Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K Men’s Shaver 5 black blade Review

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Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-KToday, it’s quite hectic to find a sturdy or good electric-shaver for men but the Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K men’s shaver is a high-quality, 5-blade electric shaver which will ensure that one gets a very close, smooth and comfortable shave. The Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K is made in Japan but it can be exported to different countries and it is equipped with some of best features that can only be found in quality electric-shavers. Additionally, this is a wet/dry shaver and can be used under any given circumstances whereby it will even offer you with ultra smooth shave without pulling or snagging your face. In conclusion, the Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K is a superior electric-shaver that will fit your budget and shaving needs by providing you with a fast, smooth, close and super comfortable shave every time you decide to shave.

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The good:

  • The Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K electric-shaver is well-balanced and feels solid while using it to shave. This is mainly because it is ergonomically designed in order to suite all your grooming needs whether you are shaving under wet or dry conditions.
  • The Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K has a very powerful but quiet motor compared to other electric-shaver brands. This implies that one will be able to enjoy a fast, smooth and comfortable shave without inconveniencing other people who are not shaving at the moment.
  • This electric-shaver is very easy to clean whereby you simply run it under running tap water after shaving since it’s a wet/dry shaver. This actually makes it very convenient and efficient to use and to maintain.
  • Lastly, the Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K offers an ultra-smooth shave without even pulling or snagging the skin and this because it’s built with a powerful linear motor coupled with 5 foil-blades which make your shave an enjoyable experience.


The bad:

It is made from cheap plastic material that feels cheap and this means it can easily break in case it accidentally falls down. This implies that one has to be very careful when using this electric-shaver especially under wet-conditions.

This electric-shaver is a bit expensive compared to other shaver on the market yet it lacks a few essential features like a cleaning system which is normally required by most people.

Lastly, the products warranty will not be honored in case you purchase this electric-shaver outside Japan. This is risky because and not fair because the shaver may stop working shortly after arrival and you will be able to send it back to the sellers.

Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K - review

Features overview:

  • Powerful linear motor: this electric-shaver is built with a powerful, high-speed, linear-motor drive which is specially developed for exclusive use. This linear motor runs at about 14000-times per minute and this means that it will offer you with a fast and closer shave. This ultra-fast motor is also quieter than the Philips-Norelco rotary shavers and Wahl foil-shavers. All in all, with this type of linear-motor, you will be able to achieve an effortless quick-shave with fewer passes and without leaving any hairs behind.


  • 5-blade shaving-head: the Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K features a 5-blade, foil shaving-head that ensures ultra closeness, speed and flexibility while shaving any facial-hairs. With this type of shaving-head, one will be able to shave problem-areas like; under the chin, neck and upper-lip. Additionally, this shaving-heads are even capable of distributing pressure evenly while shaving in order to achieve a more close and comfortable shave.


  • Contact tracing-heads: the shaving foil-heads on this shaver are in close contact to each other and this implies that one will need to apply less pressure while shaving with the Panasonic ES-LV52-K than with any other previous Panasonic shaver. This in-turn reduces on the occurrence of skin-irritations when shaving thus one will be able to enjoy a smooth and more comfortable shave.


  • Wet/dry capability: this electric-shaver can be used under wet or dry conditions depending on what you may prefer although its manufactures advertise it as “washable” instead of “wet/dry”. In fact, one will be able to use some little liquid-soap and water to clean and rinse this shaver when it gets dirty. However, you are warned about using this shaver for wet-shaving while it is plugged in to an electrical outlet because you may end-up injuring yourself with electric-shock.


  • An ergonomic design: the Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K is ergonomically designed whereby it feels solid and Well-balanced when held into the hands as one shaves under both wet and dry conditions.


  • Automatic voltage switching: the electric-shaver and its charger use a universal worldwide voltage that ranges between 100-240Volts. This means that anyone is capable of using this shaver in part of the world but the only drawback about its charger is the 2 flat-pin which are used in Japan and you might need another adapter.


  • On/off switch lock: it is built with an on/off switch lock which helps to secure the switch in position when it’s on while shaving and also secures it when in a off mode so that it does not accidentally switch-on when the shaver is not under usage.


  • A strong battery: it also equipped with a stronger battery which takes only 1-hour to become fully charged. In fact, when this electric-shaver is fully charged, it will take about 14-days of shaving incase it’s for about 3-minutes daily. Additionally, it even has an in-built 5-stage, charge-level LED display/indicator which is a bit more primitive than that found in US models.


  • It includes extra accessories: the Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K comes well-packaged including extra accessories like; a pouch for travel and storage purposes, blade-oil and a cleaning-brush for maintenance purposes.


  • Pop-up trimmer: it even comes with a Useable pop-out trimmer which helps to trim and groom your beards, moustaches and creating detailed outlines along your face in order to get a more defined look.


Product Quality:

The Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K is a quality electric-shaver made from Japan whereby it is equipped with some of the best features on the shaving market today. This trimmer has good ergonomics whereby it feels well-balanced and solid when held in the hands in order to facilitate for a more soft and comfortable shave. it equipped with a powerful linear motor that runs about 14000 strokes per minutes and this super fast motor is capable of running through any type of hair including thick beards for a closer and smooth shave. Additionally, this linear motor is very quiet compared to motors found in other brands like; Philips-Norelco and this implies that it ensures optimum comfort while shaving. This trimmer is also designed to be used under both wet and dry conditions hence this makes it very convenient and efficient to use and to clean whereby one will simply run it under water after shaving in order to prepare it for next usage. The Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K is also designed to adjust to international voltages whereby it features an automatic voltage switch that adjusts between 100 to 240-volts hence making it perfect for international travel. The battery equipped into this trimmer is also good whereby it can run about 2-weeks when fully charged and it even takes just 1-hour to become fully charged and even features a 5-stage charge level indicator that displays the battery status. The other amazing features about this trimmer are the 5-blade foil shaving head which cover a large surface area and even ensure that one gets a fast, smooth and comfortable shave because they are placed into close contact with each other. On top of that, this shaver has a sharp pop-up trimmer that helps to trim and style the beards and moustaches.

In conclusion, this trimmer has got whatever needed to achieve a quality shave and it comes with extra accessories like; travel-pouch, blade-oil and a cleaning-brush which all enhance on its usability.


Who does it benefit?

  • Benefits men with coarse facial-hair: this electric is a perfect shaving tool for men with thick facial hair and coarse beards mainly because it’s equipped with a powerful linear motor which has the capability to trim any kind of hair quickly and easily without even causing any pulling and other skin-irritations.


  • Perfect for men who want a quality wet/dry electric-shaver: the Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K is a quality, well-balanced shaver that feels solid when held into the hands as one shaves. Additionally, it built to support both wet and dry shaving which makes it very convenient to use and clean since you simply run it through water to remove any dirt after usage.

What Else Do You Need?

  • Replacement shaver cutter-blades and foil for Panasonic ES-LV52-K: the Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K shaving-head will tend to become worn-out and less effective after using it for about a years and that’s why its recommended to purchase replacement cutter-blades and foil so as to keep it in a good condition in order to enjoy a more effective and comfortable shave.

Ram Dash Panasonic ES-LV52-K - review

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