Remington Fr-750 Pivot Review – Rechargeable Shaver with 3 Flexing Foils

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Remington FR-750 Pivot and Flex Mens Rechargeable Shaver with Three Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer

The Remington FR-750 is one of the best electric shavers that are packed with different features in order to deliver any man with a close and clean shave. This electric shaver is incorporated with some standard features found in most electric-shavers but it is also packed with special features that set it apart from the rest of the shavers.

This Remington shaver features a pivoting technology whereby it comes with a full-flex neck that ensures maximum precision. This even allows the shaving-head to curve around difficult areas on the face like on the jawline, chin and neck.

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The Remington FR-750 also features an impressive shaving-head that contains 3-foils that are made of surgical steel. These foils can actually deliver a very close and smooth shave with minimal skin-irritation. Additionally, the foils can adjust to any face shape which enables them to cut hairs that grow in different directions. In conclusion, this electric-shaver was created to deliver any man with the best shave because it’s capable of trimming both long and short hairs including those that grow in different directions and this makes it a perfect shaving tool.


The good:

  • The Remington FR-750 Pivot and flex shaver has an ergonomic design which makes it very easy to handle while grooming your face. in fact, it has rubber grips on both sides that ensure a firm grip
  • This electric-shaver has a good size and this means that you can place it in any type of bag thus making it a perfect shaving-tool for vacations or when travelling.
  • It is very easy to clean whereby after shaving you just have to pop-off the shaving head and place it under water for thorough cleaning.

The bad:

  • The Remington FR-750 shaver has a short battery life whereby it can only operate for 30-minutes in cordless mode after charging it for 60-minutes and this can really be a disappointment for men who like taking some time to style their facial hairs in a special way.
  • Another drawback about this electric-shaver is that its shaving head wears off after using it for a while and this implies that you will probably have to purchase a replacement foil and cutter set when that time comes.

Remington FR-750 Pivot and Flex Mens Rechargeable Shaver with Three Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer



Features overview:

  • Steel Foils: the FR-750 Pivot and Flex features 3-foils that are made from surgical-steel. These durable and flexible foils adjust to all your face contours including the chin and jawline for a close, consistent and smooth shave. Additionally, the front foil is designed with 6-directional patterns and this makes the shaver capable of trimming hairs that grow in any direction.
  • Full-Flex Pivoting Neck: This men’s electric-shaver is integrated with full-flex technology in order to curve comfortably around the facial contours. In fact, the shaver’s neck pivots freely in multiple directions to provide any man with optimum precision while shaving.
  • An ergonomic shape: The solid, ergonomic design of this electric-shaver makes it easy to handle while shaving around all parts of the face and body. It even features a rubberized texture on both sides for a firm grip and shiny finish at the front which gives it stylish and trendy look.
  • Intercept Trimmer: it is equipped with an intercept trimmer which helps to eliminate long hairs with maximum speed and closeness. This is actually a unique feature that is not usually found on most foil electric-shavers.
  • Pop-Up Trimmer: this shaver includes a pop-up trimmer which is ideal for grooming and detailing the sideburns, facial-hairs and at the back of the neck. This trimmer even helps to cut longer hair and at a maximum speed in-order for one to get an exact, stylish look.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The Remington FR-750 foil-shaver runs on a nickel metal hydride battery, which is in-built. This rechargeable battery charges in 60-minutes and can offer upto 10-days of shaving. Its portability makes the shaver suitable to use at home or when traveling.
  • A convenient LED battery-gauge: this electric-shaver features an advanced LED battery-indicator which enables the user to know the status of the battery and when one needs to recharge the shaver.
  • It can be used in a corded or cordless mode: The shaver can also be used with a power-cord which is included whereby you can simply plug it into any standard power outlet and then shave as charges. Likewise, it can even be used in cordless mode whereby you can enjoy 30-minute shave after charging it for 60-minutes.
  • Removable shaving-head: it is also designed with detachable shaving-head which snaps off easily for easy cleaning. In fact, the entire shaving-head can be removed and rinsed under water which is actually a quick and convenient way of cleaning-up the shaver.
  • It is packaged with other accessories: this electric-shaver comes nicely packaged with several accessories that include: a charging-cord, travel-pouch, cleaning-brush and an instruction guide.

Remington FR-750 Pivot and Flex Mens Rechargeable Shaver with Three Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer 3

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Product Quality:

The Remington FR-750 Pivot and Flex rechargeable shaver is well-designed and equipped with quality features that will give any man a clean and comfortable shave. This shaver features pivot technology with a full-flex neck couples with 3-stainless steel foils which all ensure that one gets a consistent shave. The pop-trimmer on the shaver helps detailing your sideburns and any facial hairs with maximum speed and precision. Additionally, this shaver operates on a rechargeable battery which can last for over 10-days of short sessions of shaving on a 60-minute charge. The other amazing quality feature on this trimmer is the shaving-head which easily snaps-off for easy cleaning and maintenance.

On the other hand, the 3-foils made of stainless steel are durable and flexible whereby they can adjust to all the curves on the face, chin and the jawline. Surprisingly, the front foil is designed with 6 directional patterns and this means that it’s capable of trimming hairs that grow in different directions. Lastly, the ergonomic design of this shaver makes it easy to handle while shaving any section of the face and body hence all features make it the right foil shaver for any man to try out.

Who does it benefit?

  • Works good on men with thick facial hair: this shaver is designed with 3-foils made of surgical stainless steel and these flexible foils can adjust to all facial contours for close and consistent shave. In fact, the front foil is designed with 6-directional patterns in order to trim all types of hairs including those that grow in different directions.
  • Perfect for men who like detailing their beards: this electric-shaver includes a pop-up trimmer which is ideal for detailing any facial hairs like; beards and sideburns. This trimmer is even capable of cutting the longest facial hairs with optimum speed and comfort in order to provide you with that look you always want.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Remington replacement screen and blades: most electric shaving-head deteriorate in their performance after using them for a while. This Remington shaver will also need a replacement screen and blade after using it for some time in case to sustain it high-performance.
  • Spray lubricant and cleaner: this product will greatly help to lubricate and clean the shaver’s head in-order to keep it a good to keep it in a good condition that is required to achieve a smooth and consistent shave.

Remington FR-750 Pivot and Flex Mens Rechargeable Shaver with Three Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer 2

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