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SAYL Chair by Herman Miller - Office Chair 2

After a few years of development and designing, the Sayl-chair by Yves Behar is finally available for the users. This life-unframed chair actually features an amazing mix of sophisticated engineering, ergonomics and design thus promoting your seating freedom. Additionally, this chair looks great and attractive whereby it features an amazing white color that will make your work-area look nice.

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On the other hand, someone will be capable of seating in this chair for longer hours and this mainly because of the way its styled at the back and it even features ergonomic armrests that will ensure total comfort while working. In conclusion, the SAYL Chair by Herman Miller is one of the most advanced office chair that has also got the looks and features required to achieve a comfortable working experience while working.


  • This office-chair is super comfortable whereby it offers support in all the seating positions hence it’s designed to perform. In fact you will be amazed by the comfort offered by this chair in case you decide to acquire one.
  • The SAYL office-chair offers wonderful back support hence this implies that it will be to eliminate any back pain while working so that you can be able to work for longer hours.
  • This chair is beautifully designed with a modern look and it will actually give your office a vibrant appearance. In fact, its white color coupled with fog arms and seat makes it look extremely amazing.
  • Lastly, this chair is very easy to assemble and it even comes with a user-manual that can help you in case you get stuck while assembling this office-chair. Additionally, this office-chair is even very is to adjust in order to achieve a desired length hence ensuring optimum comfort.


  • The first drawback you may notice about this office-chair is the armrests which are not all that ergonomic whereby they just hang in space. This can actually seem uncomfortable for some people used to chairs with longer and comfortable armrests.
  • Another thing you may not like after using the office-chair for sometime is the white color which will begin to fade and it even gets dirty quickly hence you will need to regularly clean your chair to remove any dust or dirt in order to keep it looking great.


SAYL Chair by Herman Miller - Office Chair



Features overview:

  • An ArcSpan: the SAYL Chair by Herman Miller features an ArcSpan which helps to shape the back and even facilitates in anchoring the suspension fabric. This is a new, innovative technology that will ensure optimum comfort hence enabling the user to seat for longer working-hours.
  • An adjustable suspension: this office-chair features a well-engineered adjustable suspension that will enable the user to adjust this chair to desired seating length. Additionally, this suspension is very durable and strong whereby it’s capable of supporting immense loads or weights.
  • Y-tower: SAYL office-chair features a Y-tower which acts as the backbone that stretches the fabric in order to provide maximum back support. This Y-tower is very strong and durable whereby it will able to support any weight placed onto it and it does not even allow the stretched fabric reach it when someone is seating.
  • Eco-Dematerialization: the Sayl chair is created using fewer-parts and less materials compared to other office-chairs of its kind hence this allows it to be packaged in half-sized cartons for easy transportation. Likewise, this chair is also built in three global zones thus shrinking on its carbon footprint more.
  • an ergonomic shape and design: the design and ergonomics of the SAYL chair are really great beginning from the back-section, armrests and to the seat hence this will ensure maximum seating freedom and even facilitate for longer hours of working in your office without experiencing any back, neck or arm pain problems like with some office chairs which are not ergonomically-designed.
  • Fixed armrests: it also features stylish, fixed armrests that will support your arms well while working. These armrests have a white color and fog fabric-cushioning on top that ensures optimum comfort while putting your arms at rest. Additionally, these armrests are ergonomically shaped whereby they take a smaller portion on the sides yet they ensure extra-comfort. However, some people may not like the way these armrests are designed and will make them feel uncomfortable hence they can easily remove the chair.
  • White and fog colors: the SAYL office-chair looks very attractive and stylish because it has a white and black frame coupled with a fog seat and armrests. This color mixture makes the SAYL chair look very beautiful and it will actually make your office look vibrant and amazing.

SAYL Chair by Herman Miller - Office Chair 2

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The SAYL Chair by Herman Miller s a high office-chair with an amazing mix of sophisticated engineering, design and ergonomics so as to facilitate the user with most comfortable seating experience. In fact, the most stunning innovative features on this office-chair are the ArcSpan and Y-span which actually make it a state-of-art sitting mechanism. ArcSpan helps to shape the chair’s back and even anchors the suspension fabric while the Y-tower acts as the backbone for this chair and even helps to stretch fabric in order to ensure optimum back support.

On the other hand, this office chair was inspired by the Golden Gate suspension bridge and that’s why it features a similar design and also capable of supporting huge amounts of weight because it has a strong and durable adjustable-suspension. This suspension even enables the user to adjust this office-chair to different heights until he/she finds a position that works best for him/her. On top of that, this chair features very durable and flexible base-wheels which ensure easy movement while working from desk to another. Another amazing thing about this office-chair is the Eco-Dematerialization whereby this chair is manufactured with fewer parts and material than other office-chairs thus allowing it to be packaged half-sized cartons for quick and easily transportation. Additionally, this chair is built from 3 global-zones and this greatly helps to shrink its carbon footprint making it environmentally friendly. All-in-all, this life-unframed chair has amazing features and it even has a white and fog color mixture that makes it look attractive compared to other office-chairs on the market.

SAYL Chair by Herman Miller - Office Chair

Who does it benefit?

  • A good chair for people with back issues: this office-chair will work perfectly for people with lower and upper back problems because it’s equipped with 2-innovative features which ensure optimum back-support while working. These include an ArcSpan which shapes the back and anchors the suspension-fabric and a Y-tower which is the backbone that stretches the fabric in order to ensure extra back support.
  • Works well people who work for long-hours: this office-chair: if you actually seat on your computer for long hours, then you probably need to acquire the SAYL Chair by Herman Miller because it features an amazing mix of sophisticated engineering, design and ergonomics which facilitate for optimum freedom and comfort while sitting. In fact, this office-chair even has a well ventilated suspension-fabric that will help to cool the body while working.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Herman Miller Hard Floor caster wheels: in case your office has a hard-floor, then you should actually replace your SAYL Chair base-wheels with the caster wheels because they are very durable and meant to resist rough surfaces and damage while moving your chair. In fact, these cater base-wheels come in package of 5 and this implies that they will fit perfectly onto your SAYL office-chair. In terms of price, these caster-wheels are very affordable but the price may actually on the store from where you buy them.

SAYL Chair by Herman Miller - Office Chair

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