing light:on the front panel you can wind down the LED mood light which provides relaxing multi-colors to lighten up a dark room. This is the first air purifier to have this feature and this makes it extremely different from all the rest.
  • Cost efficient: you can confidently invest in the MinusA2 with no fear of having to buy replacement filters every now reason being its filters are designed to last for up to two years with 12 hour operation on daily basis. In addition it is also energy star rated which gives the ability to keep annual electricity costs really low.
  • BioGS HEPA filter:the HEPA filter infused in this Minus A2 air purifier does much more than what HEPA filters in other air purifier do, it is performs a wide variety of tasks including trapping allergens, reducing growth of bacteria, eliminate odors in the house and at the same time has bio-engineered fibers which destroy organic compounds.
  • Air quality indicator: as soon as there is even a slight change in the quality of air in your environment this air purifier will immediately let you know with its innovative air quality indicator light. And when the auto mode is activated, the air purifier can adjust the speed at which the fan moves as well its efficiency according to the environment.
  • Carbon activated charcoal filter:unlike the average carbon filters that you have come across, the carbon filter in the MinusA2 is absorbent, charcoal based and also has a wide internal surface area to trap all irritating indoor odors and smells from dangerous chemicals.
  • Five adjustable speeds:you can always change the air purifier to suit your needs whenever you wish to with five different fan speeds with different noise output.
  • Remote control: it does not matter which part of the room you are, you can always switch or sustain the settings of the air purifier.
  • Slim and stylish design: the MinusA2 is not one of those air purifiers that you hide away behind furniture or in the closet simply because it has a very stylish and modern design to add the most unique and attractive addition to any home décor.
  • Child safety auto shutoff: when the front panel goes off, the unit automatically shuts off so you are always guaranteed of safety not only for your children but you as well.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A - review 2

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Product quality:

With its fashionable design theRabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier does not only improve the quality of air in your home but also the quality of life you to make each and every minute spent indoors extremely enjoyable. With this air purifier up to 700 square feet of your indoor space is purified and left with absolutely no harmful or irritating substances. It variety of front panels ensure that the unit matches well with any home décor eliminating the need to hide it away from people’s people as it adds that touch of glass you need to have in your home. This Rabbit air purifier is designed to provide ultra-quiet operation allowing you to use it at any time you may feel like without worrying about all that irritating noise. The combination of a six stage filtration system and four customize filters will leave your home completely safe with no allergen or any other irritant.

For maintenance you will only be spending a few bucks reason being the filters are designed to perform for over two years without replacement and the pre-filter only has to be cleaned once every month. In addition it is energy star rated so you don’t expect high electricity costs at the end of the year. While giving your home a really appeasing appearance the MinusA2 SPA air purifier is simply the purifier you have been looking for improve the quality of air you breathe in and get rid of any dangerous substances.


Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A - review 1

Who does it benefit?

Perfect for homes with pets: with all the odor and pet dander that pets will litter all over, you definitely need a good quality air purifier just like the MinusA2 which is comes with a pet allergy filter. This filter captures and eliminated pet dander and odors keeping the air safe for those who suffer pet allergies yet have very many pets in their homes.

What else do you need?

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Wall Mount Bracket for Models SPA-700A: mounting the air purifier on the wall makes even more convenient to use but for this you will definitely need the wall mount bracket since the air purifier does not come with one.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A - review 1

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