Remington PR1260 R5 Review – Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver

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Remington PR1260 R5 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver - 1The Remington Products R5 rotary shaver is a new, amazing shaving tool that is specially built to provide any man with extra comfort, speed and precision while shaving.  It uses a powerflex 360 degree technology that allows the entire shaving head to adjust to all the contours on the face for a clean and comfortable shave.


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The shaver even features a precision-cutting heads that have twin-track blades that are capable of smoothly cutting through longer hair and short stubble as one shaves. It also contains a pop-up detail trimmer that helps to shave those hard to reach areas and even help you groom your beards and mustache. On the other hand, when you are done with shaving, you simply have to wash this trimmer under the faucet in order to prepare it for next use and this is possible because it waterproof.

All in all, this electric-shaver will get you a ultra-close and comfortable shave and it actually makes an excellent gift for a male friend or husband because its equipped with quality features and it was designed for long-lasting performance.


  • This electric shaver is compact and lightweight hence this makes it perfect for travel since you can simply place it into you travelling bag and you good to go. The compact design also makes it very comfortable in the hands and this plays a big role in achieving comfortable and close shave.
  • The Remington Products R5 has a great pop-up, detail trimmer which accurately and precisely trims your beards and also trims any hairs in hard to reach areas like under the nose and chin with just a few strokes with less or no skin-irritations.


  • The Remington Products R5 trimmer is specifically designed to work on facial hair and should not be used to shave the head or any other part of the body which is a big drawback. This means that you should buy another shaver in case you want to trim other parts of the body which is expensive.
  • This shaver is not good in-terms of build quality because it’s made of plastic which makes it look and feel cheap. This means that this electric-shaver will not be able to last a long period of time in case you don’t handle it with care.
  • Lastly, it feels a bit slippery when held in the hands because it features little non-slip, grip points and this means that it may disturb you when shaving under wet-conditions.

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Features :

  • TwinTrack Blades: the Remington Products R5 electric-shaver features two-tracks of titanium-coated blades that facilitate for both longevity and optimum skin contact. TheseTwintrack blades will also smoothly trim both long-hair and stubble for an ultra-close and comfortable shave at any time.
  • Powerflex 360 Degree Technology: this electric-shaver features Powerflex 360-degree technology that allows the entire shaving-head to adjust to any angle on the face for clean and smooth with reduced skin irritation. This technology also helps the shaver to reach any difficult areas on the face like under the chin and along the jawline.
  • ActiveContour technology: with this technology, the shaver is capable of providing upto 50-percent more contouring over the facial surface and it even helps to keep the shaving-heads in close contact with skin as you shave especially along hard-to-reach areas on the on the neck and chin.
  • PrecisionCut Heads: these PrecisionCut heads contain slots which actually help to capture and cut short stubble and long-hairs for any man to achieve a smooth and comfortable shave. In fact, these heads work together with the titanium-coated blades inorder to provide anyone with that precise and smooth shave.
  • It features a washable-design: this Remington shaver features a fully sealed body which is also waterproof hence this implies that it can easily be washed and rinsed under the bathroom faucet that is filled with clean water. This washable design will greatly help to keep the shaver looking new and feeling fresh until you use it again for shaving.
  • A powerful lithium battery: the Remington products R5 uses a strong lithium battery which can offer upto 60-minutes of cordless runtime after charging it for only 90-minutes. Additionally, there is a convenient 5-minute quick charge function which can offer one with a one complete shave.
  • It’s equipped with a pop-up, detail Trimmer: it is equipped with skin-friendly, pop-up trimmer which helps to detail the sideburns and to groom any facial hairs. This precision-trimmer is accurate and requires very few strokes to complete the facial grooming with less skin-irritation.
  • A 3-stage battery indicator: it has a 3-stage LED battery-indicator that shows whether the battery is charging, low or full by simply changing the led colors. With this indicator will help to keep your battery in a good shape.

Remington PR1260 R5 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver - 5


Product Quality:

In terms of quality, the Remington Products R5 rotary shaver has all features required to achieve a quick, comfortable and precise shave. This is a high performance electric-shaver that is equipped with powerflex 360-degree technology which enables the whole shaving-head to adjust to any angle as you shave the face for a smooth, irritation-free shave. Its PrescisionCut shaving-head works together with the titanium-coated twintrack blades to smoothly trim long-hair and stubble maximumprecision and comfort whenever you shave.

On top of this, the Remington Products R5 has a lithium powered battery that produces a lot of energy and enables the shaver to operate for 60-minutes in a cordless mode after a 90-minutes charge. It even supports the quick-charge function whereby a convenient 5-minute charge can offer you enough power to complete a shave. However, this trimmer can still be used while charging in a corded mode for extra convenience. It even features a pop-up trimmer which is skin friendly and helps in the detailing and grooming of sideburns and any facial hairs. Lastly, when one is done with shaving, you can simply wash this shaver right under running water or bathroom faucet and this makes it easy to clean and maintain. All in all, the Remington Products R5 is really a great electric-shaver that is made with quality features that offer long-lasting performance.

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Who does it benefit?

  • It will work best for guys who wish to experience a comfortable and smooth shave: the Remington Products R5 is a very quiet shaver that provides a very close and comfortable shave without pinching or pulling the hairs. This shaver even holds its charge for quite when using it in a cordless and it is also very easy to clean since it features a washable design.
  • A good shaver for travelling men: this electric shaver has a rechargeable lithium battery that can run between 110-volts to 220-volts and this makes it perfect shaving-tool for travel. In fact, it even holds up it charge quite well whereby it run for 60-minutes in a cordless mode after charging it for 90-minutes.

Remington PR1260 R5 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver - 2

What Else Do You Need?

  • Quality pre-shave oil: you will need to buy good-quality pre-shave oil because it greatly helps in facilitating for an effortless, smooth and clean shave which is irritation-free. On the other hand, if you are allergic to certain scents, then you should buy pre-shave oil which is unscented for best results.
  • Remington universal rotary replacement head: the shaving head on the Remington Products R5 should be replaced after aperiod of one year in order to maintain the shaving performance. However, it also recommended to the cutters thoroughly for at least once i a week and also lubricate the trimming teeth every 6-months to maintain the shaving performance.

Remington PR1260 R5 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver - 1

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