Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Shaver Review

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Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Men's Shaver

Remington is really brilliant when it comes to design and it even focus more on the class and quality of their electric shavers thus leaving you holding something that you can be proud of.

The Remington MS2-390 is an affordable electric-shaver that has been in existence for a long time because it is a very popular choice for anyone looking for a basic electric-shaver that will get the job done without any fuss. But you will find out from this review that there are some drawbacks on this shaver though you will not be disappointed with the little hidden features they built into this shaver to make life much easier and some of these include: rinse-friendly blades, Quick-Charge option, Long-Hair Trimmer with personalization settings, and many more.


  • This shaver is not very expensive and any man can afford to buy it yet it offers a very close shave and comfortable shave. The other good thing about this shaver is that it can be used while being charged and it is built with a powerful battery that will produce about 60-minutes of shaving time when fully charged together with a reserve option.


  • It is almost impossible to achieve a real close shave with this shaver because it skips over some hairs on the body and this may require additional passes to remove them but still some little hairs may remain behind. This shaver is also difficult to handle because it’s bulky and its foil screen and blades require frequent replacement if you wish to get a decent shave daily.
  • Another bad aspect about this shaver is the noise it makes while shaving. This shaver is loud especially when using it to shave and it won’t work for someone who is worried about waking up people in the house.



Features overview:

  • It contains 2-titanium micro-screens: being an electric shaver that uses a foil system, the Remington MS2-390 is designed with two titanium micro-screens that use Remington’s ComforTech contour technology in order to offer any man with a comfortable and efficient shaving experience. These in fact follow all the curves on the body so that one gets a clean and irritation-free shave.
  • A 3-position pop-up trimmer: this shaver comes with long hair trimmer that allows for different types of cutting and for different lengths of hair. This pop-up trimmer is even equipped with a titanium coated blade that is very sharp and cut though long hair smoothly and in fact this trimmer is wider than those on most shavers. There are also three positions available on this trimmer while using it and each of these settings actually ensures that the trimmer slices through any stray hair or whiskers without any problems.
  • Rechargeable battery: it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that is actually pretty good. In fact, a single charge provides you with enough power for up to one-hour of shaving time. Another advantage about this battery is that you cannot overcharge and this means that it cannot get damaged thus you can leave it plugged into power between shaves. On the other hand, with the Remington Titanium 390 you simply have to press a small button at the front that says Reserve and you will be accessing the razor’s energy reserve which can provide you with enough power to get you through the current shaving job.
  • Quick charge option: this handy and quality shaver also has a quick charge feature that offers you enough power for a single shave from just 5-minutes of charging. This feature really plays a great job in case you are in hurry yet the shaver’s battery was completely down. However, you should not use this option on a regular basis since with time it will affect the battery life.
  • Supports cordless and corded operation: the Remington MS2-390 men’s shaver can be used while plugged into a power supply in case its battery is completely empty and you can also use it when not plugged into a power supply but only after fully charging it. These 2 options are really helpful and in fact they are in most cases found in high-end electric shavers.
  • Charging indicator-light: the electric-shaver is built with a low charge indicator that actually glows red when the shaver needs recharging. This charging indicator will also glow green while charging and it blinks when the shaver is fully charged. This indicator is really important because it helps to show the user when they need to charge or when the shaver is fully charged.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: this shaver has a simple design and this really makes cleaning it quick and easy whereby you will just have to remove the screens, brush the cutting blades and trimmer with the brush that comes with it and then rinse it with water. But for the foil, you will just have to blow the debris and then rinse it with cold or warm water. Try to ensure that this is done after every use in order to maintain the shaver in an optimal shape.
  • A rubberized surface: it has solid body with a rubberized surface that facilitates for an excellent grip even when shaving under wet conditions. This shaver even has an ergonomic design that enables it to fit perfectly into the hand as you shave and this simple design also makes replacing parts very easy and quick for anyone.
  • Compatible with worldwide voltage: The automatic dual voltage conversion technology within this shaver makes it compatible with almost all voltages world wide ranging from 110-240Volts. This implies that you will be able to use this shaver in almost any country you go to and this makes it a perfect shaving tool for international travelers.

Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Men's Shaver

Product Quality:

Like any simple electric-shaver without any fancy features and technologies, the Remington MS2-390 features 2 titanium micro-screens which use ComforTech contour technology to provide a comfortable, efficient and surprisingly close shave. While this shaver won’t offer you with the most comfortable shaving experience, you will be pretty satisfied with its performance.

In terms of build quality, the Remington MS2-390 has silver and blue body that seems to be very robust and well screwed together with a rubbery surface that provides an excellent grip even when it is being used under wet conditions. This shaver also feels hefty when held in the hands due to its ergonomic curvature and this even allows the shaver to be held at certain angles that can be quite uncomfortable on shavers with a straight design

Being a cord and cordless rechargeable shaver, it can be used with or without the cord but you should also put in mind that frequent corded use can lead to reduced battery life. It also has a strong battery that can offer one hour of shaving time if fully charged and also the automatic dual voltage conversion technology makes this shaver compatible with worldwide voltages ranging from 110-240Volts. On the other hand, cleaning this shaver is easy and quick whereby you just remove its screens, brush the cutting-blades and trimmer with an included brush and then finish by rinsing them with water.

Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Men's Shaver

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Works great on men with thick beards or whiskers: this shaver is designed with a long hair trimmer that has titanium coated blades that help to cut beards quickly and fast compared to most shavers on the market. This trimmer is also wider and it slides out with nice dampened effect when you are going to use it. In fact, this pop-up trimmer has 3-positions and these enable the user to groom or trim their beards to a desired length.

What I need

  • Remington foil screen and cutter blade head: make sure that you purchase one designed for the Remington MS2-390 for best results. this actually very important because this shaver’s foil screen and blades require frequent replacement and they won’t be able to last for more than a year.
  • Face saver pre-shaver powder: this is always applied to the skin after cleaning it but before you begin shaving. This greatly helps in softening your skin and hairs so that this foil shaver slides smoothly over as it removes any hairs.

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